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Bobby Brown

Won't Drag Lawyers

Into Bobbi Kristina Dispute

2/19/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_BOBBI_BOBBICHRISTINA_WHITNEY_EX2_GETTYBobby Brown has been battling with Whitney Houston's family over seeing his daughter ever since Whitney passed away last week ... but Bobby won't turn this into a legal battle ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the New Edition singer tell TMZ ... Bobby really wants to be there for Bobbi Kristina, but does not want to make the situation more stressful for her than it already is.

We're told Bobby was very upset with how he was treated at Whitney's funeral yesterday and feels her family should be as considerate to him as his family was to Whitney when Bobby's mother passed away last year.

According to our sources, Bobby won't bring lawyers into the situation and, as one source said, he feels "this sort of thing you let the higher power handle."



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like the Jacksons blamed Dr. Murray.



941 days ago

Just Saying    

The Houston family and the Jackson family have much in common when their children die - power and money - both Whitney and Michael are probably rolling in their graves! It always comes out in the wash who the "good ones" are and who the "bad ones" are.... Both surviving families should be ashamed of themselves. Too bad the dead cannot speak.

941 days ago

Marcia Manzello    

Yeah right! He is not turning this a legal battle because she not longer a minor - otherwise, that attention whore Bobby Brow, would be allover Bobbi Kristina and her money. Simple as that.

941 days ago

Craig Swinson    

Isn't she 18 years old? Can't she do what she wants?

941 days ago


Bobby Brown was classy in which he handled the Houston Family ignorance. The Houston Family made an @ss of themselves and the preacher seemed like he was auditioning for Clive Davis..... Other than the Preacher and the Houston family, everyone else was a class act. No wonder Whitney was so screwed up.... she was surrounded by phony Christian vultures!!!

941 days ago


"The Family" wants to protect BK from Bobby? ROFLMAO!, No, they want to control Whitney's estate through her only heir so they can continue to get a free ride off Whitney's money like they did when she was alive. Where has "The Family" been since BK has been out of control for the past few years and she is now only 18 years old?

I'll tell you where...Not giving a rats fat ass! that where!

941 days ago

Jenny Riley    

The Houston family is a despicable, sorry, sad, excuse for humans and the worst example of Christians I've ever seen. Bobby Kristiana is following in their footsteps, she should be ashamed of herself for disrespecting her father the way she did. Bobby Brown has more class in one finger than that whole Houston klan put together. What is more sickening than the Houston family is that media made this funeral into a national tragedy. Whitney did not deserve this much attention, she was a has-been, she made one movie, one hit song and was more famous for her drug use than anything else. She gave nothing to this world except she sang the National Anthem better than anyone else. Bobby Kristina's drug enabler grandmother is going to make sure that BK turns out like Whitney, dead from drug and alcohol abuse so she can keep all BK's money to herself. The fact that Brown got himself together after they broke-up shows you that it was Whitney who was the bad influence on Brown and it was Whitney and the Houston family's fault that Whitney is dead. Good luck BK, you are going to need it being in that fake family.

941 days ago


why show a photo of her at like 11 years old? she is 19 years old..perfectly capable of deciding if she wants a relationship with her dad

941 days ago


2 reasons he's not hiring a lawyer. First is he cannot afford one and second is she's 18-considered an adult and there's nothing he can do.

941 days ago


Um...she is 18 years old. She is an adult. If she wants to see him, no one can stop her.

941 days ago


Since Bobbi K is already a drug abuser, will the family use its isolation of Bobby in their intervention on Bobbi K? Nah, they'll probably just sit back and watch her kill herself just like they did with the girl's mother. But better cut that horrible Bobby Brown out of her life, right?

941 days ago


The good thing is that Bobbi Kristina is no longer a minor and subject to his control and poor decision making. I hope that Whitney's true friends embraceand support her daughter for many years to come.

941 days ago


This is a grown woman of 18 years of age. What lawyers and about what? TMZ at least point out that she is 18, and this is nonsense. Where is Harvey?

941 days ago


He said what? boy STFU you dont have any rights. She is an adult. His broke ass has a new son who needs diapers and things. He has no money to waste on stupid lawsuits.

941 days ago


his family was considerate to whitney when HIS mother passed. excuse me who wouldn't want whitney at their mothers funeral after they were divoriced for years. shows she was the more adult. he was told he could bring 2 people and of course it was supposed to be all about him so he brought a baseball team of people and then when they were told to get lost he lost face and had to act stupid to look good in front of them. glad they did it he is and will always be an azzhole and his tribute to whitney right after the funeral he sends out props to his fiance in the same breath as he loves whitney. can't wait for this story to go away so he won't still be getting any media because of whitney. jerk.

941 days ago
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