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Whitney Houston Jokes

How Soon Is Too Soon?

2/17/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's burial is still days away, but that isn't stopping people from cracking some pretty harsh jokes -- too soon, as they say? Plus, huge debate over flags flying at half-staff for Whitney. Some think it's disrespectful ... and one person in our newsroom is PISSED!
Also, Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a huge honor ... that only costs $30 Gs! Where's the prestige if it's just about money?


(3:00) Whitney Houston's funeral invitation refers to it as a "home going service."
(5:50) Bobby Brown's ridiculous Whitney tribute at a concert in Indiana. Unbelievable. 
(14:30) Putting the American flag at half staff for Whitney -- this sparks Mike's best rant ever.
(18:32) Whitney Houston jokes -- you gotta hear the two John Henson cracked to us last night.
(19:10) Harvey and Charles read the best and worst Whitney jokes -- Rick joins in with a few of his own.
(22:00) Nancy Grace insinuates Whitney was murdered -- so Dan Abrams rightfully puts her in her place.
(33:31) A 95-year-old fashion socialite dies sitting front row at a fashion event -- and it doesn't phase the models.
(35:30) Hey... at least Zelda died doing what she loved.
(39:30) The Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a big joke now?


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I wish she had slipped under the water in place of Whitney. What a crackpot Nancy is....

948 days ago

Silverado Mom    

It's inappropriate to say jokes about someone who just died and especially is very well known. It's still too fresh of news. Let the news die down and then go ahead, if u must. Doesn't mean the jokes aren't funny, it means just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

948 days ago


Nancy Grace is an ambulance-chasing douchebag who needs to be taken off the air.

948 days ago


The reality is folks that Whitney could have easily died from too much alcohol even if no other drugs were ingested. Alcohol poisoning kills every day!

948 days ago


TMZ is/was doing the same as Nancy Grace. How long are you going to milk this story and report every detail 15 times a day?

948 days ago


Nancy is one of the most pathetic attention whores. I don't believe anything she says or stands for.

948 days ago

Craig Swinson    

She didn't just pass out, she died right in her seat.

948 days ago


I think it is pretty pathetic to joke about Houstons death. Very insensitive for her immediate family..Her family is hurting, would you like it if your family member died, and people are making nasty jokes, regardless of the fact that she had issues with addiction. Whitney Houston was a human being made of flesh, and the daughter, and mother of other human beings which have feelings. Whitney's drug addiction problems are societies problem...If we had better governments and leaders drugs would not be allowed in our countries, and people who are genetically predisposed to addiction, wouldn't fall prey and become vunerable victims to drugs!!!!

948 days ago

Shawna Singer    

It's so funny how you reap what you sow. We all must die. The impact you leave is more important than your flaws. I wonder how many people will truly miss TMZ staff etc, if they were to pass. And I also wonder how many people will laugh at people who go through substance abuse & addiction when it's their children & loved ones...

948 days ago


Nancy Grace is a Media Whore. She just wants to be in the center of controversy that She creates. Can someone please just shut her up? Where's Gloria Allred? Bout time she showed up too!!

948 days ago


Nancy Grace = ambulance chaser who got lucky enough to get a show

948 days ago


Y'all better have a Casket-Cam like Ike Turner's funeral!
Harvey, you're a mad genius.

948 days ago


Harvey just said TMZ LIVE exactly the way he made fun of Dax (I think that is who it was) for saying it.

948 days ago


Harvey should have a star on the Walk of Fame.

948 days ago


i am a veteran, most vets that come back dead dont get flags flown at half mass.

948 days ago
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