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Robin Thicke

Popped for Pot Possession

2/17/2012 12:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke has been arrested for marijuana possession in New York City ... this according to law enforcement.

According to law enforcement, 34-year-old Thicke was busted this afternoon in Manhattan near Madison Square Park -- after police claim they saw the singer lighting up a joint inside a black SUV.

Sources tell TMZ, Robin was extremely cooperative -- and even signed a couple autographs.

Thicke was given a desk appearance ticket and released soon after. A rep for Robin Thicke had no comment.

Fun fact: Robin is the son of actor Alan Thicke, who played Jason Seaver on "Growing Pains."



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Funner fact, dude is nailing his wife Paula Patton anytime he wants. Lucky bastard!!

978 days ago


I see these reality cop shows on television where they just seem to spend all of their time arresting people for pot, and treating them like murder suspects. The wasted time and money, meanwhile rape, murder, stalking etc cases sit because of not enough manpower. Alcohol is far more dangerous and it kills. Car accidents, beatings, and the stupid stunts people do not to mention the epidemic of alcoholism (a living hell for everyone who knows the alcoholic) and the diseases.....Working in Trauma Emergency room seeing what I've seen, pot should be legal and alcohol should not be. The whole "gateway drug" campaign has created a paranoid, ignorant, fearful society who believe pot is evil, period, end of story, cover their ears and go "lalalalal" And the people suffering from glaucoma and chronic pain can keep suffering because it's the moral thing to do? What the hell?

978 days ago


2012 and we still "pop" people for weed possession. What a joke.

978 days ago


I cannot believe this is news!! Robin Thicke was seen by a cop, lighting a joint in his SUV. Robin pleeeeze tint yoyr windows. What a joke, the police should be ashamed of themselves,if they have any shame. With all the major crime going on in New York, this is what they concern themselves about. I wonder if the green eyed monster has somethng to so with it.

978 days ago


So Robin Thicke smoking a little weed is a big deal and making the news all over the place. Actually I found the fact that Dennis Quaid cheated on his wife earlier this week and it's all over Serena Williams Twitter account a lot more interesting. Tabs should run with that story.

978 days ago


Ah! I thought this was about his father, just because of the last name. Since it's his son, no big deal. Most everyone smokes pot.

978 days ago

Joey Boots    

What a dummy - the block he was busted on, 3rd Avenue and 21st Street (not Madison Square Park), has both a police precinct and the police academy.

978 days ago


Realy , its pot, who the heck cares. Its not like its a hard drug it isnt even as bad as alcohol. I will tell you what is worse , watch this video of mike tyson from lastnight doing an interview at the knicks game. This guy is a WEIRDO! I dont know how TMZ didnt do a story on this video!!He curses on live tv to and scares the woman at the end here:

978 days ago


What was the name of that wholesome family show his dad was on? Well I guess Robin never watched it! LOL

978 days ago


Now he has joins Sir Paul McCartney. Talented and busted for pot. Cool!

978 days ago


are you friggin kidding... it's friggin Pot....not Xanax..or that prescription crap they hand out like candy....

978 days ago


I guess New York gets legalized same sex marriage and Californians get legalized weed! What a waste of taxpayer dollars busting Robin Thicke for a joint!! You idiots! Shame on you New York! Way to really utilize your 9/11 heroes! Busting a guy with a joint. I thought you we're better than that.

977 days ago

Joke Of The Day Blog    

What a joke. When do you think they will get the point the people obviously want pot!! I thought the laws were made by the "people"

976 days ago


Growing Strains

240 days ago
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