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Charlie Sheen


You Don't Suck, Bro

2/21/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he feels REALLLLY bad for saying Ashton Kutcher "sucks" as the new lead on "Two and a Half Men" ... and now he's issuing an official apology to the actor.

It all started on "TMZ Live" last week ... when Sheen called in and told us, "I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

But Sheen has since had a change of heart and drafted a letter to Kutcher ...which reads:

"Dear Ashton, 

My bad. 

I was disrespectful to a man doing his best.

I got excited and I threw you into the crossfire, but the rest of my statement I stand behind. You however, deserve better. 

Safety in your travels good sir.


So, we gotta ask ...


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Get Real    

They both suck. But Charlie sucks more. Where Kutcher is merely annoying, Charlie is a genuinely vicious jerk.

974 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Charlie was great in 2 1/2 Men and I'm looking forward to his new show Anger Management, but Kutcher is doing a nice job. I like the show.

974 days ago


Who cares what this crazy druggie says. losing

974 days ago


I don't like AK's private behaviour and I don't have much to say about his acting, but he does have a certain presence and his films do pull in money. I hope his wife finds her bearings again and comes back to acting soon, all happy and eager to work. Maybe she should leave this kabbalah thing, it hasn't done much for her so far. A nice family, a few good friends and common sense can take you a long way.

974 days ago

The PMG    

That's about as heartfelt an apology you're going to get out of Carlos Estevez.

974 days ago


I think Charlie is
an example of how someone
stops maturing at the time
they start using.
His mouth always overshadows
his talent.

974 days ago


Charlie needs to stay off those drugs--he says stupid things and he says them very publicly. All his comments last week were ridiculous. Make him go away.

974 days ago


option #3 Who gives a crap?

974 days ago


Ashton always play an idiotic, immature man! He has no talent.I don't know what Demi saw in him. He may be good looking but I would be embarrassed to show up anywhere with him for fear he would act a damn fool and make me wish the earth would open up and swallow me!!

974 days ago


Charlie, if you would keep your mouth shut you wouldn't have to constantly apologize!!!!! Sheesh

974 days ago


Sleezy trying to stay relevant, too bad he's not. Sleezy, you know when not even sluts or porn stars will hang with you (even when being paid) it's not a good sign. Your kids are better off without you. You have no meaningful relationship with your parents or siblings. You are despised and pittied by your ex-wives. Your best friends are convicts and criminals who cannot change their behavior and don't care about you. Scores have died so that you may be supplied with that precious powder that gives your life it's only meaning. Sleezy, you either need to fix your issues or end it. Loser.....

974 days ago

Big D    

I don't watch it anymore, Charlie was the show.

974 days ago


Sheen - SHUT UP. Really, just shut up! No one seems to care what you think, dude. You're making an ass of yourself - as usual. Just shut up, be quiet, get a life, move on, let it go. Focus on repairing the brain damage you may have caused yourself or at least learn how to compensate for it by NOT running your mouth.

974 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Charlie, If you stand by everything else, and the show still sucks, there has to be a reason. Let's see - same producer, same directors, same writers, same actors - oops same actors except for the one who replaced you, that would be Ashton Kutcher.
So Charlie, basically you're saying exactly what you did before. Nothing has changed, you just are realizing you looked like a dik. You know what, you still look like a dik.

974 days ago


We've all had enough of Charlie's sh*t the last couple of years. Nobody cares what he thinks or says any more TMZ so how about just keeping him out of your celebrity reporting. Just go away Charlie - far, far away.

974 days ago
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