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Conrad Murray

D.A. Says He's a

Danger to Society

2/21/2012 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The D.A. is alarmed that Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the trial judge to spring him from the pokey while he appeals his conviction in the death of Michael Jackson -- arguing Murray is a danger to society.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors say Murray has shown no remorse for his "reckless and criminal conduct that directly caused Michael Jackson's death."  In other words, the D.A. says Murray just doesn't get it, and he could engage in the same conduct again if the judge lets him loose.

The D.A. also claims Murray is a flight risk, because he no longer has strong ties to California now that his medical license has been revoked.

As for Murray's grounds for appealing the conviction, the D.A. claims they're all bogus.  The D.A. makes mention of the judge's decision to exclude Dr. Arnold Klein's testimony.  Klein gave MJ scores of Demerol shots in the months preceding his death, but the D.A. says no traces of the drug were found in MJ's body at the time of his death.


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For anyone following the Casey Anthony case - just saw this and wanted to share it with you.


Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Jose Baez Officially QuitsCasey Anthony’s Lawyer Jose Baez Officially Quits 1 0

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 @ 11:00AM print it send it
APBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney Jose Baez is officially off her legal team.

Baez filed his notice of withdrawal on Tuesday, and his name as “Lead Attorney” is crossed out on the Orange County Clerk of Courts website.

No one else was listed as an attorney.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Died Young

As has previously reported, Casey has released videos and pictures since her acquittal where she shows off her new hairdo, a nose ring, her dog, but never once has mentioned her deceased daughter Caylee Anthony, who she stood trial for murdering.

She is currently serving probation stemming from her check fraud conviction and is living in Florida at an undisclosed location. As we also previously reported, Casey has been out in public at restaurants, bars and even at a church.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony's Secret Wild Life

The 25-year-old is also reportedly dating a new man, but she has not been spotted publicly recently.

Jose Baez is facing two Florida bar complaints from the Casey Anthony case, and according to the Orlando Sentineal one “involves his failure to share discovery information with the prosecution as the trial loomed.”

883 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Let the world see what followers MJJ had. You love him so much it was not important to find out EXACTLY what happened and if Murray was correct in his statement about not giving that dose that killed him. You love him soooo much that you are willing to blame everyone for his problems except him. That love makes you call his parents ugly names because MJJ got his ass whipped. Find me fifty blacks in that age range who never got a whipping....I did and I am not an abuser, my children are educators and law enforcement members.

So you think MJJ was beat so bad....if he was, his love would not be strong enough to donate millions. MJJ was good, not God. He did things that eventually hurt other people's chance of making money, his family included. You think a person would not do whatever to draw sympathy from his fans who buys his records and keep him rich and others soso..but wanting to be tops in everything.

When Michael spoke of his love for his parents, you never let that sink into your heads. He matured and told it like it was. You are so blinded by your infactuation you can see no wrong.

Your support against Murray has caused a DA to try and kill a man's future and make himself look good to the public. IF you hope to prosper in this world, learn to open your eyes, seek truth, put blame where it is equal and just.

These last few entertainers who died under a cloudy rumor of drugs never blamed any specific person for their use, the families and fans did.

Now just think, if your loving son was taken from you by unfounded means, would you really feel great about having anyone to pay when the real killer remains in society.....

MJJ did not know most of you were alive except for his checks. I loved the Jackson music, but I refuse to put all the blame of his problems on someone else. Dr. Murray is where he should be for negligence. He has children that you are enjoying leaving without a biological father. We really don't know what is up with his family but I do know that a father's love is important. Maybe money did blind him, but it blinded MJJ also. He left bills unpaid, forgotten promises etc., but he was still a great singer, and I believe a great father.

If you have never had a situation where you were temp angry with your parents, drop me a note. Did that stop your love for

Ok so there are mistakes in my spelling....never said I was educated. Anyway, let love for another do what it is suppose to do...dwell in truth, understanding, unbiased reasoning and maturity.

883 days ago


Thank you, Phantom for the lovely as well as informative post of Michael. He worked so hard perfecting his craft. His awe inspiring dance moves were flawless. WOW!!

883 days ago


Prayers for love Michael's children and the Jackson family. Prayers and love for everyone on this board and especially you sorry misguided haters.

883 days ago


Murray should stay in jail for what he did wrong I agree with everything the D.A said Murray is a danger to society what happen to Michael Jackson could happen again to another family if Murray is let out of jail Murray and his lawyers are the only ones that think MURRAY is safe the rest of us think he is not safe and for those people that agree with Murray think about this How would you feel if Murray did the same thing to some one you love in your family like what he did to the Jackson family how would you really feel

883 days ago

Tony the Giant    

A Conrad Murray. You "F" up. You was trying to make that money. Thats what you was trying to do.You let money get you into trouble.And you allowed for Michael to do as he pleased. And you would do it again, if he was still alive. Using an anesthetic medication to go to sleep.
He wanted it very bad. I agree with you on that. But if a lower class patient asked you for that, you would've told him are you crazy, this stuff will kill you. But you let Michael force himself on you, cause you wanted money.
If you was a bank robber. And you told the Judge that the only reason why you did it, is because you was at gun point to do so. Who do you think the Judge is gonna believe? The fact that you was involved in a bank robbery? Or this homemade garbage that somebody else made you do it?

883 days ago
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