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Bobbi Kristina

Family Wants Rehab ASAP

2/18/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Houston family wants Bobbi Kristina to enter a live-in rehab facility ASAP.
Whitney Houston
's family wants Bobbi Kristina to enter a live-in rehab facility ASAP -- but sources tell TMZ, they're holding off on telling her until after Whitney's funeral today.

According to sources connected with the family, Bobbi has struggled with substance abuse issues for the last three or four years -- and the family wants her to seek out professional help at a 60-day live-in treatment facility before her problems get worse.

We're told the family is aware Whitney fell off the wagon in the weeks leading to her death -- and they don't want the same fate to befall her daughter.

But they're not putting pressure on her to enter rehab right away -- they want to give her time to grieve during and immediately after her mother's funeral today.

Attempts to reach Bobbi directly were unsuccessful. So far, it's unclear if Bobbi plans to heed her family's advice.


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sometimes,your family doesnt do whats best for you.She may be in the shape she is in because of her family.If she has the money,I would get far far far away from her family and shut the door on them.
Sometimes even though its your family,its the only way to move forward in life.

986 days ago


I think Bobbi Kristina looks alright. No, she's not as good looking as her mother in the 1980s, but she's above average. Some women don't look so good when they are teenagers and then once they get to be about 25 or so they look a lot better. I think Chelsea Clinton looks better as she's gotten older.

I just hope that Bobbi Kristina thinks long and hard before she goes to a plastic surgeon to get her nose done or something. All she has to do is look at Michael Jackson who her family knew pretty well. Michael's nose looked just fine in the 1970s before he totally screwed it up by the 1990s.

Even the best plastic surgeons in the world can screw up the faces of some people because not everyone heals back after surgery perfectly, etc. Plus, that plastic surgery can make you look bad after 10 years even though it might look okay in the first few years.

986 days ago

J Martin    

Well if the family was holding off until after the funeral it doesnt really matter since you idiots posted it global on the www. The media is just a bunch of low lifes with no morals at all.

986 days ago


I'm sure if Bobbi really is on drugs or alcohol she got into it by watching Whitney. But what the heck? She now sees that even if you are an addicted actress/singer you still are called a queen and have the flags flown at half-mast at your funeral. Talk about an insult to the soldiers, policemen, firemen and others who served their state or country and really deserve that honor. That's what makes me sick about this whole thing. Not what happens to Whitney and Bobbi because of what they did/do of their own free will. Shame on Gov Christie for allowing the flags to be lowered.

986 days ago


I hope the family keeps Bobby Brown out of the little girls life, he go more children out there to be concerned about her money she got from Whitney, he ain't ****. He didn't respect Whitney in life, so respect her in death. He didn't love Whitney, he loved what she was a big fat piggy bank, for all of his illegitmate children except Bobbie Kristina, thank god her mother was the woman she was or she would ended up like the rest of those children, babies daddy. he ain't ****

986 days ago


Really? Serious? You are reporting a story about the family wanting to WAIT until she has time to grieve to aks her to go to rahab, and you not only publish the story, you also try to reach the her for comment? Come on, I know that reporters are s***, but TMZ, I think you are going too far with the Whitney stories. Let her RIP and let her daughter have time to grieve. I am so glad I am not a celebrity.

986 days ago


Nancy Grace need to mind her business and leave our beautiful black queen alone before she stir up a race riot.

986 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"but sources tell TMZ, they're holding off on telling her until after Whitney's funeral today." well she knows about it now.

986 days ago


Why would TMZ attempt to contact Bobbi to ask her about this if the family wants to wait until AFTER the service. The girl is probably on the edge right now. Are you trying to push her over.

986 days ago


I am thankful to hear that Bobbi Khristina will be taken cae of, I hope she can go on to become "whole" person and live a normal and happy life!

986 days ago


Great idea to announce it on TMZ first, before telling this little Diva. I'm sure she doesn't know what a computer is or how to get on the internet.

986 days ago


I don't think bobby Brown should be out of his daughter's life. That's HER daddy and she is grown. You don't know how he feels about her or any of his children. If Bobbi were poor you'd be seeing he should be forced to pay child support and dogging him for not seeing his child. Leave those people alone.

986 days ago


do something famous first then report it who gives a rat's a@@ about someone who has done NOTHING in their life exept be a child from someone once famous a decade ago before the trash set in "family". Let then do something first aside from comming from someones loins and then report it. This story is about someone I dont even know or care about let them go back to 'who's that' we dont CARE

986 days ago


Whitney did not succumb to drugs, she was assassinated by the CIA. Her daughter knows something is up. Ever hear of "disaster capitalism". The assassination of stars for outside marketing and business access to their likenesses and their creative products for posthumous profiteering is becoming increasingly common. Michael Jackson is another example. However, sometimes the CIA just murders off a celebrity because that celebrity challenged someone in the REAL powers that be in this country in our corporatist system, the billionaires. Anna Nicole Smith and son are examples here. Then there are the most alarming CIA snuffs of all, those just for the purpose of creating distractions in the news so that no REAL news with REAL content ever needs to be reported. Brittney Murphy and Heath Ledger fall into this category.

986 days ago


I think the best kind of rehab for Bobbi Kristina (or anyone) to go to is the one that has the best LONG TERM results and has therapy that is scientifically proven to work.

Maybe there is some sort of ranking system for rehab places based on long term results. I bet the very best ones aren't the kind that are super luxurious either.

Rehab should be serious business most of the time. It's not supposed to be some sort of 5 star spa where you get massages and whirlpool baths 75% the time.

986 days ago
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