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Whitney's Funeral ...

Bobby Comes Out on Top

2/20/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Brown's decision to hightail it out of Whitney Houston's "home going" -- even though he was invited -- was one of the best decisions he's ever made. It's hard to say ... but we think Bobby actually took ... the high road??!! We'll explain.

Pus, Lindsay Lohan thinks her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig will kick-start a comeback -- wishful thinking? And does she have the dedication and sobriety to pull it off?

Also, ESPN's 30-day suspension of a sportscaster for making a controversial Jeremy Lin comment ... smells like a giant serving of sacrificial lamb. Did the network bow before really listening to what the guy said? We think so.


(2:10) Major controversy over Bobby's presence at Whitney's funeral -- and this time ... he wasn't in the wrong.
(6:22) Kevin Costner's eulogy -- totally self-indulgent.
(8:00) The gravy dish found in Whitney's death tub -- would you eat out of it? Gary sure would.
(11:00) ESPN fires one employee and suspends another over the Jeremy Lin "chink in the armor" controversy -- but only one deserved punishment according to the people in the newsroom.
(18:05) Kobe Bryant promises Vanessa he'll never cheat again -- but she's already in a New York state of mind.
(26:05) Can "SNL" save Lindsay? Mike thinks it's totally possible, if...
(42:00) Clint Eastwood says there hasn't been a good U.S. Prez in awhile ... time for a TMZ history lesson ... and a theme song by Evan.


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ok so the speech was extremely heartfelt, and very touching...but, i have to agree, it was puzzling. i couldn't actually follow it part of the time. it was like he was telling two stories at once, his and someone else's. maybe i didnt understand because i came in just after the start of the speech...but, i was definitely confused at times. oddly enough, it didn't take away from his message. i bawled like a little baby.

979 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I thought Costner's comment that, and I'm paraphrasing, that Whitney was "so perfect even God couldn't believe he had created her" was absurd. Drug addicts are perfect now?

Not to mention that God is an implausible and unsupportable myth.

979 days ago


Bobby was treated unfairly. Whitney's family continues to blame him for Whitney's downfall. If they had held Whitney accountable, she'd be alive today. He didn't show up with an entourage, it was his kids! Bobbi-K's siblings! They don't count as Bobby Brown's guest. That little girl has one parent left, and that's how you treat him. And I have one word for Aretha... shameful! It goes to show you the type of people Whitney had in her life. They didn't care for her. Kevin Costner did a great job! What is Harvey talking about??

979 days ago


Bobby Brown & his 9 guests sat in the front row where Cissy Houston & family were to sit before they got there; they told Bobby he could stay there but sat the others somewhere else where they had room. Bobby got mad that all couldn't sit in front row so he left. He's a jerk imo, and you guys at TMZ need to get all the facts before deciding he was a victim.

979 days ago


Did kevin Costner get himself some brown sugar while Witney was at her best? maybe he cant get that out of his mind. I dont blame the guy, its the rythm, its the that movement that goes on the dancefloor and trandscends elsewhere... Or so I have been told by those who have sourced those exotic flavours. See it does pay to get out of your comfort zone sometimes...Maybe Kevin Costner is privately consumed by those moments! I Dont Blame the guy! But conjectures aside, the fact is what he did was great and he seemed to have cared for the work that they did together on The bodyguard.

979 days ago


How was kevin costner's speech puzzling? It was so beautiful and showed Whitney in a different perspective, the media makes her out to be this drug addicted bum..she deserved more respect in life, at least KC showed her much respect in his speech.
Glad she's "home" now and in peace from all the hate we have in this world

979 days ago


Harvey, the gravy dish query is assinine.

979 days ago

sandra May    

I think everyone should get off Bobby's back! She was a grown women and she made her choice to take drugs. I don't think Bobby sat on her back and forced the stuff down her mouth or up her nose! Plus how long have they been divorced and she continue with the drugs and 100% of the time she was with her daughter and saw what her mom done. She partied with her mom also with drugs and ect... in the end they were both in the wrong but she could of stopped if she really cared for her life and child!

979 days ago


Please note that Aretha Franklin made it clear to Al Roker that she is not Whitney's godmother. They were very close, but she does not have that official title. Whitney does have another godmother.

979 days ago

shanghai sue    

I don't know why, but when Costner said: " you go, Whitney, off you go" I began crying. And whenever I think of it, I cry. His voice is so wonderful. I was affected the same way when Little John John saluted his father's (JFK) coffin. It really gets me. The speech was wonderful.

979 days ago


you are the devil. Get a life.

979 days ago


I'm in love with Kevin Costner since the bodyguard I reaalllly want me some Kevin Costner I can tell you this much..!!

979 days ago

Zach Swan    

a) Yes. Costner definitely tapped that, back in the day
b) Harvey is completely wrong. If he's puzzled by it, then he must have got that law degree from a matchbook law school because he is not very bright. It was an eloquent eulogy that hit all the right notes and shared very personal anecdotes. If you listened to it very superficially without making any effort to understand what he was saying and how his messages flowed together, I can understand how one might think it was a little too "all about me". I hope people are more intelligent than that.

979 days ago


How can Kevin Costner talk about his experiences with Whitney without mentioning himself? He talked about how they had related and how they got the movie made. Every eulogy I've ever heard for non famous people is the same. The speaker talks about themself and the deceased.

979 days ago


The phrase is "kink in the armor" not "chink in the armor".

979 days ago
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