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'Bad Ass' Bobby Brown

From the Funeral to the Stage

2/19/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Bobby Brown made a brief appearance and then bailed at Whitney Houston's funeral ... he showed up to perform with New Edition in Connecticut ... and stayed.

Bobby has performed numerous times since Whitney's passing, the first time just hours after she died

Bobby gave another shout-out to Whitney and again referred to himself as ... "bad ass Bobby Brown."

Still classy as ever.



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I'm sure that her family did not make it easy, they only let him be at the funeral because it looked bad if they didn't "invite" him. When he did show up they again made things worse. He was no longer married to her, their daughter is considered an adult. He does not have an obligation to her as they were divorced.

I can tell you I would not go to my ex's funeral.

It's time to stop sensationalizing all of this. Every news site and every other site I go to has Whitney Houston all over it. She was an addict to the end. It's sad she is gone, but that's just it she is gone.

980 days ago


I am no particular fan of Bobby Brown but TMZ has so misrepresented him with regard to Whitney Houston's funeral that it sounds libelous. TMZ knows what happened and has done nothing to correct it and has left it up so long that the damage is done. Many have posted correcting the story so it sounds like TMZ is doing this deliberately which makes it sound more libelous.

980 days ago


Bobby Brown is a douchebag.

980 days ago


He's broke. Leave the Brother alone.

980 days ago


What was he suppose to do???? Go have a pity party and close up in a room somewhere??? I commend him for yesterday. Idle time is the devil's workshop so Im glad he had something to take his mind off of the day's events. Life goes on and he is continuing to MOVE ON!!! Just like MAJORITY of the negative world does but since they're not followed around, noone can see their crap. Kudos Bobby!!!!! I lean on God to turn negative into positive so Plz check dislike as many times as u please! I welcome it!

980 days ago

Jake Johnson    

This ******* gives *******s everywhere a bad name.....

Regardless of the mistakes you made, RIP Whitney

980 days ago

Mary Ann    

He should have just sat his bad ass down!

Bobby had nothing to do with Whitney's demons...she is responsible for herself.

980 days ago


And yet she destroyed herself while the "pitiful clown" is alive. Maybe he'll write a tell-all and we'll finally find out who the real perp was. Hating Bobby Brown won't bring back Whitney's voice. That was Whitney's fault, loves.

980 days ago


So sad that Whitney is gone.

980 days ago


I think that TMZ went to far making jokes about Whitney Houston's death.
We are all very sad, and they are not funny!

980 days ago


For a family in denial, Bobby Brown makes a great object of blame and punching bag. So much easier than looking in the mirror!

980 days ago


This is horrible of me to say, but I cheered when she divorced him and was pretty sure he would OD at some point, making certain Whitney was free of him and Bobby Krista would never have to deal with him again. SO sad that he is now left with this monster as her only living parent.

980 days ago


The media really needs to stop blaming Bobby. That man is in just as much pain as the rest of Whitney's family. His "entourage" that he brought to the funeral with him were his other children. For years Whitney was their stepmom. They were all a family. To deny Bobbi the right to see his daughter in that church....I can't even imagine. And then to allow a thousand people in that church, but not even have a set place for Bobby and his family to sit....that's crazy. Everyone who knew her is grieving and now is definitely not the time to be messy. My thought and prayers are with them all.

980 days ago


What a looser. You guys give him too much attention. Hes STILL trying to make a buck off of Whitney. Even in her death.

980 days ago

Mike Young    

A young woman from a sheltered background that hooked up with a person that brought a certain excitement to her life that led her down the wrong path and destroyed a career that could have been one of the greatest...too bad, I loved her voice...

980 days ago
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