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Chris Brown

Rips WWE Champ --

You Have INFERIOR Man Junk

2/20/2012 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk has a dysfunctional wiener ... this according to Chris Brown.
WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk has a dysfunctional wiener ... this according to Chris Brown.

The two are now in a full on Twitter war ... after Punk randomly tweeted that he wants to "curb stomp" Brown at an upcoming WWE event because he wants Brown to "fight somebody that can defend themselves."

Brown caught wind of the tweet ... and decided to fire back with a message of his own ... writing, "@CMpunk needs more followers. He's such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women."

And in his trademark sarcastic tone ... Brown added, "@CMpunk contact my assistant and I'll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!"

So far, Punk has not responded to the steroid allegations ... or the suggestion that his man parts don't work ... but Punk has long stated that he's never touched a drug or steroid in his life.

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Chris Brown just needs to get rid of the chip he has on his shoulder. He is HALF a man and will always be HALF a man. He did this to himself, and his stupid ass comments just make him look like less of a man!

976 days ago


Everybody knows Chris Brown is a ***** and if you had half a brain. He'd know that the WWE's Wellness Policy has been in place for years and these guys get tested for everything from Steroids to Drugs. CONSTANTLY. He's the STRAIGHTEDGE Superstar for Christs Sake. Chris Brown is a punk to Phil Brooks (CM Punk)

976 days ago


Chris Brown is a thug with high fantasies about being a singer.....what a joke.....go back to flip hamburgers.....1

976 days ago

Mike Mulligan    

1. CM Punk is trained in jiu jitsu and muay thai.
2. CM Punk is Straight Edge which means no drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.
3. Brown would be owned by Punk in any physical contest.

976 days ago


Such,ANGER!!!Oh wait he doesnt have a woman to beat on.Please CM Punk or someone beat the crap out of this douche.

976 days ago


Chris Brown would beat him up lets not forget WWE is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

976 days ago


who cares about CM punk or chris brown some of the comments are very ignorant that kid grew up in the suburds saying ghetto is like using a racial slur to you people get with life we have differences but we are all humans.

976 days ago


Chris Brown, You have a big stupid mouth! You're nothing but a low life woman beating punk ass bitch! Show how tough You are punk! Go fight that wrestler, You won't win Bitch!!

976 days ago


I would pay anything, even put my bank account in overdraft to see CB get every organ in his feeble excuse for a body rearranged by this lovely gentleman!!!!!!

Will CB mother be in the audience I would love to see the face of the vessel that released this slug upon us, while it's being taught some much needed manners and proper rearing. I mostly blame his mother for his character, she's the reason he is here. I think, I believe, I know dead decomposing wolves would do a better job with CB than she will/can/ever did!!!!!!!!

For the record, Chris you've never ever been with a woman, Riri IS ET, and the one you're with now is a pod clone of the previous ET; AND ALIENTS DON'T KNOW PLEASURE.

976 days ago


Everybody got something to say then gets salty when Breezy fires back, Yall should have said that back when he did the ****ing crime. And No domestic violence isn't right. Either keep your opinion to youself, or better yet, CB ignore them, because obviously they needed some press.

976 days ago


Baby of cash money has shut down common from being played on radio and cds and viedeos since he said those things about rapper Drake they have enough money now to actually stop radio from playing u and viedeos this world is sick

976 days ago


CTFU.... Get em Chris.... Yall people kill me.. how long you gonna hold it over his head..He was Wrong, She was wrong too and guess what.. As soon as these two stop giving a damn about what the next person has to say, they will be back together doing what they do... BTW.. the birthday cake remix with Chris Brown on it is HOT!!!!! JAY Z... stop Hatin on the Young Boi... LOL..

976 days ago


Why is he concerned with another man's junk?

976 days ago


Yeah he only touches women! hahahaha

976 days ago


I hope CM Punk beats the s**t out of that no good woman beater Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

976 days ago
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