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'Biggest Loser' Contestants

Throw Weight Around,

Threaten to Quit Show

2/22/2012 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


There's a big, fat problem on the set of "The Biggest Loser" -- TMZ has learned nearly all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show and are threatening to quit after learning about a secret "twist" that could seriously affect their shot at the $250,000 grand prize.

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... the mutiny took place this week ... when the losers got word that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the grand prize.

We're told most of the current contestants were pissed -- feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple ... so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode.

Sources tell us ... show honchos have shut down production for at least a week while they figure out how to handle the situation.

A rep for NBC had no comment on the situation.



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The only two people on this season that are serious about health and weight loss are Bob and Dolvett and they're getting pissed. Lose them and there's no show.

944 days ago


Bring back Julienne Michaels, she won't put up with this ungrateful nonsense from the contestants and their melodramatics and histrionics, she was a boundary setter for this show. Make all of these mean girls and bullies work out with Julienne for a week, let Julienne work the nonsense out of them.

944 days ago


I SERIOUSLY can't STAND this BIGGEST LOSER CONTESTANTS !! That CONDA is a CRUNT and let me tell you I don't use that word very often. !! Santa's wife is another one, she ACTUALLY rolled her eyes when her husband had lost a good amount of weight. LIKE REALLY ?? !! HEs your husband you BITCH !! IF ALL of them walked off the face of the earth I wouldn't care! BU BYE BITCHES !!!

944 days ago


I would suggest that the producers show these contestants all the comments made here. THEN....I would let them all walk AFTER their trainers give them the facts of life.
Let the show tell everyone the truth. The contestants really didn't want help....and then, as others have said...Bring back those that were voted off. The walkoffs can then fight at home for 2nd place. FYI...I don't think the guys left are the real issue, so maybe it's just the girls. Revamp teams and show that even the worst situations can be helped if you really put the principles to work. Bob and Dolvett are a good team. I really like this combo as well as, if not more than Bob/Jillian.

944 days ago


yawn.every reality show does this when they bring back past have people try and say its not fair blah blah blah.this is out just to gain raitings

944 days ago


I've been watching this season and I have noticed that no one is really losing a substantial amount of weight as seasons past. The one red flag for me has been Conda. She is hands down without a doubt THEE worst contestant I've ever seen on the show. For a show that's theme for this season is "No Excuses" she has done nothing but complain and make excuses. She sent two contestants home because she did not like them, not because they didn’t lose enough weight but because they were just brought back and went out of her way to be really mean. Conda has been a real cancer to this season; she hasn’t lost enough weight to justify her still being on the show. Without having any knowledge about this situation I have no doubt Conda had a big role in this protest. I say get rid of everyone that has formed this protest and bring in people that really want to lose weight and will make it about the show and actually losing weight.

944 days ago


Let them go! It's not their show and besides, they had no problem when a "twist" sent Adrian and Daphne back home from the very beginning where they had to work their way back on. They accepted and embraced the "twist" and showed they really wanted to be on the show to lose weight and get healthy, but Conda and her crew were bullies and big babies! This is the worse season EVER. They are allowing these contestants to run the show the same way they ran their lives before coming to The Biggest Loser...out of control and dysfunctional! Bring back the contestants voted off and let those who walked off, stay off and sue them for Breach of Contract! NO EXCUSES!!!

944 days ago


Bet that trouble maker Conda stirred the pot on this too!

944 days ago


They should let them go and bring back everyone else who wants a second chance! This group of contestants does nothing but whine and complain. Especially CONDA!!!! All of them are in it for the money more then the benefit of losing weight. Half the people voted off were voted off because they were not liked which is BULL they should get another chance. Especially Andre, Daphne and Roy who all wanted to be there to lose weight and were really trying. It is ot a popularity contest it is huge opportunity to change their life and if this group of fatties wants to squander it because of a twist in the game let them. Most of them are going to put on the weight the minute the get home anyway. And they really aren't losing that much this season too begin with probably because they aren't in it too lose weight just for the money.

944 days ago


This is obviously regarding the new season that is taping now. Not the current season on TV. That was taped months ago.

944 days ago


I have a heart for Obese people. It is an addiction and many people need help. Millions would love an opportunity to participate on the biggest loser. Sadly few get the chance. Prize or not, they are learning an invaluable lesson and could stand to be more appreciative. The "Twist" is for ratings and has no affect on the players in turns of they're learning. I hope NBC stays strong and refuses to capitulate. If they "walk" they are only hurting their chances of future success in fighting this incredibly tough addiciton.

944 days ago


Lets face it, Hollywood reality TV producers would eat their young if they thought it might help ratings.

944 days ago


Good for them. I hate it when they bring people back that have been voted out.

944 days ago


this hasnt been the only season with alot of drama...remember icky vicky and the blue meanies...karma got vivky in the end with a broken ankle right before the finale

944 days ago


They have done this before when Sunshine and her dad were on the show. This is the worst, spoiled, immature cast EVER!!!!!And Condo -minium is the one starting all the **** and it's unfortunate that none of the so called "real" adults in the cast let her run them and don't take control of that brat and send her home.

944 days ago
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