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Elizabeth Smart

Shows Off New Husband

... and New RING!

2/20/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Smart flaunted her brand new wedding ring while holding hands with brand new hubby Matthew Gilmour.
One day after tying the knot in Hawaii, Elizabeth Smart flaunted her brand new wedding ring while holding hands with brand new hubby Matthew Gilmour yesterday.

This is the first pic of the 24-year-old Brigham Young student since her Saturday wedding at a Mormon temple on Oahu's North Shore.

Smart and 22-year-old Gilmour dated for a year ... and were engaged for a month ... before tying the knot. 

Smart made headlines back in 2002 when, at age 14, she was kidnapped from her home and held captive for 9 months by a sexually abusive psychopath. She was rescued after a biker noticed her abductor, Brian David Mitchell, attempting to conceal Smart's identity while traveling around Utah.

Last year, Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping.


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Leave this poor victim alone!

874 days ago


Very happy for elizabeth

874 days ago


Congratulations to Elizabeth and her new husband, wishing them a life time of happiness! With that said she deserves her privacy I hope she gets it some day.

874 days ago


If anybody deserves a happy life it is her

874 days ago


She's so pretty, and deserves all the happiness in the world after what she's been through.

874 days ago


She wasn't flaunting her ring....the paps are stalking her. She had a private, unannounced ceremony so she could be left alone. Maybe TMZ should get the message.

874 days ago


Congratulations, lovely girl. I wish you all the best and hope that your happiness enriches yourself, and the world around you. God Bless!

874 days ago


Congrats to the both of them/she went through a horrific ordeal and came out of it it seems due to a family who loves her and was there for her. This could have been a tragedy and was not. Personally do not know much about the Mormon religion but it seems they surrounded her and were there for her......we have read about some real tragedies on this site lately/glad to read a story that had a good ending

874 days ago

Lady Di    

Too young.

874 days ago


A lovely couple. They deserve much happiness. She is beautiful, and I'm glad to see her wearing something totally appropriate for a Hawaiian honeymoon. Nothing more depressing than having to wear hot layers of matronly clothing in the tropics when you're young, beautiful and wanting to be attractive to your new husband. She's probably had it with anyone telling her what to do, let alone what clothes (garments) to wear. Best wishes to them.

874 days ago


FFS leave the girl alone she is not a celebrity and if you are going to publish a story get the facts right it was 9 years not 9 months . She wants to live a normal life you shoul leave her alone and let her

874 days ago


Wow, there are a lot of positive comments, which is great! But there are also a lot of ignorant ones, too.

First -- they got married in Hawaii, people. They eloped to escape the media attention. I don't blame them one bit! She's always been pretty private, so it makes sense. I wish them all the best.

Second -- those questioning her attire? They're obviously wearing swimsuits and enjoying their honeymoon. Major news flash here... it's perfectly okay for them to wear swimsuits just like anyone else. The garments are allowed to come off whenever they feel it isn't appropriate to wear them -- enjoying themselves at the beach in swimsuits, on their honeymoon would certainly be one of those times.

Third - For those saying she's too young. She's 24... that's just about normal (if not slightly 'old' for most Mormon brides... many young LDS couples get married within a year or two of one or both of them coming home from their missions. There's absolutely nothing unusual on that front. Mormon marriages (no, not the creepy FLDS ones!) tend to begin at a younger age than regular society and they also have a much higher success rate, too. Engagements also tend to be fairly short... 1-3 months is normal, with 5-6 months being done more often. More than 6 months is almost unheard of unless there is a specific reason.

To those in the LDS Church, this is a pretty normal couple, getting married at about the right time. Society at large may not understand it... but there is absolutely nothing weird or suspicious about Elizabeth getting married.

874 days ago


Jen... it was 9 MONTHS, not 9 years. She's been dealing with the aftermath of it all for 9 years, though. The girl came home and was surrounded by loving, supportive people. She finished high school, went on to college, served as a missionary in France for 18 months (where she met her husband) and is now about to graduate from college. I'd say all in all, she's doing pretty well for herself at 24 years old. She's actually a great example and advocate to those who have gone through similar ordeals.

874 days ago


This has to be one of the feel-good stories of the year.

874 days ago


Congrats to Elizabeth and her new husband. I'm glad that she has moved on from what happened to her and not let it affect the rest of her life.

874 days ago
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