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Kim Kardashian

The World's Most

Expensive Gym Bag

2/19/2012 12:40 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and her Hermes Birkin
When Kim Kardashian goes to workout her million dollar booty, she doesn't just throw her sweaty rags in any old duffel -- she carries the world's most highly coveted handmade leather purse ... the Hermes Birkin.

Kim left a Beverly Hills gym on Thursday holding a black Birkin, which can cost anywhere from $9k to about $150k ... just ask Rick Yune​.

She's one bougie bag lady.


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Girl is useless!

986 days ago

John 8:32    


There's an incredible Racists radio station here in the city of Los Angeles. That's been getting worse and worse over the years... A large amount of the host and employees on this station are Jewish. Probably why T M Z is not announcing, nor covering this incident... nevertheless you can be damn sure this is a major development.

Los Angeles radio station has pulled two popular white talk radio hosts off the air for comments they made about Whitney Houston. KFI A.M. 640 suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the "John and Ken Show," for "making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston," they said in a statement Thursday. "Management does not condone, support or tolerate statements of this kind," the station said. According to audio posted online at, the hosts called the late singer a "crack ho" and said she was "cracked out for 20 years. "This LA-based radio station 640 kfi A.M. is one of those 24 hour conservative... shock jock goody-two-shoes... type radio stations. That even showcase Rush Limbaugh... In the morning hours, and an arrogant male talk show hosts also attorney Bill Handel (Jewish). The station is geared toward white conservative America... and tries to represent that kind of narrow-minded mindset, throughout their 24 hours of talk show entertainment. All bundled up and disguise, As just your simple down to earth all American radio station, Their slogan More Stimulating Radio.

Because Ronald Reagan helped suspend the fairness doctrine regarding rules and guidelines of fairness in talk radio stations... but, unfortunately conservative conglomerates Such as good old Disney... have purchased up most of the radio stations where there's no longer any fairness in radio... this station would be the same as Fox TV for instance. They talk about our president like a dog... they talk about minorities like dogs, especially blacks and Hispanics... literally every day they have some incredibly nasty comments to make about our mayor of the city of Los Angeles... basically because he's a Democrat and a Hispanic. This station tries to maintain a format...which consists of almost entirely male talk show host... with a few token female as assistant hosts, in the background... that do mainly giggling and laughing and just generally agreeing with the white male talk show hosts.

The two talk show hosts that were suspended, their names are John and Ken they come on every day around 2 P.M. in the city of Los Angeles... in the daytime Monday through Saturday. They regularly... complain about any type of minority incident especially Hispanics or blacks... which makes for good ratings, and keeps the listener-ship on board, that they're trying to reach. They have thousands and thousands of complaints against these two talk show hosts and against the radio station... regarding the tactics and the racist attitude this station maintains. To top that off... on Thursday nights, one of the stations talk show hosts by the name of Tim Conway Junior... that's right the son of the famous Tim Conway the comedian, has a show that comes on during the week, in the evening's... which maintains that same philosophy of narrow-mindedness and constantly pushing the conservative agenda. On Thursday nights he has a show which he calls "What the hell did Jesse Jackson say!" Where for over an hour callers call in to guess from audio clips played over the air... what Jesse Jackson actually said in the audio clip. The show is racist as hell... now please don't take my word for any of this... I want you to please go on the station's website. You can download the different talk show hostess previous shows :


I personally believe... John and Ken should not be allowed on the station anymore. Furthermore I believe that the radio station is quite aware of the antics by these two trolls... and with a wink and a nod condone it... because they're very good for ratings. If you believe as I do please, please contact the station...

Contact the programming director :

"Tell him not to bring the show back!"


Tell John and Ken what you really think :

(( JOHNKEN640@KFI640.COM ))

Tim Conway Jr. show : who talks bad about the Kardashians on a regular basis as well.



"Bible says, we should always speak truth to each other."

986 days ago



986 days ago



986 days ago


When she has the bag it's called the HERPES Birkin!

986 days ago


That was the ugliest bag i've ever seen.

986 days ago


That's no Gym she's exiting. It's a front for her Plastic Surgeon's office. And that's just Kim's "doctor bag". Full of takehome/upkeep fat (ass) injections.

986 days ago


And she wonders why people hate her. She is in our face and flaunting her wealth that came from nothing more then a sex tape and a ridiculous reality show. How many poor little children could she have bought a lunch ticket at school for with the price of that ugly bag? It's just a piece of leather and funny how the some of the poorest people have the same Louis V. and Hermes "knockoff's". Nothing original about it.

986 days ago


Ho money

986 days ago

Fat Mike    

That gym's not working too well. Someone's looking a little tubby.

986 days ago


Disgusting woman she could saved thousands of children's life's with that money she spent on that stupid, ugly bag. I know its her own money but spending that kind of money on a bag is actually pathetic and stupid. I thought this whore was going back to Haiti to help those children just another lie. All the things she was doing was just for publicity and damage control like serving dinner on thanksgiving. This woman makes me sick.

986 days ago


Viable V,Thank You for that comment! Made me laugh! Sooo funny, sooo true! She's a total skank!

986 days ago


You mean : S***-BAG

986 days ago


She likes her purses like she likes her men...big and black. That said I wonder if she caries extra bottles of urine in there for her after workout showers? Dear TMZ, I know it's hard but it's time to move on to the next "it" girl because the Kardashians are not it. Yeah they probably pay you to keep them in the cycle but it's old already and I have a good feeling their fifteen minutes is coming up very soon. I rather hear about a dead Whitney than a live Kim anytime.

986 days ago


It looks like a plain black tote,I would give maybe 30 bucks for! Justify that price tag!

986 days ago
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