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Rihanna & Chris Remixes

A Real One-Two Punch

2/21/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown has the newsroom up in arms -- because everyone still remembers what he did to RiRi's face. Are we crazy? (That was rhetorical)


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I wish i never felt sorry for her. So that's why she is wearing a Blondie wig so people can think oh!...of the stereotype of dumb Blondie. lol..

939 days ago


They both look like bloated 30-somethings. Lets phack.

939 days ago


Bad move!

939 days ago


I said from the get go--these 2 are young, all these old people commenting need to look at their own family and friends, probably know serial woman beaters, Charlie Sheen and others get a pass, ever read what Charlie Sheen was accused of doing to multiple women,

938 days ago


The Whitney Houston's story is repeating itself....Im sad

938 days ago


hope they kill each other...2 less nasty punks in the world

938 days ago


I'm so sick of reading "Charlie Sheen gets a pass and Chris doesn't". Um, wake up: Chris Brown HAS been given a pass exactly like Sheen and many other criminal offenders in entertainment have been. The music industry has given Chris every opportunity to continue on with his career without a glitch, they coddle him and give him Grammy awards etc, he is still making music and making millions of dollars and as far as I can tell he still has plenty of fans (even though he does not deserve them). Sure, he lost some fans but I hardly see any mass Chris Brown boycott either (as there should be). So please tell me exactly on what planet Chris Brown has not been given a free pass? Apart from people calling him out online he's gotten off scott free for all intents and purposes.

938 days ago


Harvey is exactly right: Brown can manipulate Rihanna any way he wants - and does it. He wants it for his own publicity - because to him its just a mistake and he's annoyed when people bring it up - as are all these poor minority girls who see it as 'a black man' complex. It is NOT. What Brown did (I hate saying his name) IS A CRIME, not a mistake. Shame on everyone who doesn't see that; shame on media and organizations that promote him. It makes it okay for this world of people to say that abuse to the point of death can be celebrated. He had it easy - anyone else would have been jailed.

938 days ago


Great role models for our youth, especially those of their own race . . . jeeze. Talk about your losers. Totally without class. And we wonder why kids are so messed up? I don't care who he wants to f*ck.

938 days ago


Whitney & Bobby 2

938 days ago


Nothin' says lovin' like an abuser and a rich, dumb ho.

938 days ago


Ok this is my problem, people acting like they made a baby together......if she wants to make a damn song with dude ok cool that's her business, she is a grown woman ....if you don't agree with her actions don't listen to the songs n move on JUST LIKE SHE DID ....

938 days ago

English Lady    

Dont bother us with the sympathy vote if she gets back with him and he does it again. Zero tolerance.

938 days ago

shawn b    

lol clearly rihanna or chris brown can care less so why do other people...get a f**kin life and worrry about when your dad smacked your mom

938 days ago


Rihanna is sending a message to all young girls out there that it is ok to be abused. i am so disappointed in her.

938 days ago
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