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Bobby Brown

'You Have to

Move On Sometimes' [VIDEO]

2/17/2012 6:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_bobby_brown_splash_videoBobby Brown gave an emotional tribute to Whitney Houston during a New Edition concert in Maryland last night ... and then he totally RUINED the moment.

The tribute was nice ... with Bobby thanking his fans and his family for support and saying, "Life is life ... you have to move on sometimes."

And then he said this, "I love [Whitney] like I love God ... my name is BAD ASS Bobby Brown."

You stay classy.

Bad Ass Bobby will continue the concert tour tomorrow night -- hitting the stage at an Indian casino in Connecticut just hours after Whitney is laid to rest in New Jersey.

Stay tuned ... 


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And I LOVE how u guys keep calling him a loser and other things... But seems he has gotten it BACK together and judging by ur comments, u dont seem to be about much of anything yourselves so it seems he is doing MUCH more than u haters r doing with ur pitiful unhappy lives!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! LMBO!!!!!

981 days ago


The man's a douche!

981 days ago


Bobby Brown started her on the life of drugs. He is the killer of a great singer. He should shut his big mouth and dig a hole for himself.

981 days ago


First off, glad to see you are in a good mood. Mr. BAD ASS Bobby Brown. Boddy is a dirty ****** .... He did that to her HELL NO & Please!!!! "Hey bobby how you doing?" what a dumb question???? trust me when I tell you, on the inside, BOBBY BROWN couldn't be happier with all the attention WHAT A DIRTY ******! Wow, these dumb mother****ers BAD ASS Bobby Brown don't even have respect for a person who is going through such a tough time....GET REAL ****ING JOBS! R.I.P. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

981 days ago


The guy is broke. He should have said "I need the money" instead of this.

981 days ago


Yeah, Bobby (I mean, Mr. Bad Ass), you go ahead and move on....PULLEASE!!!

981 days ago


Smartest thing Bobby Brown ever did was get away from Sweatney Houston. He stayed clean, lost weight & started preforming again. Sweatney just continued to smoke coke and drink.

981 days ago


Bobby Brown, you are not a badazz, you are just an azz. We all know you spit in Whitney's face, yeah baby, the woman you love, the mother of your child. You're such a little pig of a man, and I use the word "man" loosely.

981 days ago


61. Dee
Are you freaking kidding me? How the hell would you know that most of the posters here that are bashing Bobby Brown seem to be non-black? That is so incredibly stupid, I have to wonder if you would have the audacity to say that when you are not being anonymous.

981 days ago


I ****ing love TMZ!! lol "You Stay Classy" was spot on! Whoever writes for them always knows exactly what to write to capture the moment.

Bobby Brown can go **** himself. He's the main reason Whitney is in the ground now. He needs to just keep quiet and TRY to be a parent to his child now that she no longer has a mother. RIP Nippy

981 days ago


Leave the guy alone. He's moved on she didn't. He's attending the funeral and going back to work.

981 days ago


Bobby is half right, he is an ass ... first name ... dumb.

981 days ago


Oh seriously who goes to a new edition concert.

981 days ago


Riddle me this: if Brown is so bad, why is HE the one who has been clean and sober for the last six years, but Whitney was in and out of rehab?

981 days ago


The title of the story is about the line in Bobby's pseudo speech: "...You have to move on sometimes..." I take it as him meaning that he still loved her, but life and cir***stances (birth of his last son) forced him to move on. The part about loving her like he loves me as a troubling. The last part about his name being Bad Azz Bobby Brown...who knows but was either 1. meant for those taking digs at him, 2.maybe Whitney called him that, or 3. perhaps he is taking something because he was all over the place with his emotions. Bobby can't win...if he talks he is criticized...if he is quiet...he is blamed. Good,bad,right,wrong...I do not think Bobby in any way should be blamed for Whitney's death no more than her Aunt who was in the hotel room with her. Hope Bobby reaches out for help. RIP Whitney...

981 days ago
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