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Whitney Houston Funeral

Bobby Brown Already Left

2/18/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown has already left the church.
Whitney Houston's funeral has only just begun ... but Bobby Brown has already left the church. 

Our camera guys outside the funeral spotted Bobby ever-so-briefly on his way in ... and his SUVs returned a short time later, though Bobby cannot be seen leaving (see video below)

Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted just moments ago, saying, "I am at Whitney's funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!"

As TMZ first reported, after some opposition from some family members ... Bobby was officially invited to the funeral today.



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Hang on the most disturbing thing about this Rev. Al Sharpton TWEETED from the funeral! And it was a self indulgent tweet at that.....

976 days ago


Wow, I doubt highly that he would be invited then asked to leave unless he had done something untoward.

Wow, that guy is ALL ABOUT HIM. BEING BOBBY BROWN. ( starring whitney houston.) what a jerk.

976 days ago


Tweeting from a funeral? My god, don't these people have any respect? Including Bobby Brown in this.

976 days ago

Know the facts ......    

Bobby is pictured above with his older children, son Landon Brown, son Bobby Brown Jr., and daughter La Princia Brown. Those are Bobbi Kristina's siblings by another mother but they all do have a relationship with one another.

976 days ago


Was this why Jessie Jackson was standing with his arms crossed, looking extremely pissed off earlier on in the service?

976 days ago


Who cares about that loser Bobby Has-been. Why he even gets an ounce of attention is beyond me. The daughter is also going to be a piece of work, just watch what happens to her, she's already a little mess. Poor Whitney, if not for the love of her mother and aunt she would have more than likely died even sooner. At least she is with Jesus and away from all of the madness. Next up: Lindsay Lohan?

976 days ago


Kevin Costner has CLASS and spoke with heartfelt grace. Too bad Whitney didn't marry him or someone else who would have cherished her and protected her from what killed her. Sad.

976 days ago

Mary P    

From reports - it's apparently Whitney's step-children and half siblings of Bobbi K and a couple from New Edition who were somewhat close to the couple when they were together.

976 days ago

Char Spencer     

We all know he has a show ( cause its all about him ) ...what jerk !!!! i just lost my best friend on Feb 1st still hurts ..Does this **** HEAD have a heart ...her family at lest had the decedenty to even invite the crack pipe !!! UP YOUR BOBBY BROWN YOU SUCK!!!!

976 days ago


Bobby showed up at the church with a 9 person entourage, and demanded that he and the entourage sit in the front row.

He was told that the entourage was not welcome, he chose to leave with them.

976 days ago


bobby leaving early is jacked up but so is sharpton tweeting during the service! both are conceited dbags for their actions on Whitney's day..shame on the both!

976 days ago


At least have some CLASS and STFU during the funeral for God's sake. How sickening and awful and too many words come to mind I can't post here. Can't you just wait while some of us grieve and MOST OF ALL HER FAMILY GRIEVES? You sure have no empathy. It's all about the almighty dollar for you. Makes me sick.

976 days ago

Char Spencer     

We know that Brown had a show ( cause well you know its all about him ) the family shouldn't have invited the crack pipe ...brown your a pisca **** !!! UP YOUR **** HEAD!!!! LOVE TO WHITNEY HOUSTON !!!

976 days ago


And we know who that "source" is, don't we? He was invited as a guest, to be with his daughter. He was not an invited speaker. He was simply the ex-husband of WH. This guy has confirmed my dislike of him.

976 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I really can't decide who's the bigger *******, Bobby Brown showing up with his gang of toadies or Al Sharpton typing away on his phone?

976 days ago
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