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Whitney Houston Funeral

Bobby Brown Already Left

2/18/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown has already left the church.
Whitney Houston's funeral has only just begun ... but Bobby Brown has already left the church. 

Our camera guys outside the funeral spotted Bobby ever-so-briefly on his way in ... and his SUVs returned a short time later, though Bobby cannot be seen leaving (see video below)

Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted just moments ago, saying, "I am at Whitney's funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!"

As TMZ first reported, after some opposition from some family members ... Bobby was officially invited to the funeral today.



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Why are people wearing sunglasses inside a church? LMAO...not like its an outside funeral. Also what kind of a casket is that? Looks kind of cheap...Whitney was a music icon....geez!

980 days ago


what a WEAK man...he had to have his entourage there to sit with him...does everyone HATE BOBBY BROWN more now

980 days ago


why the heck was the REV TWEETING during the ceremony??? Seriously??? Glad to know nothing is standing in the Rev's way of exploiting any attention he can get....

980 days ago


He should have been allowed to sit with the family plain and simple.He is BK father weather the family likes it or not. He also should have been allowed to speak during the service.

980 days ago


There's a saying that goes: "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt". If it's true that Bobby wanted to speak at the funeral, Whitney's family should have just let him. That way, all doubt would be removed as to what a POS he really is. JMO

980 days ago


Some of those people might be his older children.

980 days ago


What did they expect?

980 days ago


Idiots on here believe anything or make up **** to fill in the cracks with more bull ****. Why the hell can't you all stfu until you know facts? Do you not realize how these sites make money? Instigating trouble and comments -- save your opinions until you actually know FACTS. What a concept huh? You believe anything written on this site, AND MOST OTHER SITES, and it is nothing more than the same as the National Enquirer. They make up **** just to make money. DO YOU DUMBASSESE NOT GET THAT?

980 days ago


Bobbi Brown needs to get it through his thick black head that he was divorced to miss Houston, moved on and now has a wife and child. He should have came to that funeral alone and not with an entourage, for his daughter's support, then leave like a grown ass man. I'm sick of seeing grown folks act a fool

980 days ago


That young lady in the photo with Bobby Brown is his other daughter: LaPrincia, his son Bobby Jr and his brother Tommy was in the video of them leaving. According to another site Bobby brought 9 extra people with him and wanted all of them to be seated in the "family" area and his wishes could not be accommodated and the additional people were asked to leave - not Bobby. I'm sure he was upset about that and left with everyone else.

980 days ago


Now we know why an announcement was made about the cellphones being turned off and how it was God's house not yours or mine.

Terrible that adults have to behave is such a bad manner that an announcement has to be made by a pastor at the beginning of a funeral.

Trash....Al Sharpton and Trash Bobby Brown.

980 days ago


why the heck was Rev Al tweeting during a funeral- tasteless - and Bobby has his own demons but he was not the one with Whitney in the end, it was her family and they were all enablers- how can they still be blaming him 6 years after they split

980 days ago


Oh.. again the 'me, myself and I " guy. Get lost Bobby

980 days ago


That race baiting turd Sharpton is ONLY about himself.

980 days ago

Tay Tay    

Al sharpton needs to SHUT UP! He's an Opportunist, why tweet something like that? Must be pretending to be the peace broker at everything black? These are the people, him and Rev "Baby Daddy" Jackson screwed black folks over.

980 days ago
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