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'Biggest Loser' Contestants

Throw Weight Around,

Threaten to Quit Show

2/22/2012 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


There's a big, fat problem on the set of "The Biggest Loser" -- TMZ has learned nearly all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show and are threatening to quit after learning about a secret "twist" that could seriously affect their shot at the $250,000 grand prize.

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... the mutiny took place this week ... when the losers got word that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the grand prize.

We're told most of the current contestants were pissed -- feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple ... so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode.

Sources tell us ... show honchos have shut down production for at least a week while they figure out how to handle the situation.

A rep for NBC had no comment on the situation.



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I have not followed the season this year but caught the last 10 minutes last night before I saw my favorite show and from what I saw, the white women were ganging up on the black lady, big time. The woman sent home was claiming that there was too much drama in the house. Boy was SHE right! omg!!! Fire them all NBC, I am sure you could find new contestants in a heartbeat!!!

976 days ago


This is the most unpleasant, uninspiring group of contestants since this show began. I have watched every season and while there have been some less than sweethearts they were usually limited to 1 or at most 2 per show. Conda is the Queen of Mean in this group with Kim and Mark right behind her. Why the rest of the group puts up with Conda is beyond me. She alone should have been sent away long ago. The rest, particularly after this week's episode are nothing to root for either. This show needs to find more congenial participants who appreciate the opportunity that is being handed to them. The last thing I want to do is watch them jerk each other around and then whine about it (Conda again). If it doesn't get any better, I won't be watching next season.

976 days ago


This is by far the worst season of the BL. This twist happens EVERY year. All they were telling them is that one person will win their way back into the house. If they watched the show at all they would see it coming. Apparently winning a show has become more important to them than saving their lives.

975 days ago


more EXCUSES not to work to lose the weight! Surprise, surprise from this bunch!? Not really.
Conda's the worst, immature bully I've seen on this show in a few years. Bright side? She's young, maybe she'll dummy up!

975 days ago


Good!!! Let them go.They don't deserve to be there anyway! Let the people who actually came to lose weight be there. Everyone left are bullies and losers.

975 days ago


Is this the first season that TMZ has followed? The Biggest Loser has done this "twist" in several different seasons. And I would imagine that the vast majority of contestants have watched previous seasons. So they don't have a leg to stand on.
But this is really not a "story" since the "twist" is quite common on this show.

975 days ago


I have always enjoyed watching the contestants boding and fighting for eachother, wanting to win the money, but the bigger prize is the weightloss and to stay as long as possible. There is always one sh$t stirrer but they usually get voted off and the group bonds together. THis season I cant believe how back stabbing they are. As if the show is lucky to have them. Insensitive to the other contestants feelings. Conda is just what you would call a "Mean Girl"!! The new season of contestants that walked off are obviously in it just for the money. So what if they are bringing back contestants that were booted off. More reason to work you butt even harder so they dont get knock off by having the least amout of weight lost.

975 days ago


Sure the money prize is nice but I think getting rid of all that fat and looking good is in itself a darn good prize! And also getting to work with Bob Harper! Come on!

975 days ago


After last night's show, I'm not surprised. This is the worst season ever! All of these contestants are so unlikeable, NONE of them deserve to win! The producers probably realize that the audience is turned off by these fat ass whiners, and the only way to get the audience to keep watching is to bring in some contestants that actually inspire and appeal to the viewers. I thought there was an earthquake, but that must have been all those hateful fat asses storming out of the gym.

975 days ago


The producers are getting worse each season about choosing people who will create drama, lie, etc. This season that was Daphne, Adrian, and Conda. Some of us just want to get inspired on our own weight loss plans. Last night the whole show was about revenge and then lying about whether or not actions had been taken to accomplish that revenge. First Daphnes revenge and lies, then her team getting revenge on her. What a waste of two hours.

975 days ago


I'm assuming this story isn't about the contestants on the show that is currently aired, because everything but the final weigh in was already shot. I'm also guessing that this is why TMZ removed the first picture that was up -- of the current contestants -- and replaced it with the show's logo.

975 days ago


I think that this season contestants have a lot of nerve and don't realize that they are privileged to be on the show and have an opportunity to lose weight. Have you seen what it cost to have a trainer, a nutritionist, live on a Biggest Loser Ranch and have the Biggest Loser Meals? Let their behinds walk off the ranch, there are plenty of other people who need and would appreciate the help. The are only hurting themselves. Foolish!!!

975 days ago


I can't understand why this group is so ungreatfull !!! Don't they know what a huge chance this is to turn their life around. They should all be kicked off and a whole new group added. Conda should have been kicked off the first time she rolled her eyes into the back of her head. This is the worst season ever !!!! I hope the show isn't taken off the air completely. I think they do great things for people and it is usually inspiring to watch.I hope the contestants read all of these comments !!!!

975 days ago


Past winner Ali Vincent was sent home and came back to win. There have always been twists. This is just some of the most hateful ppl I've ever seen. Even Bob and Dolvett don't get a long. Chris is the only one who didn't help throw the weigh-in and didn't vote for Daphne. She is just about the only one with any integrity. Trash the lot of them and bring back the runner ups from past finales.

975 days ago


Not surprised. I'm done watching this season. What a bunch of gross, nasty bullies. Conda's the worst, but Kim and Mark are horrible people too. The rest are stupid sheep. This has been the worst season of Biggest Loser ever.

975 days ago
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