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Whitney Houston Funeral

Casket Under LOCKDOWN

Until Burial

2/18/2012 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The casket of Whitney Houston.
The casket of Whitney Houston will be heavily guarded until the burial Sunday morning, with a whopping 10 security guards tasked with keeping watch on it ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the casket will be kept at the cemetery until tomorrow's burial ... but will be well-protected until then.

We're told the family will get an opportunity to see Whitney one more time between now and tomorrow morning.  

Today's funeral service featured touching testimonials by Kevin Costner and Clive Davis, among others.


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977 days ago

who cares    

praise satan he is cleaning up society since god can't, and teaching valuable lessons to those he hasn't taken as of yet.

977 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....I respect religion...this is the other thing I don't get..she is not in heaven...she is in a casket...will be buried 6ft under earths soil..and left there too turn too everything else buried that was once living and't mean any disrespect btw too those whom believe you are in heaven having a wonderful time...nor do i believe evil people go too hell..they just die empty with they lived

977 days ago


Uh oh. Rihanna not only invited Chris Brown to her birthday party, she's working with him on a new song in the studio for her new album. Sounds like trouble to me.

For those who don't remember, Chris Brown is the musician who used to date Rihanna about 3 years ago. He beat the living hell out of her on the night before the Grammy awards in 2009. He threatened to kill Rihanna and could have ended up doing it for real.

Rihanna better not even think about dating Chris Brown again. Some of these guys that beat their girlfriends or wives aren't easily rehabilitated. They have "anger management" issues in general like Mel Gibson. Remember Mel's rants a year or so ago?

Wives that keep going back to the hubby or girlfriend who beats them often end up with serious injuries or in a casket like Whitney. People like Nicole Brown Simpson ... the wife of O.J. Simpson. O.J. killed her and a guy she was friends with because of pure jealousy and anger over the end of their marriage. He nearly cut their heads off with a "ninja knife". O.J. might have been high on cocaine that night. That stuff can make anyone crazy. At least O.J. got what he deserved and he's in prison now.

All Rihanna did to upset Chris Brown enough to severely beat her was complain to him about one of his old girlfriends texting him about a "hook up" or something.

977 days ago


All the people that spoke @ the funeral the only people tmx single out was clive Davis & Kevin costner the only two white people that spoke I find that interesting

977 days ago


Why do celebrities need a televised funeral and why is her death so important?

977 days ago


They should have had all those security folks watching her when she was left alone for an hour in the bathroom

977 days ago


They should have had all those security folks watching her when she was left alone for an hour in the bathroom

977 days ago


How come fat Oprah didn't go? Too busy stuffing her face or too good for the gangland neighborhood where this funeral took place?

977 days ago


RIP my fav of all time the best singer ever. Whitney merci pour tout je t 'aimerais toujours. La plus grande et la Classe

977 days ago


I love Mr. Costner speech, it was eloquent & heartfelt. R.I.P. Whitney E. Houston. Your Voice, your style & grace will be truly missed. Now you have the freedom to share your gifts with God & his Angels. Spread your wings & Soar~ There will never be another like you. This was a wonderful homecoming service!

977 days ago

Roy Thomas    

Someone wrote, "Whitney is in heaven, she was very very beautiful, talented and, obviously a kind soul". It takes more than being, beautiful, talented and, a kind soul to get to heaven.

977 days ago


My heart weeps for all of those who are so full of hatred. The comments on here are BEYOND tacky and disrespectful. It's one thing to have an opinion but most of the posters are just miserable in their own lives and make it clear in how they speak of others they know nothing about. R.I.P Ms. Houston. God is the judge and the jury. His say is all that matters.....

977 days ago


hahahaa what they think shes gonna jump out of her coffen and hide from her fans

977 days ago

get real    

showed the hearse taking her back to funeral home? How is she at cemetary? Why did theyt take her back to funeral home?
When did she go to
cemetary? Photos TMZ?

977 days ago
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