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'Sister Wives'

School Parents PISSED

Over Reality TV Cameras

2/20/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several parents at an elementary school in Vegas -- attended by the children of "Sister Wives" star Cody Brown -- are up in arms, TMZ has learned ... and it's all over reality TV cameras infiltrating their school.

Here's how it started -- sources tell TMZ, a production crew for TLC's "Sister Wives" came to the Sheila Tarr Elementary School's Valentine's Ball last Saturday to shoot the Brown family with their children.

According to sources, parents at the school were notified days before filming -- but a large group strongly objected to it, and lodged complaints with the school.

In the end, we're told the school worked out a deal with the production company behind the show -- in which producers agreed not to discuss the location of the school and blur out the faces of any children not associated with the show.

But we're told several parents were still upset -- believing the cameras represented an invasion of privacy -- and now, they want the local school district to revamp its on-campus filming policies.

TLC had no comment. A rep for the Clark County School District tells TMZ, "The district heard the concerns of the parents involved and considered them when developing [the] compromise."

The rep adds, "In the past few months, we've had the Ellen show, ABC News, Oxygen Network, and countless local broadcasts filmed at our schools. TLC and the Brown family deserved the same."

BTW -- the Valentine's Ball was a fundraiser event to raise money for the school ... and we're told the "Sister Wives" production company donated $500 to the cause.


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if your kids faces are blurred and no location given, get the hell over it....just a group of parents out to be *******s....happens everywhere

974 days ago


i myself wouldnt have a problem with it.but seeings many of the parents had an issue with it.the school should have stepped in and said no go.

974 days ago


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974 days ago


I feel bad for the 17 kids who have to live with these perverts. TLC should be sued, the family arrested for child abuse. The dad is a pig, and the women are all pigs, every last one of them.

974 days ago

Will always LOVE RJ    

Only in America where they GLORIFY a bum with multiple sex partners

974 days ago


This program is still on the air, AMAZING.

974 days ago


I wouldn't want the Brown family at my grandson's school or even in his neighborhood. I can't believe that this show is
still on TV. The school only received $500...They should of received a LOT more.

972 days ago


My son and I were at this Valentines Day Ball. It started at 6, with doors opening at 5:30. We arrived at 5:45 and the Tlc film crew was already wrapping up filming and were gone by 6:00 or so. It was hardly a distraction or disruption.
It is my belief that the parents are outraged because it was the Brown family being filmed. I am sure there would hardly be an objection if it were Oprah.
These parents have a problem with this life style. I would like to examine this for a moment. These are all consenting adults, that were adults when they entered into this unconventional union. These are not the polygamists of Colorado City that use polygamy as an excuse to participate in pedophilia.They all work, pay their bills, and are raising their children in a very loving, nurturing home. People often say things like "but the children have no choice." The last I checked, no child gets a choice in the family they are born into. Many children are born into abusive, neglectful, drug, and or alcohol infested homes.
These children have many parents and siblings that love them. These children are polite, well mannered and well behaved. I wish I could say the same for all of the "conventionally" raised children attending this school.

972 days ago


I feel we don't have the right to judge other people, unless we are willing to clean out our own closet. Were always saying this or that but the truth is who cares what everybody thinks. If I worried about everyone els thought I would not be who I am. If everyone would take the time to get to know people we would judge them differently. I don't have to agree or disagree. I am not the one who choses weather its wrong or right . It's God .

964 days ago


it sounds like every one commenting is just moaning for nothing. It isnt such a big deal and it didnt harm your life in any way. Give the browns a break they really are a nice family. Dont judge others before you judge yourself

937 days ago


That would really suck being the only legal wife, and only having one child with your real husband and then your husband goes out and finds 3 new "spiritual unions" or other wives and has 16 other children combined with them! What are these women thinking and how do they get this out of the bible? Do they not read the scripture about "Obey the laws of Cesar" and a marriage should be "one man and one woman"? What idiots! And then to kick it off they all move to Las Vegas, Sin City! LOL for real! They cant be serious.

897 days ago

Nevada resident    

Sounds to me like the parents are a bunch of asses!!! I think it would be cool to see my kid on tv through another show. Also if its a charity thing that the school gets money and they donated money to the school. Those parents should be grateful for the extra cash! i live in a poor area and our school hardly gets any money at all. So don't **** on the hand that wipes the ass I say!!!

886 days ago


I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. I thihink that Kody is committing adultrey because the first wife is his wife and the others are his mistresses. If Kody is saying that he is married to all 4 women then he is a bigamist. Do they have a marriage license then who would marry a man who is already married? Would it be against the law? I do not understand because I come from a family who have been married for 50 years. One man and one woman. I am not trying to judge you because God is the final judge. I do not understand why would you want to do this. Do you believe in the Almighty God? Do you think that he approves of your marriage of 4 women?

717 days ago


Hello I am a student studying American attitudes toward polygamy. Please take a few moments to share your opinions with me. All responses are anonymous and I am not interested in who you are, just what you think. Thank you!
Polygamy OpinionsSister Wives Blog

688 days ago


I think it’s horribly irresponsible to completely sidestep the fact that religious polygamy is based on the complete subjugation of women and that in real life has resulted in both psychological and physical abuse of women (both easily backed-up claims).

457 days ago
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