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Elizabeth Smart

Shows Off New Husband

... and New RING!

2/20/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Smart flaunted her brand new wedding ring while holding hands with brand new hubby Matthew Gilmour.
One day after tying the knot in Hawaii, Elizabeth Smart flaunted her brand new wedding ring while holding hands with brand new hubby Matthew Gilmour yesterday.

This is the first pic of the 24-year-old Brigham Young student since her Saturday wedding at a Mormon temple on Oahu's North Shore.

Smart and 22-year-old Gilmour dated for a year ... and were engaged for a month ... before tying the knot. 

Smart made headlines back in 2002 when, at age 14, she was kidnapped from her home and held captive for 9 months by a sexually abusive psychopath. She was rescued after a biker noticed her abductor, Brian David Mitchell, attempting to conceal Smart's identity while traveling around Utah.

Last year, Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping.


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Silverado Mom    

So young, so sweet, so happy for them. God bless their union.

973 days ago

American Mom    

I followed her story on tv. She and her family certaintly did not let that creapy freak hold her back in life. On Oprah I think I remember her father saying she was not going to any sort of therapy and had no plans to. She seems very educated and polished, however, it would be wise for her to get some sort of therapy for her ordeal. If she doesn't, the trama she endured will pop up sometime in her life. (Right after her first baby, mid life.....)I'm not surprised she landed a guy, but I am surprised some family let their son marry her. She seems lovely but she surprised all of us when her father and her were on Oprah and said there won't be any therapy. Because of that reason and that reason only, I wonder how her new husband will deal with this left over unresolved bagage when it erupts. No matter what religion, she endured a trama she is human and has emotions. Good luck.

973 days ago


hi im Elizabeth Smart and i was kipnapped by a mormon man practicing the joseph smith mormon way "praise the man" and all has been forgiven and im now trapped in my man worship faith and will never have the chance to escape again.."praise the man" and IM MORMON!!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN MY FAITH JUST GIVE A YELL AND TWO SHORT SLEEVE WELL DRESS YOUNG MEN LOOKING LIKE THEIR FROM THE 1950'S WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE!!!...THE MORMON CHURCH WE'RE THE ONLY WAY TO GOD!!!

973 days ago

Dr Hardwicke    


What kind of a person would make the sick, disgusting, statement you have posted.
You sound as if you yourself could have experience fooling with young children who you know want it?
You are a disgusting sub human being who needs to be neutered and soon. With scissors that are rusty and dull like you?

973 days ago


You know, what you idiots posting these nasty little comments don't get about the typical Mormon family (no, I am not Mormon), they raise their children in a manner that makes them so very innocent. Nothing wrong with that, that is just the way it is. Being naive and innocent is not a crime, but some of your posts should be

973 days ago


Leave. Her. The. ****. Alone.

973 days ago


She deserves to be happy. Best wishes to the couple.

973 days ago


Firstly all the teenagers or tweens need to go back to their video games. Their posts are boring and lame. Shock value is pretty weak. Secondly, some people need to study religions, ignorance is amazing. My family are LDS, I am not, but some people get their information about their lifestyle from TV. My family DO NOT wear their "magic underwear" to the beach. Thirdly, Mormons marry young. She is 24 and he is 22. He is a returned missionary. Pretty normal age range. My relatives all married between the ages of 18-22. They are all still married and leading happy lives with their children. They do not have sex hang ups because they were virgins, quite the opposite according to my sister-inlaws.

Lastly, leave her alone. She is a remarkable young lady who is inlove on her honeymoon. She is not flauting her ring or any other thing.

973 days ago


After all this poor girl went through I wish them the best and an eternity of happiness together. God bless!

973 days ago


There is something VERY wrong with this picture! Elizabeth would NOT be wearing that bare-shouldered sundress AFTER a temple wedding.
Because she'd now have to wear "temple garments" that cover the shoulders and protect "modesty", that dress would be impossible! It's ALSO not a "proper Mormon girl dress".

Find out the real story, TMZ.

And for those who don't know what Mormon garments are, you can Google it.

972 days ago


She's wearing a bathing suit. It's a very modest bathing suit. She is at the beach in Hawaii. Let her be happy! She is such a beautiful person.

970 days ago


I signed up just to leave a comment. I know sad, I just been reading and love all the positive comments. But some of these comments are so negative and out landish I just can't believe what people would say its horrible. I guess you have a right to your opinion.

Elizabth Smart Congrats from a fellow Utahn.

Some of you comment about what she is wearing and honestly I don't think you understand the Mormon Religion. I don't practice the religion but, I grew up Mormon. And you that do practice and still saying negative things about what she is wearing might want to re-evalutate what you have to say. Maybe you need a talking to by your bishop.

Elizbeth Smart you look just fine and have a gorgeous husband young or not...

I don't normally follow people but, I was interested in how you have been doing Elizabeth and I am appalled of what I have read and I am sorry you even have to here from some of these idiots.

God be with you and just a reminder ( I never said it would be easy I just said it would be worth it )

929 days ago
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