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Terrence Howard

My Wife is Ruining My Career!

2/17/2012 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
says he can't get work because everyone is scared to hire him after his estranged wife alleged he violently abused her.

TMZ has obtained new documents in the nasty divorce between Terrence and Michelle Howard.  Michelle has accused Terrence of smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring, slugging her in the face and neck and threatening to throw her off a balcony ... the list goes on. 

Terrence has denied all the allegations, but he says, "I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor."

Terrence's agent, Jim Toth -- Reese Witherspoon's hubby -- submitted a declaration in which he says Terrence has not received any "suitable offers" since the allegations were made, and he only pulled in $60,000 for his last project which ended in September.


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Wadda joke, he can't act his way out of a paper bag. Maybe he and Chris "Beat Her" Brown can form a team, "Chubby-Cheeked Chumps."

946 days ago


Who told you to marry your wife? Did you not chose her? If you truly beat your wife you get what you give. You hit her with your fit. She hit back in your finance. Do it hurt?

946 days ago

stacy harris    

Who knows -- maybe she assaulted him as well which is equally wrong...women have been getting away with this b.s. for way too long-- it's time for society to wise up....

946 days ago


Good...I can't stand him!!

946 days ago

dwayne belton    

you'd still have a career if you were sheen,marv albert or one of THEM...

946 days ago

Jim in Cali    

wrong industry to be a girl beater. If you could lip-synch and dance they'll let your beat your woman up and give you a couple of Grammys for it

946 days ago


What do you think of those white trashy bitches now!!!!!!

946 days ago


This punk has no talent and has a history of beating on white women who tire of him and want out of the relationships. He's a blatant racist black woman hater, misogynist woman beater and angry black man. He refuses to see the light though. His first white wife dumped him for abuse and took him to the cleaner and took out order of protection against him because she feared him.
During an interview talking about interracial relationships in his last movie Red Tails supposedly based on the Tuskegee Air Men he said that black women were antiquated and having white women, marrying or having sex with them symbolizes freedom and true progress for black men and that any things possible.
Now married to an Asian woman who wants out and beating her up to stay, he's accusing her of calling him the N word and saying she must have been out of her mind for marrying a N word. She has an order of protection against him after several beatings from him.
Red Tails was just a bad movie with amateurish acting and bombed at the box office. Proving once again blacks who complain about blacks not getting a fair play in Hollywood don’t support all black caste movies. And it will be a hot day in hell before whites pour their money into all black caste movies. Black have the money to do it themselves if they want one. But they know the real deal too. Black women the biggest movie goers, have finally wised up and will not spend their money to see black men who put them down as not worthy and black men never support black movies unless they are about being drug kings, beating and putting down women or being sex crazed baby makers, pimps or out smarting the white man on something that’s destructive to blacks and the black community like drug and gun dealing.

946 days ago

james A    

good....if it is true. probably don't want pay his ex more like it.

945 days ago

John Garay    

C'on Men, LOL

945 days ago


This guy has always come across to me as a total pr!ck. No less. Well, maybe less. He strikes me as a total tyrant to have to live with and an all aound punk-assed loser.

945 days ago


stop BITCHING.... You're to damn whinny, always crying about something. I guess you'll think twice the next time you decide to put your hands on a female. Ole crying ass whinny ass punk ass woman beater.

945 days ago



945 days ago


I think wife beating & substance abuse has hurt his career. Not his wife.

945 days ago


Is this mutha****a serious? Dog, your album killed your career!

945 days ago
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