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Rihanna & Chris Remixes

A Real One-Two Punch

2/21/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown has the newsroom up in arms -- because everyone still remembers what he did to RiRi's face. Are we crazy? (That was rhetorical)


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Tonya P    

Love these two! Both are HOT and talented.
Haters, keep hating.

973 days ago


These 2 fools are meant for each other. I won't have any sympathy for her when he beats her the second time....which WILL happen.

973 days ago

Joan K    

They may think this is cute etc but it is only going to backfire right in their faces, nobody likes a woman beater but then maybe she likes getting knocked around once and awhile. Dumb and Dumber.

973 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Peoples biz is their own. I'm not saying that Chris is one of them hardheads. He seems to have a heart. I got the scoop on him, when he and Rhianna came on Daily Fill about 3 years ago. When he apologized and was real lamented about what he did. And it was so real, I don't think he would go back to that behavior again. Rhianna thanked everyone for being so cooperative. Eventhough, a lot of people were not. But Rhianna knew I was one of the more comisserate ones. That's why it pays to be yourself. Cause you knew I was gonna talk about it.
One thing I like about youngens today. Is that they learn a lesson faster. They are more approachable. They are more conversational, They have a much better sense of humor, and are very remorseful when the chips are down. And they don't condone to the type of violence that youngens were doing about 20 years ago. But like they say, as times change, people change. That's good. That's what we need.
If Chris let us down, he'd be going against the grain.I don't think he'd do that.
Chris reminds me of the new generation, and not like them bamm's in the 80's.
I'm glad the new generation ain't like that. If Chris had've been Tupac or Bobby Brown, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.
I ain't mean to make them recent remarks about you Rhianna I wish I could recant them. Like we be doing on youtube. First of all, I do know you from Daily Fill, and I know you be watching these comments. And letting us peoples know what time of day it is. But one thing about a woman Rhianna, they are very emotional when it comes down to love. When she gets a man, she charishes it, and she will hold on to it, w/ a grip that will never let you go. If she's gotta break your got damn neck. A Chris you stuck w/ Rhianna dude. You might as well hang your hat on the shelf, and forget about all the rest of them young girls... THAT IT AND THATS ALL!

973 days ago

Tony the Giant    

But you know what. If they do get back together. By Chris "F" people over and disrespecting neighbors. If he's got any type of contraband in his house. Somebody is gonna tell it. And he'll end up in jail, with the rest of them rappers. Women ain't got no problem telling. They are women, they don't give a "F"

973 days ago


Unfortunately, Rhianna has her Chris Brown, and Whitney had her Bobby Brown, I don't know but I see parallels here. Please run fast from this guy.

i think he is way worse than Bobby Brown. Run girl run....while you still have your dignity, young is dumb I guess....he won't change...

972 days ago


I don't even understand "Team Breezy". If Rihanna had died after that incident everyone would be completely anti-Chris Brown, send his ass to jail. It's only because she survived that it's ok? That doesn't make sense does it? Not to mention the bad message Rihanna's sending to victims of domestic violence.

972 days ago


everyone needs to get over it already there both human and make mistakes noone was there the night of and noone knows what really happened but her and chris its not right to hit a woman or man for that matter but noone knows what she really did either if she can forgive him we should beable to let it go celebs cant be real beacuse of the fans there not super being they just have money and there lives are on camra come on pleeeeze tired of hearing bout it 3 years later if they where mormal folks noone whould even keep up a fuss rockstars can get away with everything but none says anything bout that but some how we cant get over a young boy at the time getting into it with his girl friend some people learn from there mistakes its none bussiness what they do its not one of us they might really love each other let them live there lifes

972 days ago


Who cares, it's their life and no one elses. If you were a victim of abuse, then I hope you don't walk around with a grudge. People grow and people get over things, they both happen to be in the public eye and a part of the music business. And there is only ONE person who can judge! As for Rihanna being a role model to young girls and her fans, I sure as **** don't want my daughter watching her videos or listening to her songs. They're crazy sex filled and not what ANY young girl should be watching. I just think that people should mind their own business and if you don't like it don't read it. It's not your life. Get over it and get over yourself.

972 days ago

over it    

Makes me sick! As music lovers and consumers we have the right to boycott these two... Join!

971 days ago


woman like her enjoy the beatings. Its called LOVE haha stupid ass cow.

969 days ago

Tony the Giant    

These two morons don't love each other. They love each other for revenge. Like they got a chip on their shoulder against society. It ain't society's fault that you can't walk down the street and mind your business, because you are internationally known by the microphone. Or not being able to sit up in the corner with your honey, and enjoy your dinner or a couple of drinks, without ppl. bothering you for autographs all the time. There are other ways of making prosperity, than to have to go through all that sh--!! You know what I mean? I feel ya' young boy. so stop turning your hat around Tom boy style, and stop being a thug

935 days ago
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