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Jeremy Lin

ESPN Apologizes Over Offensive Headline

2/18/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN Headline Chink In the Armor
ESPN issued an apology last night after a racially insensitive headline about New York Knicks star guard Jeremy Lin appeared on their mobile site.

The headline, "Chink In the Armor," appeared only on mobile browsers, the network said, and only between the hours of 2:30 AM ET and 3:05 AM ET.

ESPN posted an apology on their media site, which read in part, "We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake."

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Hey Honky, aplogize for what. I would think he would take that as a "Thumbs Up" comment. Complement. it is what it is.

946 days ago


"appeared only mobile browsers...and only between the hours of 2:30 AM ET and 3:05 AM ET"
Not many people saw it, but NOW EVERYONE HAS...

946 days ago


Not nice. Someone should be fired. No apology accepted. Totally out of line, crude and highly insensitive.

946 days ago


I totally agree it was racist and inappropriate. But it was also funny and clever as hell!!

946 days ago

John 8:32    


There's an incredibly Racists radio station here in the city of Los Angeles. That's been getting worse and worse over the years... a large amount of the host and employees on this station are Jewish. Probably why T M Z is not announcing, nor covering this incident... nevertheless you can be damn sure this is a major development.

Los Angeles radio station has pulled two popular white talk radio hosts off the air for comments they made about Whitney Houston. KFI A.M. 640 suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the "John and Ken Show, "for making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston," they said in a statement Thursday. "Management does not condone, support or tolerate statements of this kind," the station said. According to audio posted online at UrbanInformer.com, the hosts called the late singer a "crack ho" and said she was "cracked out for 20 years." This LA-based radio station 640 KFI A.M. is one of those 24 hour conservative... shock - jock goody-two-shoes... type radio stations. That even showcase Rush Limbaugh... in the morning hours, and also an arrogant male talk show hosts attorney Bill Handel (Jewish). The station is geared toward white conservative America... and tries to represent that kind of narrow-minded mindset, throughout their 24 hours of talk show entertainment. All bundled up and disguise, as just your simple... down to earth all American radio station. Their slogan More Stimulating Radio.

Do to the fact, Ronald Reagan helped suspend the fairness doctrine, which maintained rules and guidelines of fairness in talk radio stations... also conservative conglomerates such as good old Disney... have purchased up most of the radio stations where there's no longer any fairness in radio... this station would be the same as Fox TV for instance. They talk about our president like a dog... they talk about minorities like dogs, especially Blacks and Hispanics... literally every day they have some incredibly nasty comments to make about our mayor of the city of Los Angeles... basically because he's a Democrat and a Hispanic. This station tries to maintain a format...which consists of almost entirely male talk show hosts... with a few token females as assistant hosts, in the background... that do mainly giggling and laughing, and just generally agreeing with the white male talk show hosts.

The two talk show hosts that were suspended, their names are John and Ken they come on every day around 2 P.M. in the city of Los Angeles... in the daytime Monday through Saturday. They regularly... complain and report about any type of minority incidents, especially ones that involve Hispanics or Blacks... which makes for good ratings, and keeps the listener-ship on board, that they're trying to reach. They have thousands and thousands of complaints against these two talk show hosts, and against the radio station... regarding the tactics and the racist attitude this station maintains. To top that off... on Thursday nights, one of the stations other talk show host... by the name of Tim Conway Junior... that's right the son of the famous Tim Conway the comedian, has a show that comes on during the week, in the evening's... which maintains that same philosophy of narrow-mindedness and constantly pushing the conservative agenda. On Thursday nights he has a show which he calls "What the hell did Jesse Jackson say!" Where for over an hour callers call in to guess from audio clips played over the air... what Jesse Jackson actually said in the audio clip. The show is racist as hell... now please don't take my word for any of this... I want you to please go on the station's website. You can download the different talk show hostess previous shows :


I personally believe... John and Ken should not be allowed on the station anymore. Furthermore I believe that the radio station is quite aware of the antics by these two trolls... and with a wink and a nod condone it... because they're very good for ratings. If you believe as I do please, please contact the station...

Contact the programming director :

"Tell him not to bring the show back!"


Tell John and Ken what you really think :

(( JOHNKEN640@KFI640.COM ))

Tim Conway Jr. show : who talks bad about the Kardashians on a regular basis as well.



"Bible says, we should always speak truth to each other!"

946 days ago


How unprofessional. If ESPN said something along those lines about black people, most people wouldn't find it "funny".

946 days ago

Used to Watch ESPN    

WOW! E.S.P.N means ETHNIC SLURS PRODUCES NEGATIVITY. SINCERELY SHOCKING. The statement and damage has been done. To ESPN and the Writer's of ESPN; Your network should be fined and anyone who sees this as offensive should enroll others to stop watching ESPN so they also feel the impact of such writing or context whether intentional or ignorant, does not matter! As a regular viewer of ESPN, viewers always hear the expressions of the network and their sports experts. I believe this is the time for the viewers, athletes, sponsors, and advertisers to express their disappointment with action. I no longer will watch ESPN. For anyone running a network similar to ESPN, this is your calling to rise and become the top, new, better, and more politically correct sports network for our families. ESPN? Who are you really? Let's see. Less viewers means less sponsors and advertisers which equates to low network revenue. The viewers put you at the top. Viewers can take you down too. Was this ESPN's stunt to get more revenue on controversial comments? Getting more attention to increase viewers and online presence? Whatever. Farewell ESPN. Just like 'Jimmy the Greeks' comments on African American athletes. Yikes!!!

946 days ago

Asian Representation    

FYI ENGLISH SPEAKERS... the expression is "Kink in the Armor." So yes, it was a racial epithet used directly about him being Asian in an offensive way. Some people are commenting that this is a "common expression." No, it is not! It is KINK NOT CHINK...

946 days ago


It is racist and not funny. Stop the bashing and leave Jeremy alone, he's done no harm to anyone. You go Jeremy!

946 days ago

Mike King    

Lets see someone say something racially charged about an African-American.... We wouldn't hear the end of it and ESPN would have been sued and owned by aforementioned hypothetical African-American. I'm freakin' disgusted! You don't hear Al Sharpton blowing an artery over this one.... no of course not.... Oi. In your own words "stop hatin". - USMC Vet.

946 days ago


why do you ppl feel the need to keep mentioning al sharpten and black ppl? this has nothing to do with them. racism is wrong no matter what race its towards. All this"if it were a black person" s**t needs to stop!the guys who keep mentioning black ppl or jews just to make a point sound a bit angry and racist towards blacks or jews themselves. racism is wrong and the ppl at espn who posted that about lin should be fired..

946 days ago


My god. About the worst thing you can say. It's basically the n-word equivalent for Chinese people. I wouldn't even use the other meaning of c---k either.

946 days ago


Is "Chink" even still considered a racial slur? Am I a racist cause I have a Korean friend named Charlie?

946 days ago


Disgusting and immature.

946 days ago

Michael Chen    

Everyone has to check out www.linning.com! It's the Jeremy Lin version of Tebowing!!

946 days ago
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