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'Bad Ass' Bobby Brown

From the Funeral to the Stage

2/19/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Bobby Brown made a brief appearance and then bailed at Whitney Houston's funeral ... he showed up to perform with New Edition in Connecticut ... and stayed.

Bobby has performed numerous times since Whitney's passing, the first time just hours after she died

Bobby gave another shout-out to Whitney and again referred to himself as ... "bad ass Bobby Brown."

Still classy as ever.



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956 days ago

Give it a rest!!!    

Did any of you stop and think that this might be his way of dealing with her death??? He may have treated her badly but that doesn't mean he didn't love her!!!

956 days ago

Ms anthony    

Oh man TMZ your at it again. This man has been clean from drugs for 4 yrs and is the ex husband of whitneyand father of her daughter. Him and her ex stepchildren were invited to the "home going" and its not there fault if the seating was a mess. I think its sad that bobbi's half sister and brothers had to be moved around so much. They have bobbi kris's blood in them. I say shame on this family for making sure they were not accomidated. One more thing "Bad Ass Bobbie Brown" is it true that is what whitney called him? (Her nickname for him)Why not give us the truth? Someone was in charge and someone screwed up big time because of pure evil.

956 days ago


I agree with #3. He is contractually obligated to perform -- or be sued and give the money back!
I'm sure if he could, or if he could afford to, he would be at he burial.

956 days ago


He has a job to do. He hasn't been married to Whitney for 5 years. There is nothing wrong with going to work and making a living.

956 days ago

Uncle BERNIE    


956 days ago


How or Why did a beautiful and talented woman like Whitney Houston , marry such an ugly and untalented man like Brown.I mean this dude is ugly and sadly their young daughter was unfortunate to get her looks from him. .......RIP W.H.

956 days ago

Trix LaRue    

Good lord people....give this guy a break. He has not done one thing wrong since she passed away. He has had to put up with quite a lot of nasty talk about him. He's got his life on track. Good for him. Leave him alone.

956 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

While I utterly dislike "Azz Clown Bobby Brown", what is he supposed to do? Cancel concerts or the whole tour and eat losses, refunds and contractual penalties because his ex-wife of years ago couldn't handle her liquor and meds? Not address her passing on stage in any way?

He should try to take care of his daughter but she seems to decidedly refuse to even see him, so that is that...

956 days ago


He went to her funeral to show his respect for her. Cut him some slack, why don't you? I've never even heard this guy sing, his music has NO appeal for me whatsoever and no, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I do know a little about trying to show last respects for a loved one and being made to feel like an outcast. I honestly felt bad for him because of the way he was treated at her funeral, he wasn't even allowed to approach his own daughter, he was stopped by security. Seriously? They owe HIM an apology.

956 days ago


Bobby Brown is a distasteful human being

956 days ago


I just laugh at how some persons tout in one instance that Whitney was a strong woman and then in the next instance blame Bobby Brown for her substance abuse issues, claiming he 'influenced' her.

She was doing drugs BEFORE Bobby Brown, people!

Not to mention the fact that as an ADULT, she was quite able to make her own decisions.

Whitney did drugs because SHE wanted to. Her mother and others tried numerous times to get her to stop, but SHE didn't want to.

Attempting to pin her downfall on Bobby Brown is an act of 'scapegoating'. He's the easiest target to aim at since it appears that some persons don't want to believe that the great Whitney Houston was unable to control her addiction.

One person is ULTIMATELY responsible for her death - Whitney Houston. That's a harsh pill to swallow (no pun intended), especially when one looks at how talented she was, but that is a FACT!

956 days ago


still can't believe she's gone, Whitney had the looks, the voice, the hits, till she hooked up with Bobby Brown.

956 days ago


Get the damn story straight who are your pitiful sources..real news sources have told what really happened. Bobby left quietly as he should have considering what had gone on.

956 days ago


Glad to see he was able to perform at the concert. Hate the way he was treated yesterday at Whitney's funeral.

RIP Whitney

956 days ago
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