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Whitney Houston Jokes

How Soon Is Too Soon?

2/17/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's burial is still days away, but that isn't stopping people from cracking some pretty harsh jokes -- too soon, as they say? Plus, huge debate over flags flying at half-staff for Whitney. Some think it's disrespectful ... and one person in our newsroom is PISSED!
Also, Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a huge honor ... that only costs $30 Gs! Where's the prestige if it's just about money?


(3:00) Whitney Houston's funeral invitation refers to it as a "home going service."
(5:50) Bobby Brown's ridiculous Whitney tribute at a concert in Indiana. Unbelievable. 
(14:30) Putting the American flag at half staff for Whitney -- this sparks Mike's best rant ever.
(18:32) Whitney Houston jokes -- you gotta hear the two John Henson cracked to us last night.
(19:10) Harvey and Charles read the best and worst Whitney jokes -- Rick joins in with a few of his own.
(22:00) Nancy Grace insinuates Whitney was murdered -- so Dan Abrams rightfully puts her in her place.
(33:31) A 95-year-old fashion socialite dies sitting front row at a fashion event -- and it doesn't phase the models.
(35:30) Hey... at least Zelda died doing what she loved.
(39:30) The Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a big joke now?


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Cynthia Foster    

All that talent down the drain...

942 days ago


What is going on with all these famous black people with the drugs, with money and crime? Is it in their DNA? I think it has to be, because look at the FBI statistics, blacks account for 69% of all reported crimes, and the key word here is "Reported" In prison they out number whites 15 to 1. I mean look at how these black entertainers act. Rappers act like jungle animals, it's nuts,,go ahead call me a racist for telling the truth,,That is all you can do,,,Excuse excuse for the way you people and i am questioning even calling you "People" should be animals. It is just fact!

942 days ago


Just another example that famous blacks can't handle money, I mean what is it, with blacks and their association with drugs and crime.

942 days ago


Click here to watch Full Coverage Of Whitney Houston Funeral Live Online Stream

942 days ago

Alicia R.    

TMZ, I think it's tacky and in very poor taste to make jokes so soon over such a tragic event... but then again TMZ has never and will NEVER been know for being classy. So do what you do best, make money off celebrities any way you can no matter who you offend and no matter what's considered decent or respectful. Congrats to the staff at TMZ for once again proving what huge inconsiderate *******s you all are! Unbelievable!

942 days ago


It is insulting that TMZ is making jokes about someone who died. She was a human being who had faults, she bless the earth with her music and left a legacy with her daughter. All these speculations, jokes, tarnishing of name is unprofessional. Know one can imagine how her daughter feels, she sees and hear this crap everyday on the news/TMZ of social media tarnishing her mothers name/legacy. Everytime a negative comment comes out your are spitting in her face on her memory on her daughter.

942 days ago

Andy S    

My favorite one that I thought of was "It's colder than Whitney Houston's bath water outside".

942 days ago

Sandy Kotarba    

she was one of my favorite singers.I grew up with her music.I know shes going to heaven because she was a good christian, a good daughter,and a good mother.Everybody loved her music and it will be forever.

942 days ago


Harvey Levin you are an *******. No still does not know how Whitney Houston was murdered if drowned in the tub or poisoned by one of Clive Davis's Henchmen. She did more in her pinky finger for the state of NJ than anyone, by constant donations to schools and huge tax payments. Not to mention she not only sung the best National Anthem ever,She also sold 1 million records of the National Anthem and then donated all the money she earned on the National Anthem to the Troops in Iraq.

941 days ago

jeff leistyna    

Well folks, it looks like I might have been all wrong about poor Whitney. Like many of you I cried and cried, feeling all kinds of pain over the loss of one of our most cherished earth angels! Last night, while drinking away my sadness over Whitney Houston's inglorious end, I ran into an old friend who is well connected to the LA-New York music biz scene. Lets just say I had quite an eye popping education over a few scotch and sodas! First of all, Whitney Houston was abusing cocaine long before she met Bobby Brown; a guy I have been ripping since the beginning, and possibly unfairly. Whitney came up on the semi hard scrabble streets of Newark and was no shrinking violet, and definitely not 'the choir girl next door!!'( a carefully crafted made-for-television image). I like bad girls but Whitney was a really bad girl and according to my source, was bringing girls home for sex, drugs and rock and roll- after she was married to Bobby (no angel himself).That's right folks, our Whitney was a lesbian! No big deal, but let's set the record straight. Whitney Houston and Clive Davis were made for each other! Davis is a classic Hollywood Golden Goose Hunter. The two of them were comfortable players in the 'mutual predatorial society' that is Hollywood.Perhaps no other super star has had their life more carefully crafted than Whitney Houston!Lots of folks worked hard to build a huge wall between the Whitney Houston fit for public consumption and the behind the scenes,selfish, self destructive, gluttonous train wreck that called it quits at 48! The Golden Goose is cooked!! Old Clive, one of many who claim to have loved Whitney sooooo much will, no doubt profit from Houston's death as well. She herself probably would have said, "get as much as you can Clive!" The whole thing is super ugly but in the final analysis I forgive Houston because of her enormous contribution. Her gorgeous voice made her famous but it was her fame and destructive lifestyle that brought her crashing back down to earth. It looks like her sweet young daughter was one of Whitney's favorite 'drinking partners'. Let us pray that that young woman does not share a similar fate! RIP

941 days ago

jeff leistyna    

For the last time: All of you racist losers making disgusting remarks should return to the oozz beneath the stones - click on your porn, reality TV and other garbage , crack open your cans of your cheap beer and do everyone a favor and drink yourselves to death!!!

941 days ago

jeff leistyna    

It is one thing to be objective and honest when reflecting on the life of a pop cultural icon like Whitney Houston. In such an analysis it is fair to judge the woman harshly for her abuses. It is also very important to recognize the woman's extraordinary contribution; Whitney Houston entertained millions of people with her other worldly voice and beauty, for that we must say thank you. To chomp at the bit waiting for the green light to make jokes about her tragic death is obscene. So many of the racist remarks remind us that racism in America is alive and kicking and that is depressing. Even more depressing than Whitney's death itself. Shame on all of you who find joy in ridicule and hate. RIP

941 days ago


People need to stop talking negative about Whitney she's gone on to be with the Lord, No more pain, No more heart ache, she's in a better place. We need to be focusing on our own salvation and saving ourselves from this untoward generation. To Be Absent from the Body is to be Present with the Lord......So, People stop with the jokes!! She was a awesome woman and God has given Whitney many talents, and gifts. Rest on Whitney I will see you in Glory when I get there...Please, take heed to this message and stop judging!

940 days ago


What does this month and whitney houston have in common? There both black history.

929 days ago
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