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Charlie Sheen


You Don't Suck, Bro

2/21/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ he feels REALLLLY bad for saying Ashton Kutcher "sucks" as the new lead on "Two and a Half Men" ... and now he's issuing an official apology to the actor.

It all started on "TMZ Live" last week ... when Sheen called in and told us, "I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."

But Sheen has since had a change of heart and drafted a letter to Kutcher ...which reads:

"Dear Ashton, 

My bad. 

I was disrespectful to a man doing his best.

I got excited and I threw you into the crossfire, but the rest of my statement I stand behind. You however, deserve better. 

Safety in your travels good sir.


So, we gotta ask ...


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Charlie Sheen is 100x better than Ashton Kutcher in this role, everybody knows that. Chucke Lorre is embarrassed.

977 days ago


I wouldn't really blame Ashton. Is he as good as Charlie?

No, but he's been fairly good. I expected the worse and he's been better than thought, but the problem isn't Ashton and brining back Charlie wouldn't matter. The problem is the weak writing. If the writing sucks so does the show no matter the cast

977 days ago


Charlie Sheen pretends to be in control of his whole life, but he knows he isn't. He needs to shut his mouth until he gets his **** together. He only succeeds in embarrassing himself. So IN CONTROL Eh Charlie? Not. YOu are so envious and sorry you f'd up your own career that you can barely stand it. You're not fooling anyone but yourself. And you're barely pulling that off.

977 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is HORRIBLE and for that matter so is the show! Nobody in my family can watch the show anymore....but the reruns with Charlie keep us laughing

977 days ago


It wasn't a nice thing to say since Ashton probably already knows he sucks. His movies suck as well. There was a reason Charlie was getting the big bucks. Too bad Charlie loves his drugs more than he loves himself.

977 days ago


You dont suck bro you just FCKIN BLOW

977 days ago


Whenever Charlie hits the pipe, he speaks his mind... however... Ashton does suck.

977 days ago


Somehow they have to bring Charlie back from the dead for the last episode. The ratings would probably go through the roof. I don't care for Kutcher in the show, but that would be great to see Charlie back before it ends.

977 days ago


LOL at Charlie back peddling.

977 days ago


Its pity high school drama. Let it blow off!

977 days ago


I agree with Charlie's comments. While Ashton is trying his best, the chemistry just isn't there between him and the rest of the cast. The biggest mistake that was made, was in trying to remake the show without Charlie. I think everyone should bury the hatchet and bring him back.

977 days ago


Charlie, while I believe you did an average job and performance in three and a half men, maybe because it was a close to life experience for you in the role you played.
However, I sincerely wish you would grow up and stop acting like the spoiled brat you probably were when you were a kid growing up. Your old enough now to leave those things behind you. And it does really make you look like a complete fool. I hope you see this this Charlie, before you throw a good paying job away. Driving a truck as your second career choice won't afford you the lifestyle to which you have become accustom.

977 days ago


I dont think he should apologize, his comments were right on, if you watch the old episodes then this season just no contest

977 days ago


The show really does suck. I'm sorry Ashton, I have tried to watch it several times, and to me it just keeps getting worse. Charlie Sheen had something that Ashton just does'nt have.I can't pinpoint it, but Sheen was funny, Ashton is just boring, and not a really good actor.

977 days ago


I believe he's right the show is awful,it would have to improve 100% just not to suck!I think taking a awesome show like Two and half men and pulling Charlie off and puttin Ashton in is Equal to having the Conner's on Roseanne win the lottery a horrible TV blunder!It will lead to the end of a great show!!! BRING BACK CHARLIE!!

977 days ago
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