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Aretha Franklin

Calls in Sick to Whitney's Funeral

But Performs Hours Later

2/19/2012 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aretha Franklin canceled her scheduled appearance at the Whitney Houston funeral service.
Aretha Franklin canceled her scheduled appearance at Whitney Houston's funeral service in New Jersey yesterday afternoon ... but was well enough to perform at Radio City Music Hall that night.

Aretha said she had been suffering from leg spasms and wanted to rest up for her show, rather than travel for the funeral. She released a statement, saying in part, "heart goes out to my dear friend Cissy, Dionne, Bobbi Kristina and the rest of the family. May God keep them all."

The Queen of Soul dedicated a portion of her show to Whitney, and also to Nick Ashford, who passed away last August. 


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a friend in need is a friend indeed.

940 days ago


As far as that term "God daughter" I get the notion or either the sensation from the Kevin Ammons book, that the industry people used that term to open doors for Houston that might well have not been opened. Otherwise, we may never even have heard of her. The mother and cousin didn't have that much clout at that time. The mother was reunited with Franklin with the Arista signing and the first Arista project. In that reunion of the backup group young Whitney was taken around Aretha Franklin and so on. The rapport could have been soured during that chain of events surrounding Arista's new artist. Ammons mentioned some things in his book about Houston's way in.

940 days ago


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940 days ago


Franklin did a lot for Houston while she was alive. She is now a very senior performer with commitments and health issues. Leave this legend alone. Because she has truly been a legend for decades and not just for an era.

940 days ago


dARETHA always jealous WHITNEY . Because she was jealous of her. Whitney's vocals. More powerful than her, and Whitney was achieved in terms of sales, rather than ignoring her. But we need ways to raise her. More than Whitney's. because, she was born before Whitney's time, she thinks she is the queen of music only.ARETHA She looks very own.
And she thought she was the only one.So we should stop to praise her too much. You're not better than Whitney's.but
Whitney was higher than ARETHA.Now I want to honor Whitney's.whitney is THE QUEEN OF POP AND SOUL I LOVE YOU WHINEY .GOOD BYB

940 days ago


I'm so disappointed @ Aretha Franklin...but I'm not shocked!! I think she was jealous of Whitney's career, cause it eclipsed her own!!! They were both on the same label..and Clive Davis was giving Whitney all of his attention!!! A lot of female singer's were jealous of Whitney career, her 1st movie 400 million, Bodyguard soundtrack broke records and 7 consecutive #1's hit!! Come on Aretha..u own half of Detriot u are not hurting for money!!! She had committed to the funeral...she should've kept her word..that's messed up!!! Smh smh

940 days ago


seriously we're not forced to being cheeps...TMZ drops a bone and we're here to going to criticize that Great Lady...What are we became seriously...It's not a great deal to became like that...She does what she does & she didn't do this to us, so...What we have to say about that...What a wonderful world...

940 days ago


She probably couldn't go that long without food.....SMH..... Just like bobby brown, it wasn't about either of them that day. It was about showing their RESPECT for Whitney. His ex wife & the mother of his daughter, & her god daughter. But most self centered people can't even get over themselves.

940 days ago


I have no respect for her now! As far as the comment she makes a living with her shows I am sure she has enough money to miss one concert!!!! shame on her to not be there for her friend

940 days ago

Sugah Baby    

First of all, Aretha was on the other day, she did say, "I AM NOT WHITNEYS GODMOTHER", and it was her choice not to attend. Could have been she was not able to take the grief, she is far from wealthy, she needs all the funds she can obtain.

940 days ago

Tawny arise    

Yes I think she should have showed up to the Funeral instead of going to a Concert. If anything your legs should have bad spasms after attending your god-daughters Funeral. I didnt think that was cool when I first heard she was going to be a no show.

940 days ago


Are we sure she is not happy about her death, or envious of her, this is an aunty she ran to in time of trouble, which could not advise her, Shame on you auty re re. Very disappointed in you. Thank God you have grown old, everyone will die someday unfortunatley when you died you would not see who gave there last respect.

940 days ago


I don't know why we are so quick to judge other people's actions. John 8:15 We judge by human standards.we don't understand the full extent of what was going on with Aretha health, finances etc. The soul is gone, you can grieve from anywhere.Those of us over the ripe age of 50 understand health and money issues all to well,yes i have put off somethings in order to rest up for work, because in the end you have to take care of yourself.With much love and respect to the Houston family.

940 days ago


Typical selfish Aretha!! She probably knew she could never sing as good as Whitney!!! Thats just terrible!!! Looks like "the Queen" is really "the JOker"

940 days ago


Listen. As far as I'm concerned alot of people were disrespectful to Whitney especially Aretha. First when a person passes away out of respect for that person you should do EXACTLY what the deceased asks you to not what YOU think she would have wanted and add your take on things. She TOLD you what she wanted. This is HER day not YOURS and your personal feelings should be set aside. There comes a time and place for that. Whitney liked the song I Believe In You and Me. Kim sings something opposite. Stevie don't want to sing Ribbon in the Sky. He replaces words in the song as Kim did then got greedy and sang another song as well (not on the schedule). Marvin Winan was a joke bringing his whole family up there naming each one of them just to show off his family. What did they do when they got up there? Look stupid while only two family members did the singing. Not to mention that lame sermon that had NO substance at all. Tyler Perry should have done her sermon all the way while Jesse Jacksons hating ass look on in shock when he as PREACHING. Bobby Brown was treated unfair. Those were his kids with him. He has feelings too. Shame on the Houston family. Ray J gets a seat and not Bobby. Come on people. Some religion. Whitney would have told them to go downstairs and get the chicken dinner chairs from there and bring them up because thats not of God. As for Miss Aretha, all she wanted to do was show her old face on tv. You only DIE once. You can't stand up for five minutes but you can do a concert and stand up for hours? Please. She has always been known to be a liar and selfish bitch. TMZ needs to contact me on the scoop about her fake ass. Trust me. This was more of a concert. Whitney wanted a church service instead everyone made it a circus. Disappointed. See you later girl. Take a bow.

940 days ago
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