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Chris Brown

Rips WWE Champ --

You Have INFERIOR Man Junk

2/20/2012 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk has a dysfunctional wiener ... this according to Chris Brown.
WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk has a dysfunctional wiener ... this according to Chris Brown.

The two are now in a full on Twitter war ... after Punk randomly tweeted that he wants to "curb stomp" Brown at an upcoming WWE event because he wants Brown to "fight somebody that can defend themselves."

Brown caught wind of the tweet ... and decided to fire back with a message of his own ... writing, "@CMpunk needs more followers. He's such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women."

And in his trademark sarcastic tone ... Brown added, "@CMpunk contact my assistant and I'll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!"

So far, Punk has not responded to the steroid allegations ... or the suggestion that his man parts don't work ... but Punk has long stated that he's never touched a drug or steroid in his life.

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No Avatar


how do you know he has a small **** brown? are you staring as his package whenever he's in a match on tv? are you secretly wanting to suck his **** everytime you see him? CM Punk probably has a bigger **** then brown and is more man then brown is since he doesn't need to beat up on a women to make himself feel big.

975 days ago


Juvenile - both of em'!!

975 days ago


If anyone has any doubts on Punk and his abilities to uh... please a female, just go look for Maria's shoot interview

975 days ago

Ivan Jaime    

I absolutely not mind seeing CM Punk kick Chris Brown's ass. Not at all.

975 days ago

BB not bb    

@61 how do you behave like a lady? Rihanna saw a girl texting Chris Brown on his cellphone and tried to grab it to read it, and he knocked her unconcious and dumped her on the side of the road. Do you have women who sit and say nothing when they see other women sending you love texts? Are you sre you are not getting women confused with your dogs? But then again, even dogs will bite back when they are treated poorly. You live in a fantasy world.

975 days ago


For all you punks siding with this Red Neck get a LIfe,

975 days ago


I am glad Chris Brown said what he did, why do losers feel the need to come at others. Just mind your own business. I believe these haters were raised by K-9's. Chris you did you time, I don't hear them Calling Charlie Sheen out when he his a REPEAT OFFENDER.

975 days ago


CM Punk is a straight edge and always has been. Steroids, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are not things he indulges in. I hope this is a WWE work in progress. Chris Brown vs CM Punk. Brown really does need a good as whopping!

975 days ago


CM Punk is Straight Edge. Fact.
Chris Brown is a woman beater. Fact.



975 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Hey, dumbass, 'roids shrink your testicles, not your dong. It makes your thing work better.

975 days ago


who cares?!?!?!?! obviously all you chris brown haters don't even care that when you post those comments that you're giving him the publicity that they are wanting!!!!! i mean honestly you think just because you are talking bad about him that it makes a difference? sorry to tell you but no... you're just giving them what they intended on getting in the first place

975 days ago


Chris Brown is such a ***** that he deleted the first tweet about Punk #areyouseriosbro?

975 days ago

open your eyes    

Leave Chris alone. There are many men out there in music and films that can be accused of the same. But no one calls for thier head! Was not Rhianna also abusive? She got quite a few swings in that night too! But you all hate Chris Brown, a young man that deserves a chance to change. Rhianna on the other hands has become an even bigger sl%t and no one says a word! Double standard anyone?

975 days ago

Is that all there is?    

It happened quite a while ago people. Continuing to bring it up is more about publicity and finding a pc way to bash someone. IF you really care about women in those situations and men who need corrective guidance, volunteer time to help or donate money. These self centered rants against Chris Brown at this time are just pointless, especially when it comes from slow folks who were never his or Rihanna's fans in the first place. Move on!

975 days ago

open your eyes    

leave Chris Brown alone! You are all such haters! Let them move on, Rhianna is just as much a problem! She was abusive too, add drinking to the mix and you have two people beating each other in a car! THEY BOTH NEEDED COUNSELING period.

975 days ago
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