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Whitney Houston

Laid to Rest

2/19/2012 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery.

Pop legend Whitney Houston was buried today at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.

Houston was laid to rest next to her father, John Russell Houston, who died in 2003. The burial was a small "family only" affair and not the star-studded event that yesterday's moving funeral service was.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney's casket was heavily protected since the funeral yesterday ... with nearly 10 security guards working in shifts to keep it guarded.

Houston passed away back on February 11. A cause of death has yet to be determined.



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I am not trying to make anyone mad but when someone dies an d they have the funeral the following week don't they normally they lay there person to rest the same day as the funeral not the next day.

943 days ago


Good Lord Finally! What the hell, she was a great singer so what! There are many in this world. The way everyone is acting you would think she discovered uranium or the cure for common cold. She is not even a good role model, she as many issues with substance abuse. The world does'nt stop because she passed, she is lucky to have lasted this long given her past. People are supposed to cancel concerts etc. are you kidding me she ain't all that! Now her daughter is following in her Mother & Father's footsteps with drug and alcohol addiction. I am really tired of every news media outlet giving a play by play of her family's dirty laundry and funeral. Time to move on SHE'S DEAD!! R.I.P. can we move on now?????

943 days ago


No one I think really cares. This is just over hype by the media. She had ONE HIT song, and the song she sang wasn't even written by her. All of sudden, now everyone cares and their heart goes out to her. She was a one hit wonder, and never made a hit since the 90s.

943 days ago


LuckyInSky go kill yourself!!! You stupid prick. Whitney was admired and loved by millions and you just happen to be a non-mother freaking factor with a small brain and **** trying to relevant during a time of sadness. R.I.P. Whitney.

943 days ago


the family should really consider having her grave be in a mauseleum, with all the crazies, etc that are gonna descend upon this cemetary now. I would be very concerned if I were the other families who have loved ones buried there. It will now be total chaos to go there to visit loved ones...

943 days ago


It is so mindboggling and repulsive scrolling through these comments and seeing how negative alot of you closet white racists are behind a screen. Saying things for shock value and demeaning someone who is dead is not okay. It is hilarious because alot of you making trolling and snide remarks about black people but you would never dare say this out loud to a black person to their face.
Stop correlating her race with her troubles. I guess liquor and the world wide web are the true floodgates for feelings. If only you knew the truth about Whitney, it would rip you to shreds.

943 days ago


Good ok now no more of this skank. Please TMZ move on we did 20 years ago.

943 days ago


Whitney's life-like all our other entertainers who abused drugs-should serve as a cautionary tale. You can have all the popularity and riches in the world but when the breath leaves your body-all that is left is your spirit. Better to get right with God.

943 days ago


She did this to herself. She was her own enabler for many years plain and simple. Either way it's over. Maybe the media will stop beating a dead horse.

943 days ago

Ghost Rider    

To anyone who reads this, there is an excellent story about the death of Whitney Houston on a site called " Vigilant Citizen". Please take a look if you get a chance, and listen to your intuition.
RIP Whitney.

943 days ago


Why do people get on here and JUDGE her? I don't understand why you cant just be sad and be supportive and show love. There is a REASON she was the way she was. Im sure her life was not easy. Money and stardom dont come cheap and its lonely at the top. You have people who use you, who are jealous of you and don't accept you and then you have to keep yourself in balance. I do know that Whitney poured alot of LOVE into her music. I know what it is like to try to talk to people with your hurts and they don't understand you. They ignore you and treat you bad. I'm sorry that Whitney wasn't ever able to overcome what she felt inside herself. I know I am trying to learn from her death and not let others do that to me. People are always going to be who they are and not love and support others, but it is those TWO things that can bring people back. I LOVED you Whitney, for everything that you were and weren't. May your soul rest in peace, the peace you never found on earth.

943 days ago


I just hope us NJ taxpayers are not paying for all this police protection the last 6 days.

943 days ago


OK, now that the drug addicted idiot has been buried can we please quit seeing 20 stories a day about her. It's sad that society has to prop people like Whitney, Amy Whinehouse, and Micheal Jackson up on pedastals. They are the prime examples of what is wrong in todays world. They are not people that should be treated like some sort of hero God or Goddess. It's ridiculous.

943 days ago


She was just another washed up celeb who threw away her talent and wasted her life... and likely effed up her daughters life as well......

943 days ago


I'm glad the whole thing is over with. We got a real good glimpse into the world of the Houstons. They behaved despicably towards Bobby Brown right in front of his own daughter. You can blame Bobby all you want for Whitney's death(I don't) but Bobbi was living with Whitney when those pictures surfaced of her snorting coke and replying to her boyfriend that she's just like her mother. They showed 0 grace, empathy or respect for Bobbi's father. Any respect or remorse I felt for the Houston family left the building the same minute Bobby left the "home going" service. Quite a few people came forward and said Bobby's story was accurate and that he should have been treated with a little more respect. I have a feeling Whitney went absolutely wild after she was out from underneath her mother's thumb and that's when the drug abuse started, not when she met and married Bobby Brown. I for one will not be buying anything Whitney related. I'm not going to feed into the money machine I'm sure the Houstons are preparing for. If Bobbi needs help for an addiction I hope she gets it and then gets the hell away from that clan. Something isn't right here. I'm not sure what it is but something just isn't right with this whole situation and I do mean from Whitney's rise to fame and then to the awful way she died.Rest in peace Whitney. Bobbi get help if you need it and then get as far away from this family as possible.

943 days ago
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