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Zelda Kaplan

Runway Models UNFAZED

as Fashion Icon Collapses & Dies

2/17/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File under the category: The Show Must Go On.  As a fashion icon collapsed and died at a show during New York fashion week, the runway models didn't miss a step as they pranced past her.

TMZ obtained footage from the Joanna Mastroianni Autumn/Winter 2012 show on Feb. 15 ... which shows three men rushing to Zelda Kaplan's aid after she lapsed into unconsciousness in her front row seat.

Some of the lights were turned on ... and people can be seen crossing over the runway to help out ... but the ultra-focused models continue their walks without ever breaking stride.

Eventually, Zelda was carried out by 4 people and taken to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

FYI -- models are usually given strict orders to ignore EVERYTHING that happens in the crowd when they're on the runway. Clearly, these models took their instructions to heart.



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mrs t    

this is so disturbing in so many ways. i agree she was doing what she loved and she gracefully passed. but even saying that feels so wrong. somehow dying is our most intimate moment and here it seems like a we did not take even a pause out of our plans to respect

888 days ago


TMZ had to find any excuse to show this video.

888 days ago


OOIIOOOI: 51 minutes ago
Clothes aren't that important. even if she did died doing what she possibly loved.
Even professional sports stop during an injury.

Are you kidding me !!!! you compare apples to orange .
When one Model died on stage they would stop the show but not when they don't know what is going on in the audiance
The same with SPORT no one would stop the SUPERBOWL if somebody died in the audiance please lets be realistic here. They would have to stop the game when a player died but not some stranger in the audience

888 days ago


the sad thing is if it were the Superbowl the whole whole audiance who paid money for their tickets would be furious if somebody would try to stop the game . just because some very very old lady died

888 days ago


Are you joking? The people who were siting in the rows behind and beside should feel ashamed. Notice they were hardly bothered by a dying person????? RIP <3

888 days ago

Klaus Barbie     

why should these beautiful gentile models give a sh%^t about this wrinkled up yentl flea bag? One less demon who thinks they are chosen by god to lord over the rest of us. Regular people unite!

888 days ago


TMZ never gives people's ages. Annoying.

888 days ago


I dont know about Fashion Icon, but party fixture, sure. RIP Zelda.

888 days ago


Thats just creepy!

888 days ago


It could be that the people around her may have thought she nodded off while waiting for the show to begin. The elderly fall asleep at the drop of a hat. My father does it, we find him sitting up in a chair fast asleep all the time. How he doesn't fall off I'll never know. When I watched the video it looked like she was sitting up asleep. The lady sitting next to her looks like she may have just noticed somethings not quite right and is whispering something to the person next to her. It happened fast and they did it quietly. Instead of making a spectacle of the poor woman they gave her a little dignity and kept it low key.

888 days ago


Considering they stare stright ahead and hundreds of flashes are going off right in their face-I'm pretty sure they can't see much...I think this and the fact Obama could win another 4 years proves that common sense is dead.

888 days ago


Come on now people what did you want to happen? Something dramatic like out of a Hollyweird movie? Where someone screams "A dead BODY" and chairs go flying and people are climbing over each other trying to make it to the door.
Everyone finds out there is a dead body in the crowd, they all turn into looky loos and sqeeze in and crowd around taking pictures of the dead body to sell to TMZ.
Do it quietly like they did and gave her a little dignity. Once they take her into another area they can find out if she is just sick or what. Not in front of everyone that just wants something exciting to talk about since nothing exciting was going on on the catwalk. At least nothing to phone home about.

888 days ago


Well, gee, the woman WAS 95 years old...and no one knew she had died. It could have been seen as a fainting spell. It seems like medical attention was delivered, so I don't see the big deal.

888 days ago


I don't understand, what should they do? The modles I mean. Scream???? What? It's not like they knew what happen

888 days ago


That is direct conflict with the views expressed in the last few days by Baroness Warsi, David Cameron, and even Her Majesty the Queen.

888 days ago
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