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Terrence Howard

My Wife is Ruining My Career!

2/17/2012 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
says he can't get work because everyone is scared to hire him after his estranged wife alleged he violently abused her.

TMZ has obtained new documents in the nasty divorce between Terrence and Michelle Howard.  Michelle has accused Terrence of smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring, slugging her in the face and neck and threatening to throw her off a balcony ... the list goes on. 

Terrence has denied all the allegations, but he says, "I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor."

Terrence's agent, Jim Toth -- Reese Witherspoon's hubby -- submitted a declaration in which he says Terrence has not received any "suitable offers" since the allegations were made, and he only pulled in $60,000 for his last project which ended in September.


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Ooh.... Man terrance howard thinks hes hard because he played in hustle and flow he had to hang out with 3 6mafia just to act black... Well Of course, if you're Chris Brown and you beat your girlfriend that's cool. She'll eventually start banging you again and you'll win a Grammy. Nothing wrong with beating the living hell out of your girlfriend, I guess. I really didnt like him because it looks like he beat people.... Ooh Well Please!!!! OK!People don't just step up out of nowhere and knock your teeth out, there has to be a heated going on. Hitting woman is not good except if they hit you first.... Well Terrence has been hanging out with chris brown to much.

988 days ago


Interestingly, as soon as I read on TMZ that he had "allegedly" beaten his wife, I made a mental note not to ever watch anything he was in. Apparently, other people have made their own mental notes....

988 days ago

tippy katz    

hmm... maybe being a punk-asss douche is ruining his career

988 days ago

liquid kitty    

He should have beat Rhianna instead cause THAT'S okay.

988 days ago


I met Terrance at a restaurant with his family and wife there. He was EXTREMELY nice, took time to take a picture with me and then chatted me and my family up throughout dinner (our tables were next to each other). His family was VERY friendly and the wife never said a word. I HIGHLY doubt her allegations are true from the way he conducted himself that night with almost 10 family members there that said Terrance had flown them all out for family time.

988 days ago


There are tons of people who don't make 60,000 in a year!

988 days ago


OH boofreakinghoo....your wife is not ruining your career YOU ARE. He beat up his first wife just like he's jumping on his second wife. Stop hitting your wife and maybe you won't have to worry about your career.

988 days ago


But hasn't he had other legit accusations of violence against his significant others before? This isn't the only time we've heard this, didn't he have another wife that had the same thing happened? It's a lot like Charlie Sheen who has had multiple incidents with multiple people, after a while a pattern does exist. The same type of charges made by multiple women? Hmmmm

988 days ago


Some people are so full of it. So just because a girl cries that he man hits her, that means he did it. I have witnessed time again the things females will do to drive a man crazy, including pushing, hitting, ruining property, and threatening them until the man reacts. No body knows how true her allegations are unless the were there themselves. Stop judging folks like you know them.

988 days ago

Gsharon 710    

HA HA.......G O O D.

988 days ago


I think it's Terrence who's been ruining his career. Was it his wife who got him kicked off Iron Man 2? No. It wasn't...

988 days ago

who cares    

lol another nobody who think he has a career

988 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Bobby Brown should've married a girl w/ a halloween masks on her face. Somebody who is good at using drugs. They can take drugs all day long, and still proceed about their everyday lives, and be functional. But not an Churchgirl. A Churchgirl don't know nothing about no drugs, she don't know how to use it. And what's gonna happen is, she is gonna end up getting confused, it's gonna start getting on her nerves, she's not gonna know how to get off of it. As hard as it is to get off of.And end up odeing or committing suicide. Bobby Brown knew that was gonna happen.
And New Edition talking about coming back. They ain't been doing nothing in almost 20 yrs. and look how old they are. They wimp bags now. They ain't no more Sugar Daddies. They done lost their voices and everything. They sound like the Delphonics trying to hit them high notes like they were doing in the late 60's and early 70's, and voices deep hoarse as I don't know what.But the Delphonics are my boys though. I fools w/ them on a strong tip.

988 days ago

Shelia Dorsey    

I was sitting watching the news and their seems to be some confusion from people outside the black community as to what is the difference between a "Homegoing" and a Funeral. They are the same. In most black churches we consider a funeral service as a celebration of life and a time to send our love ones home to Jesus. Thus, the word Homegoing has taken the place of the word funeral. Tomorrow will probably be a service, that those who don't or have never attended a Homegoing service, in the black community, will find very different. You will hear alot of singing and praising God. After looking at various news channels, I felt it necessary to let people know the difference.

Homegoing Celebration "IS NOT" a term reserved for celebrities who pass away.

988 days ago


Why is this anyone's problem but his own? This creep has a history of violence toward women. He has trashed Black women. Ha ha...look what he ended up with! Twice now..white women have taken him to the cleaners. Serves him right!!!

988 days ago
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