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Terrence Howard

My Wife is Ruining My Career!

2/17/2012 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
says he can't get work because everyone is scared to hire him after his estranged wife alleged he violently abused her.

TMZ has obtained new documents in the nasty divorce between Terrence and Michelle Howard.  Michelle has accused Terrence of smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring, slugging her in the face and neck and threatening to throw her off a balcony ... the list goes on. 

Terrence has denied all the allegations, but he says, "I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor."

Terrence's agent, Jim Toth -- Reese Witherspoon's hubby -- submitted a declaration in which he says Terrence has not received any "suitable offers" since the allegations were made, and he only pulled in $60,000 for his last project which ended in September.


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I know I really hate it when I only make $60...,000 for a few months work.

977 days ago

Tony the Giant    

A Terrence, you must not be the man that you are behind the camera. Cause if this was in the movies, you would've went upside her head one-time. That's how you would've did it. But don't do that. Be a man about it. They'll eventually get tired.

977 days ago


This is the second wife that he has abused and he said the same thing about the first, that she is trying to ruin my career. What career? That of an abusive jerk? If there were any morals or ethics in hollywood, no one would hire this jerk again. HE can't act. All his role sounds the same, like someone who is constipated.

977 days ago


He can always audition for black guy #2 in Big Momma's House 4.

977 days ago


Would they both agree to a non-binding lie-detector test? That's always a good starting point.

977 days ago


He Put Down Black Women So Bad.That's what he gets.

977 days ago


He's had a reputation in the industry as an asshat long before this incident.

977 days ago


This guy's oversized ego ruined his career a long time ago. And if it is true that people are turning away from him because he beat up his wife (if he did), then good. Maybe it will teach him to keep his hands to himself.

977 days ago


If it's not true, hurry up with the divorce and move on. You weren't married for that long. So, I don't see why after 6 months you're still producing do***ents about how her allegations are hindering your work. The longer you stay connected to her, the worse it's going to get. Most abusers like engagement of any kind, even if it's negative. So, the longer you put up with this the more convincing she sounds.

977 days ago

brown dynamite    

Probably has more to do with his attitude than anything, how you get dismissed from Iron Man because you think you deserve more $$$ than the main star is beyond me.

977 days ago


I hope he doesn't get any offers or jobs .a man wife beater is a sissy not a real man!

977 days ago


Recently, American men's attitudes towards women have taken on a Talibanish quality.

Howard has long believed that women are dirty, and that all women should cleanse themselves after peeing with a baby wipe.

Chris Brown brags about beating Rhianna, how anyone (of any sex) is privileged to not only let them bang their brains out, but should thank God for have been given the opportunity.

Rhianna goes back to Chris and he accompanies her on her next big drop and Clive Davis, apparently forgets that his female protege, who was abused by Bobbie Brown is dead upstairs as he introduces the Grammy Awards' celebration of Chris Brown.

It's obscene and quite Taliban-like.

Clearly, these folks lack the world-view that would enable them to see the parallels of heir treatment of women to that of a terrorist regime . . . but for all who are paying attention, it is quite apparent.

977 days ago



What you need is a record contract and for the Grammy Awards to celebrate your second coming.

Perhaps you could get Baby Wipes to sponsor you, Chis Brown, Rohianna and Bobbie Brown to back you, and Clive Davis to produce you.

Supporting abusers seems to be all the rage.

977 days ago


He worked at the bank I work at in Cleveland OH right before he left for Hollywood and became famous. He could always come back and work for peanuts like the rest of us!

977 days ago


One can allege anything. Like, for instance, one can allege that allegations of domestic violence are interfering with my ability to earn an income, pay spousal support, etc.

977 days ago
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