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Nicki Minaj

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

2/17/2012 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than Nicki Minaj's wretched Grammy performance -- is our camera guy shamelessly lying right to Nicki's face ... about said wretched Grammy performance.


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First, she is not a singer but a rapper. Secondly. She tried to be Lady GaGa but failed. Gagag can actually sing, play the piano...this chic is a hack. No talent, fake but. Someone lied to her, all attention is not good attention. What a loser. I cant believe Catholics care enough to get upset. She does not even get what she did. A loser looking for attention.

979 days ago


it wasn't actually *that* bad ... it was just inappropriate. having heard that Whitney just died she should have toned it down and done a tasteful tribute

979 days ago


Not about being a hater. She cant rap (forget singing), she was bad on the grammys. Grammys wanted to be talked about so they let her do this, or asked her to. Bottom line. It was waste of time. Someone else could have used that time to actually perform. She is still being bashed because nothing else is going on in the celeb news world.

978 days ago

I am Spartacus    

she was beyond bad. Adele was on before her and reminded us what great music is and then Nicki Minaj came out and set the industry back 10 years.

978 days ago


Never understood Nicky Minaj's rapping style with the incredibly annoying growl,and the bulging eye stare...I think her exorcism performance was apropriate ,just should have been done at a graveyard....there is art in everything..but this girl is crazy and unoriginal,she is indeed possessed.A disgrace to human race..but hey she is making money off the fools that buy her cd's.What is happening to our culture ,our society and where are the good old talents...ooh yea dead from drug over dose ..sad..sad..sad. Yep I drank the haterade.

978 days ago


Let me start by saying that I am not an NICKI MINAJ fan. She is CARZY!!!! Drake must have been PASSED out in his limo??? Where he been all night LOL... how she gona let drake introduce her ass like that then deliver that piece of **** performance???? Remember when music was enertertainment and not devil worship, well .....Bad bad judgement on your part MS NICKI..... How could you think this would please your fans. What the hell is that???? With the POP too ahahaha.

978 days ago


I'm sorry but to do an exorcism type theme as your performance is just eh not good that's honestly creepy!!!! with MR. POP TOO LOL Hell on EARTH and obliviously bad for her career we have to remember she's still a soul created by God's. Well Ms Nicki ....Sick and twisted...and not suitable for the grammy's...Seriously NICKI?!?! She dresses like the black Lady GaGa...smh...she's great on radio...but horrible live. I do not like at all or the song or the show, it was horrible! U don't play with God OK... blasphemous and very disrespectful to GOD She needs prayer in a real way! No wonder her performance was towards the end of the show. THAT was talent-less. She's just trying to be like Lady Gaga since Lady Gaga does the same using religion. Niki Minaj is a wanna be a copy cat PLEASE BE YOURSELF MS HELL.

978 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Nikkie should go by the name of Lady KA KA- Lady PooP HEAD-- Lady Dumb S--T Head--Ladt Dumb C--T--

978 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

There is nothing sacred to those F--ing Celebs, "Stars" "Artists" "Rock Heads" TMZ ********s ALL- They go way out of their way to hammer decency- goodness, nice people-With their filthy denotations and critical parodies!!! They are a group of Drugged up- Decadent, Degenerates that seek attention by EVERY SICK, MORAL behvior they can think of--

978 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

No wonder that drugs are a way of life with these "entertainers" They have nothing to offer the public but FILTH and Immorality in their LIFE-STYLES- They come to realize it, ONLY to late in their lives to save themselves from the inevitable -So they go by the way Of Whitney!!! So SAD-- They just dont get it!!!!

978 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

She is a terrible artist and her performance was beyond worse.

978 days ago


This thick bitch is nothing more than a delusional dim-wit. Tell her what she wants to hear and hopefully she will go away.

978 days ago


Visit my YouTube channel for BF3/MW3 videos please!

978 days ago


Nikki says her performance contained no crosses or religious symbols, so what IS it that the pope represented? Her act was so bad it was difficult to watch. What in GOD's name was she thinking?

978 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

She forgot the "pea soup puke" part in her performance! Booo... hisssss... Linda Blair does not approve!

978 days ago
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