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Bobbi Kristina

Family Wants Rehab ASAP

2/18/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Houston family wants Bobbi Kristina to enter a live-in rehab facility ASAP.
Whitney Houston
's family wants Bobbi Kristina to enter a live-in rehab facility ASAP -- but sources tell TMZ, they're holding off on telling her until after Whitney's funeral today.

According to sources connected with the family, Bobbi has struggled with substance abuse issues for the last three or four years -- and the family wants her to seek out professional help at a 60-day live-in treatment facility before her problems get worse.

We're told the family is aware Whitney fell off the wagon in the weeks leading to her death -- and they don't want the same fate to befall her daughter.

But they're not putting pressure on her to enter rehab right away -- they want to give her time to grieve during and immediately after her mother's funeral today.

Attempts to reach Bobbi directly were unsuccessful. So far, it's unclear if Bobbi plans to heed her family's advice.


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Peter Sc    

She doesn't need rehab. She needs an adult responsible role model.

When do people learn. Rehabs are only timeout as long as the conditions back home are the same.

Parents the entire nation over are more willing to pay thousand of sollars than starting to look themselves in their faces where the problems began and make a change there instead for free.

942 days ago


I'm with all the people that left comments asking why TMZ would try to reach Bobbi at a time like this. If your mother passed away would you want to be hounded by questions...leave her alone, let this young girl grieve her mother's death, let her deal with this. You are also fools to post this story...nice kept secret until TMZ gets a hold of it and only cares about ratings instead of what is going on in a family's life after a death!

942 days ago


Good, they all need to come together to intervene this time and not be afraid to confront the elephant in the room (addiction of a loved one), or they will lose her to this addiction too.

It is sad it took Whitney's death for them to step forward and intervene for her child to get her help.

They should have done this to Whitney too, had a huge family and friend intervention to encourage her to continue sobriety.

They know if they don't, they'll be going to Bobbie Kristina's funeral next.

Hope she is willing to accept the help and support.

942 days ago


Bobbie Kristina meet Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay meet Bobbi Kristina.

942 days ago


Look, I wouldn't read TMZ if I didn't like good gossip. But I stop enjoying it when it involves thwarting a well-timed rehab intervention to allow an 18-year-old girl to grieve the death of her mother. This is a story that it is impossible to report on immediately without affecting it in a way that hurts an 18-year-old who has just lost her mother. Soulless!

942 days ago


I can NOT believe you ANYMORE have written lots of FALSE information regarding Whitney Houston funeral service, I use to come and check this site for accurate info,NO MORE!!!!!!

942 days ago


Poor little girl. I know that Whitney has now become sainted and no one can say anything bad about her now that she's dead, but truth be told, she was a horrible mother and role model to her little girl. I can not believe that Bobby Kristina has been using for 4 years. She's only 18. That means that at 14 years old, she already had a substance abuse problem. 14!! She was still developing. I can't even imagine all the damage that the drugs has done to her growing body and mind. This is the real tragedy.

942 days ago


I bet Bobbi Kristina saw a LOT of very dysfunctional stuff happening with her mother. Kids tend to EMULATE THEIR PARENTS you know. Kids have a tendency to do what their parents DO rather than do what they SAY to do.

I bet it was confusing for Kristina growing up. I bet Whitney was one of those strict, hardcore Christian kind of parents to Kristina but her own behavior contradicted the stuff she was saying to Kristina. I can visualize Whitney yelling at Kristina "don't you dare take drugs Kristina or you're in big trouble". Then Whitney would go into her bathroom and snort a few lines and then come out looking like a wild woman.

I bet Kristina is going to need a lot of therapy in the next few years so she can learn to think and act in more logical, non dysfunctional ways. Kids tend to subconsciously act out what their own parents did once they become the adults and parents. Whitney and Bobby both were probably poor role models for Kristina. Kristina likely has 2 or 3 generations of people in her family that have had substance abuse problems, so she has that "genetic predisposition" to become an alcoholic or drug addict.

If Kristina goes to rehab, her therapists need to burn into her brain the dangers of prescription drugs as well as the dangers of hard street drugs like crack cocaine that Whitney took. She needs to know that mixing prescription drugs at the same time can be deadly AND mixing prescription drugs with alcohol can be deadly.

942 days ago


smart move
with addicts for parents- she'll have a lifelong struggle to stay clean and sober I'm guessing
the sooner she starts down that path- the better her chances for success may be
sad that she is surrounded by the same two enabling families ..Houstons/Browns...that surrounded her mom and dad
may reduce her chances for success
she needs to be surrounded by strong people who have her health as their first priority - not people interested in the celebrity of her lineage and the money that may go with it

942 days ago


What the hell kind of s*** are you? Trying to get a direct contact with a 16 year old girl that is mourning her Mother's death for some sensational reaction is pretty low.

942 days ago


Whitney fell off the wagon way longer than the last few weeks of her life--that was pretty transparent. If Bobbi has been abusing for 3 or 4 years, why has there been no help for her before now? She would have been 14-15 years old.

942 days ago

John T.    

What kind of mother brings up a 14 year old and allows her to go to night clubs and all her partys with her that are for adults? Then to top it off they have to go to rehab to try to get off drugs? What the hell is wrong with this picture? This is one F'ed up family . Now they all tell us Whitney was this great person, sorry , she fell real short of motherhood.Wonder BK was never removed from her home. Where was child protective services at when she was a minor and doing partys with mom and drugs with her friends.

942 days ago


If the family is holding off in telling the daughter about rehab, then why is TMZ ruining that plan by publicizing their plans and trying to a get a comment from the daughter's rep about the situation? Shame on you.

942 days ago


Everybody has family members like this- that cant keep there mouth shut and tell everything. I had a aunt like this when her sister died & she saw the will & was telling everybody what they were getting. And this made everyone start thinking they had won the lottery.

942 days ago


Is this necessary? Whatever any family does in this situation is not your concern, nor is it the public's business what goes on in private. Journalism has taken such a low road these days, and when I read info like this, it just confirms to me, that this country is doomed. So.. we the people do not need to know Crap like this. It's like you want this child to destroy herself!!

942 days ago
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