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Kim Kardashian

The World's Most

Expensive Gym Bag

2/19/2012 12:40 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and her Hermes Birkin
When Kim Kardashian goes to workout her million dollar booty, she doesn't just throw her sweaty rags in any old duffel -- she carries the world's most highly coveted handmade leather purse ... the Hermes Birkin.

Kim left a Beverly Hills gym on Thursday holding a black Birkin, which can cost anywhere from $9k to about $150k ... just ask Rick Yune​.

She's one bougie bag lady.


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Is Kim and her ugly sisters disliking all the comments that are facts about them? or is it the pathetic, stupid fans that look up to these whores doing it? This woman is pure TRASH. I dont care how much cash shes got she will always be a cheap, dirty, slag. Who the hell would would wanna look up to her because if you do you need serious help. The only people that would wanna look up to her are wannabe porn stars. Also to the person saying "if you dont like them dont read about them" well if this slut is gonna be pushed down are throats every minute we have a right to express are opinion and say what we want. This is a woman who was so obsessed with fame that she lowered herself and made a sex-tape and leaked it thats not someone that doesn't want to be talked about. She has a "reality" show where her and her trashy families life is on show for the whole world to see and they tell their personal life to magazines and newspapers. If she doesn't like people talking about her then she should just go away and nobody reads the stories about her anyway we post comments to say how disgusting they all are. Shes not a celebrity and doesn't and shouldn't be getting all this attention.

915 days ago


Ewww. Looks like she's got Man Hands!

915 days ago


I see only one SC*MBAG

915 days ago


How many people could be many lives could be changed for one million dollars ?! How many Hermes, etc., bags and baubles have the the fans bought Kim ?!

915 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Her face looks like a monkey's

915 days ago


First, who the F cares? No one. Second, she's got a fat ass, it's not attractive in the least. Third, it's time for her to go away and be out of the public eye period. is that her mommy behind her who always has to be telling her what to do?

915 days ago


1. She has a big fat a-s-s.
2. She's hairy
3. She walks like she has a dirty diaper on.
4. She has no talent.
5. No white man will ever be with her.
6. She's Armenian
All the money and material objects can make her happy. The pig is walking misery so don't be fooled thinking that anyone in her family is happy.

915 days ago

not surprised    

Poor Kim, she had to be so depressed this past week not seeing her name spashed all over the news. She is probably so angry at Whitney for being in the spotlight, that she had to purchase this pricey bag and get her PR team to photo shoot her with it. It's all better now Kim, you are here on the front page again. We are all glad your back because we've missed watching you make a complete ass of yourself trying to get people to change their opinion of you. Let me tell you something, all the PR in the world will never repair your skank ass reputation. You and your family are disliked and always will be. You have no one to blame but yourselves for all the hatred directed at you. You live like a bunch of untamed animals. The K-Trash Klan is what is wrong with society today. I'm sure as I speak your PR team is working overtime to get another useless story out today. Kim, I think you should stay out of the cameras today and sit down and read some of these comments, maybe then you will realize that you are failing miserably at trying to be something your not. You are all making fools of yourselves. We pity you and the more you try to stay on the front pages, the more backlash you will get. Are you really that stupid that you enjoy this? Most of us would go crawl under a rock if we were hated as much as you. What don't you get?

915 days ago


I have seen similar bags at K-Mart or Walmart for around 20 dollars, of course its not leather but who cares. She is just a show off and can't resist the urge to show how rich she is as often as she can. Loser

915 days ago


That is not her mother behind her. Her mother would not wear those clothes or sunglasses.

I doubt she has sweaty clothes in there. She looks like she has on the same thing she would have worked out in.

She is ridiculous.

915 days ago

John T.    

Everyone at the pre grammy party was laughing at her behind her back , calling her a slut , her dress just covered her fake implant nipples. . Only a whore would show up dressed like that. Pure trash.

915 days ago


$150k gym bag and she still has a fat cellulite ass.

915 days ago


Her and her Birkin bags, doesn't she have more than one?

915 days ago


She looks like the octomom in that pic.

915 days ago


Even if I could afford a bag of that price, I would NOT buy it. Its RIDICULOUS!!! What a crock of shi*t. This Kardouchian family is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I *****ING HATE These people.

915 days ago
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