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Whitney Houston Funeral

The Complete Program

2/18/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A complete copy of the program handed out during funeral of Whitney Houston.
TMZ has obtained a complete copy of the program handed out during Whitney Houston's funeral today in Newark, NJ.

The program contains dozens of photos of Whitney -- from when she was a baby, through her chart-topping days and beyond. 

Kevin Costner, Clive Davis, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder were among those that spoke and sung during the service. 

As TMZ previously reported, Bobby Brown showed up at the church, but was turned away because he wasn't allowed to bring his nine-person entourage into the church with him.



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Hi can you provide a link to print the funeral program pls?

875 days ago


And there is one selling on eBay already for $1300 last I checked, 48 bids. People are whacked.

875 days ago

patsy mueller    


875 days ago


here is the link to the eBay auction for the Whitney funeral program. Disgraceful.

875 days ago


there was very little mention of her daughter, I saw no pictures in the program. I don't judge, but I do believe the coverage was over the top. Our men and women in uniform are our true heroes!!! Bobby should have been there, regardless of what happened in the past! They loved each other and have a daughter together.

875 days ago


TMZ get your facts straight. Bobby Brown showed up with 3 of his children, not an entourage of 9. He showed nothing but respect for Whitney's Homegoing, and security treated him and his family poorly, after their having been invited. Kudos and well wishing prayers to you Bobby and your children. You handled a very uncomfortable situation with a great deal of respect and restraint.

875 days ago


This was a beautiful homegoing service, as Whitney professed Jesus as her savior. She was a human being who had her faults/imperfections/shortcomings. God was glorified and Whitney was celebrated by her loved ones. No show, no concert, this is was a REAL homegoing celebration! So for those of you who DON'T know, NOW YA KNOW!!!!

875 days ago


Such a beautiful photo of her! RIP Whitney.

875 days ago


I think it is rather presumtive to call the people with Bobby Brown his entourage. If you look at the photos he appears to have brought Bobbi Kristina's siblings and his family members with him. Yes, he should have read the invitation and shown up alone but geeeaaash, how much will people beat up on him. Family is not an entourage-it is family. I am not a big fan of Bobby Brown, but I can say to treat him so badly at this time is awful. He was after all married to Whitney Houston for 15 years and he is Bobbi Kristina's father. I think it is awful for the media to report that he showed up red-eyed and had the nerve to put it in quotes. I know what they are trying to insinuate. It is wrong to do that at this time. He is saddened by the loss of Whitney just like the rest of the family and the world. Give him a break so he can mourn and be there for Bobbi Kristina too.

875 days ago


Wow, Donald Trump sponsored an ad in Whitney's funeral program? THAT's shrewd business sense!

875 days ago


† We come in the name of Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of Yahweh. We have asked Our Father to give us the words to speak of one, Whitney Houston. It was truly refreshing to see the faith and Spirit which was present at the New Hope Baptist Church. A new hope is what we seek in which was in abundance with His flock at the gathering of the rebirth of Whitney. We have been refreshed as well by the Power of the Holy Spirit which lives in all of us.
Our Father searches the minds and hearts of everyone, as He has looked upon Whitney, and found the love, beauty, and faith in a continual state within her heart. His love is so great, the decision was made, to uplift Whitney to a higher level. The harvest can come at any hour, and at any time. Whitney was ready and Our Master knew this full well. Seeing that her heart was already prepared, full of love, and caring, the redemption was truly originated to uplift Whitney's soul.
Even though many rewards were bestowed upon Whitney on this earth, Our Father saved the seventh and final achievement as being reserved unto the crown of righteousness for Whitney. This is the greatest gift of love which Our Father has promised those whom follow after Him. We shall truly miss the beauty, the hope, and the light which Whitney brought to this earth, given by One to her, as it pleased Him.
Our hearts shall be with Whitney always, for we shall always love her, as she loved us. We thank Reverend Joe and the choir, for there is much faith which remains. As Jesus has said, Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Words shall never pass away.
Whitney's work was compete by the standards of Our Father as her heart remained in unity with One.

875 days ago


Beautiful service. Nobody does a homegoing service like my people.

Bobby needs to get his **** together and be there for his daughter. I don't want to hear about her on TMZ in the future.

Whitney's family need to drop the old stuff with Bobby and let that man be there for his daughter.

I don't get it...Whitney's daughter is an adult. How can the family keep her from seeing Bobby? They can't...legally.

875 days ago


What a beautiful service. She was talked about and loved by many. Those of you who have the negativity to say are so hateful. The woman isn't even in the ground yet. After this comment I will not post on TMZ on anything Whitney Houston any longer. I paid my respects by watching a lovely service by the family. I was angry on the news of Bobby and his children not being allowed to stay. But those ppl will have their day. As well as you all..



875 days ago


1984 i remember our house didnt catch fire but smoked my room pretty bad what woke me up was Whitney Houston on the radio no smoke alarms went off just her voice i dont post comments on anything or watch television like that but i fel i had to i bought 2 of her albums in my lifetime wasnt always screaming Whitney loved her in BodyGaurd,Preachers Wife and Waiting to Exhale thought she was crazy funny on Being Bobby Brown at times and never met her but i cant stop thinking of her like i lost a family member or a true friend which is crazy to me and people with thier silly comments just dont make sense but the ignorant does that to everyone and everything they have no life and are just looking for approval from someone but she was human we all have some type of situation but regardless of what they say Whitney was my angel that night our house didnt burn and she will be missed by me but surely never forgotten she was a good person i feel

874 days ago


For all of you who continue to focus on her shortcomings.I read some where that ALL of sinned.However you stone throwers are only showing your ignorance and hatred.Why??? Because satan is the accusers of the bretheren.Oh thats whats up devils.

874 days ago
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