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Whitney Houston Jokes

How Soon Is Too Soon?

2/17/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's burial is still days away, but that isn't stopping people from cracking some pretty harsh jokes -- too soon, as they say? Plus, huge debate over flags flying at half-staff for Whitney. Some think it's disrespectful ... and one person in our newsroom is PISSED!
Also, Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a huge honor ... that only costs $30 Gs! Where's the prestige if it's just about money?


(3:00) Whitney Houston's funeral invitation refers to it as a "home going service."
(5:50) Bobby Brown's ridiculous Whitney tribute at a concert in Indiana. Unbelievable. 
(14:30) Putting the American flag at half staff for Whitney -- this sparks Mike's best rant ever.
(18:32) Whitney Houston jokes -- you gotta hear the two John Henson cracked to us last night.
(19:10) Harvey and Charles read the best and worst Whitney jokes -- Rick joins in with a few of his own.
(22:00) Nancy Grace insinuates Whitney was murdered -- so Dan Abrams rightfully puts her in her place.
(33:31) A 95-year-old fashion socialite dies sitting front row at a fashion event -- and it doesn't phase the models.
(35:30) Hey... at least Zelda died doing what she loved.
(39:30) The Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a big joke now?


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I do not understand why all the attention. Whitney Houston has not been relevant in almost 20 years. I mean her death is tragic and all, but I hate how the press deify's people when they die, the same press who would not give her the time of day two weeks ago. Have some dignity, American Press, you should be ashamed of yourself. Being so phony, and TMZ you are one of them.

950 days ago


Harvey, What do you think of the comments made by John and Ken from KFI640 that got them suspended over Whitney Houston comments. I think they have said alot worse. Seems ridiculous to me.

950 days ago


Well done Gov. Ironic that she sang the national anthem better anyone ever and natives of her home state can't allow her this honour. GOVENOR CHRISTIE IS AWESOME!! Whitney Houston raised money for NYC Firefighters and Policemen through her re-release of The Star Spangled Banner recording, she donated ALL proceeds to them, which were A LOT. She deserves the honor.

950 days ago


so while all of you are sobbing over Whitney, let me tell you who you shoudl be sobbing for - my poor friend from high school. His mom passed away this week and guess where we live Westfield NJ and guess she's being buried - Fairview, like all upstanding residents of the town guess when - on the day the non-resident chose to buried in a town she has zero affiliation. The poor man not only has to deal with the loss of his mom but the huge dumb ass circus that came to a small colonial town because of a drug addict

950 days ago


Flying the flag at half mast is a policial thing. Its reserved for those who fight, die or worked for the USA. Whitney was an entertainer, she should get an Oscar, Grammy or whatever. That's the entertainer reward.

As for the remark, "it's just a flag" by your reporter. It ISN"T just a flag. Its represents this country. He needs to get over not having respect for this country and the flag.

Whitney was a great talent, and she will be truely missed. I have respect for her and what she did but not to the point to lower the flag.

950 days ago


I have a sneaky suspicion that if, say, Dolly Parton died, Mike would have no problem with flying the flag at half-mast for her.....just sayin.

950 days ago


Pretty soon we're going to be flying the flag at half-staff if the Kardashians lose a goldfish.

950 days ago


Elvis gets celebrated all year long. why can't she have it for one day. Elvis was a drug user, Johnny Cash was a drug user. is there a double standard if you are black and famous, compared to if you are white. Ryan Dunham was a drunk driver, but you all showed more respect to him.

950 days ago


Even Kathy Griffin knew when to back off, and thats saying something.......

950 days ago


Whitney was great, but not that great. I loved her music and that's about all she ever did of any real meaning. Entertainers very seldom deserve a flag at half mast. Bob Hope is an example of an entertainer who earned it. This generation has no clue what honor means. It's the me generation. As great as she was the honor was not hers.

950 days ago


R.I.P. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

950 days ago

Darleen Ruff    

i as for her singing the nathion song, did't she mess it up, missing lines.what is sooo sad is that who can u look up to now days, almost all of them r on drugs, it is soo sad, yes she was a good singer, but i would not say the best.

950 days ago


John and Ken quote: "At some point you're just sick of it all,and so is everybody else in the industry. All her friends and hangers on, everybody who knew had to deal with her. It's like, 'Ah comes the crack ho again, what's she gonna do? Ah, look at that she's doing handstands next to the pool. Very good crack ho...' After a while everybody's exhausted. And then you find out she's dead. It's like Really? Took this long? "

950 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I'm no fan of Whitney Houston, but Nancy Grace is an appalling, ratings-chasing skank!

950 days ago

In Depth News    

Whitney Houston was one of the Greatest and the Decision to lower the NJ State Flag in Whitney's memory was the Right One by the NJ Governor because it was Done in NJ for other Singers . This is not done in all states but it is done in NJ. Bobby Brown was really a Bad influence on Whitney , as he tried to change Whitney's religion and got her involved with drugs..

Remember Whitney Houston's Awesome National Anthem in the Superbowl 1991 (see internet).

950 days ago
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