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Whitney Houston

Laid to Rest

2/19/2012 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery.

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.

Houston was laid to rest next to her father, John Russell Houston, who died in 2003. The burial was a small "family only" affair and not the star-studded event that yesterday's moving funeral service was.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney's casket was heavily protected since the funeral yesterday ... with nearly 10 security guards working in shifts to keep it guarded.

Houston passed away back on February 11. A cause of death has yet to be determined.



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"This IS the Apocalypse. I am the Psychic who specializes in Reincarnation and Past Lives. I've done verifiable Past Life readings for Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Sarah Palin, John Lennon, Princess Diana and many others. Recently I wrote TMZ about what I know about Whitney Houston and who she was in her remarkable Past Life. I want to share it with all those who fell in love with her. Whitney was none other than the Legendary Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who came to life and Incarnated now, because like many others I've done readings for, Whitney belongs to that Group of Original Architects, composed of kings, queens, emperors, saints, presidents and generals, who built, created and influenced Western Civilization, which all of you must realize by now is coming to a close. Whitney (Aphrodite) was the daughter of Dion and Zeus. Conceived violently "under water" after an attack on the King of the Gods, in a parallel event she died "under water" (seen doing handstands by the pool at her hotel) bringing her life on this plane full circle. Dionne Warwick was Aphrodite's mother Dion. Zeus being the God of War, Dion(ne's) last name became WARwick. Truth. Greek Legend describes Aphrodite in detail, including her gold filigree girdle--belt--and as having many sons by various Spiritual male lovers (we are all Spirits when we return to the Other SIde after physical death, in our dreams, astrally--this shouldn't be news to you either). Thus in this her subsequent Incarnation she desperately wanted a daughter, which she has, called Bobbi Kristina, enjoying her immensely, as you'll witness by the news feeds. As everyone knows, Whitney was no ordinary woman, but spectacular in her physique, her beauty and her profoundly forceful voice--leading the charge for all women--I AM EVERY WOMAN--as only Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus, could. What is even more amazing is that Whitney, like other powerful entities such as Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, chose to Incarnate African American, or Black, to pay deference and Kharmic tribute to that essential and important class of people called Slaves, who with no status or power, nonetheless were critical and invaluable to the construction of Western Civilization, and without whom it could not have been built. Truth. With all this in mind, now go and review Whitney's music and performances. Observe her goddess-like clothing, metal neck torques (women call "chokers" today), her warrior outfit in THE BODYGUARD, her statuesque physique, her powerful voice and constant streaming about Love. The voice of Aphrodite, Daughter of Zeus. For this IS the Apocalypse."

985 days ago


Kim, 143, how do you know if all the posters are white, black, green, or yellow. Your comments were nothing but rude, but above all just plain stupid.

985 days ago


Some of you on hear make my stomach turn. Your behavior is really disgusting. If you have no interest in the coverage, stop reading about it, stop posting about and turn off the tv. It's not that hard but to come on for the sole purpose of trashing a dead person (no matter who it is) says more about you than who you're commenting on. You may want to examine yourselves and ask why it is you feel the need to make yourselves be better by kicking a dog when it's down. What next...snatching a bottle of milk from a newborn, or kicking the cane from under and old lady.

985 days ago


I am so TIRED of hearing about Whitney Houston. Yes, it is sad that she died but it's done and over with so move on. Yes, she was a great singer and not many people can compare to her but I dont feel sorry for anybody that throws away that kind of talent for drugs. She wasted her life away on drugs and thats how she lost her life. Nobody talked or cared about her at all until she died. So instead of every channel on TV being dedicated to her and praising her like she was a saint, how about they show some real news. Like, the fact that our country is falling apart. And instead of focusing on yet another drug addict's death, why dont they ever show the deaths of our soliders that fight every day for us in the news?

985 days ago


Finally she is in peace

985 days ago


Now that the druggie has been planted, can we pls get back to what Rihanna isnt wearing, useless stories about that weight watchers toad, Lindsay, "baby mamas", rappers that kill or dont pay their taxes or child support or get arrested for drugs, oh and yes Zsa Zsa or useless Kim K updates!?!

985 days ago


Exactly where was her body being guarded? If it was at the cemetery, then why is the hearse going to the cemetery? Don't they have some kind of security system at the funeral home? TMZ, I believe you're lying about these guards.

985 days ago


Wow! You idiots complain "I'm tired of hearing about Whitney" yet you take the time to read the article and post a comment.........HYPOCRITES!!! Whitney has accomplished more in her short time than you racist pigs will ever accomplish in your life. Whitney has even made more money deceased and she has given to charities and all you losers can do is piss and moan about her being covered in the news. She has only been dead for 8 days! You people suck! I'm glad I was raised better than you were.

985 days ago


well - unfortunatley, whitney hasn't made any money since she passed - in order for an artist to make royalties, they need to write or produce their music, when your just the singer you don't make any money when your songs play on the radio, tv, etc - and whitney never did that and the news tonight said 2 of her homes are in forclosure - so i'm not sure what's gonna happen :(

985 days ago


Thankgod it's over...The media just ran this story into the ground. Sorry, after last Sunday I had to leave all my TV's off in my home. MEDIA COMA.

985 days ago

Marcia Manzello    

Eyes closed and hands shaking, R&B star R. Kelly stood at the pulpit of the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark with a microphone in his hand. He leaned all the way back and turned his face heavenward, as if to catch something descending from above, and then, supported by the combined might of two gospel choirs, sang "I Look to You," a song of submission to God he wrote for Whitney Houston's final album. It was amazing. Almost 12 hours later, as watching the video of it, I got the chills up n down my spine. 
Peace be your journey Whitney Elizabeth Houston <3

985 days ago


Thankgod it's over! Can the media move on now. You bury **** into the ground over and over. Lindsey Dumb**** Lohan and all the othe rlooooosers. The media is to blame for the attention they give these people, not to mention their dirty laundry, like pictures of the tub Whitney dies in, her death certificate, etc. ****, ENOUGH people!! Can I finally go get my balls waxed tomorrow, gheeeze. Oh, TMZ wanna come take some pixs???

985 days ago


#151 sounds like another space nut cowboy. These people just come out of the woodworks like termites. The alien is WHACK!!!!!

985 days ago


Whitney will go down in black history just like Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, and Dorothy Dandridge. They were all great singers. Also, they all destroyed their careers by abusing alcohol and drugs.

985 days ago

annie stu    

i watched the oprah interview from 2 years ago,i think it should not have been aired,oprah was really going for the con,whitney with the eyes darting back and forth,lip a little twisted at times,hands waving,oprah with the connection story, at the end oprah with crying eyes,whitney,s voice so so,if you really love these people,why in god,s name to you all enable them.why stand back and watch,you have the power to blow the lid off of this leeching group of people who lived off of her,like the jackson,s,watching them high everyday,the enablers for money,it needs to stop,you can help the new young singers now,blow the lid off of this con and helping people kill themselves,i am sober 23 years and she didn,t fool me,she didnt,t fool other family members,associates either,they turned away or went back to their hotel room and closed the door,who lets a addict with a good booze buzz on go in the bathroom alone for more than 5 min.,hey they know who they are.amen sleep in peace whitney elizabeth houston

985 days ago
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