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Whitney Houston Funeral

Bobby Brown Already Left

2/18/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown has already left the church.
Whitney Houston's funeral has only just begun ... but Bobby Brown has already left the church. 

Our camera guys outside the funeral spotted Bobby ever-so-briefly on his way in ... and his SUVs returned a short time later, though Bobby cannot be seen leaving (see video below)

Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted just moments ago, saying, "I am at Whitney's funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!"

As TMZ first reported, after some opposition from some family members ... Bobby was officially invited to the funeral today.



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who cares    

God didnt bless Whitney, like all her friends he f ed her over too

941 days ago


My heart broke into a million pieces when I heard that Bobby Brown had to leave Whitney's funeral. Evil is present on every hand and I am not sorry for saying this... but Cissy Houston was down right evil and disrespectful to B. Brown for making him feel as if he had not been a part of Whitney's life for over 15 years!!! How despicable! My heart ached for him and Whitney... And as for Al Sharpton's slicked to the back greasy hair self... Why in the hell would he even tweet about B. Brown, how is that relevant? Why would he want to announce that. Folk can be so ugly. He should not have tweeted that at all. He just wanted to start drama and have something to be interviewed about. Dirty, just dirty Cissy and Al! Evil!!!!!

941 days ago

Know All Ur facts TMZ    

I agree 100% with this comment......and folks stop the judging of B. Brown let the man be......"It amazes me that TMZ can always report on misinformation and try to paint Bobby Brown in such a negative light. First and foremost, the entourage that they have referenced were Whitney's stepchildren, and people that she knew for more than 15 years of her life. In fact, Whitney performed at Bobby Brown's mother's funeral less than a year ago, so obviously she was fond of the Brown family. Secondly, according to Reverends Jackson and Sharpton who saw what occurred, they said that Bobby was nothing but respectful when he stepped into the church. he paid his respects at Whitney's casket and went to set in the Family section. Some idiot from the church, funeral home, or distant relative told him to move, and then told him that they could not accommodate his family. He wanted to set next to he and Whitney's only child together, and as her father he should have been seated next to her. People complain so much about black men not stepping up to the fatherhood plate, and the you castigate him when he does. So instead of causing a scene, he decided to leave. And from all accounts, they believed that Bobby could have been seated with his family and children, Whitney's step children, and Bobbi Kris' siblings. So for the love of God, stop with the bull TMZ. As Whitney always said you all cannot believe that she married a man like Bobby Brown instead of Kevin Costner, but that is who she loved and spent 15 years of her life with. Give it up!"

941 days ago


Riiiight. If it's all about Whitney, why the hell is he tweeting AT A FUNERAL. That's disrespectful.

941 days ago


He couldn't never stand the fact that she was more famous than him, even at her dead. Bobby Brown was , he is and he will be always a loser.

941 days ago


Bobbi Kristina is 18 years old if she had asked or requested Bobby to sit next to her I'm sure he would have been seated there. Bobby should have just sucked it, instead of leaving like he did. I think he would have gotten alot more sympathy by staying where ever they sat him or however he says he was treated than by just walking out.

941 days ago


Why is Rev Al Sharpton tweeting from a Funeral?? Such a s***bag.

941 days ago


bobby brown you are a piece of ****..pick your friends above your sad

941 days ago


hello bobby it was wrong the way they treated you i know you and whitney been through a hold lot i really belive whitney forgive you and she will away love you, no one can not judge you but only god you keep your heard up high you did handle it in the right way for the repect of your ex wife you hang in there and trust in god

941 days ago


We need to stop blaming him for Whitney's down fall. The fact is they both battled drug addiction. He got clean and I pray this doesn't make him slip. You CANNOT make a person stop an addiction if they are not ready. As Jennifer Holiday stated "Whitney's drug abuse started before she met Bobby".

941 days ago


We need to learn to FORGIVE. His and his children's rightful place should have been with his daughter. Regardless of what the family think, his daughter needs him. I always saw pictures of him kissing and hugging his daughter. Just for that day differences should have been placed aside to accommodate him. He did the most respectful and mature thing to do and that was to leave. Which others could have been more respectful.

941 days ago

hana tedla    


940 days ago


Im sure glad this crap is finally comeing to a close !

940 days ago

Elijah J. Gordon    

did bobby brown bring someone, future wife to Whitney Hustons funeral?

924 days ago


i think bobby brown deals with sadness in his own way and hes the only one that new whitney and bobby brown. went through alot in his life and no one should juge him your loyal fan alison.

919 days ago
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