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'Teen Mom 2' Star


By 3 Violent Chicks

2/21/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leah Messer abuse photo -- Leah was beat up by 3 women outside of a movie theater.
"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer was brutally attacked by 3 women outside of a movie theater in West Virginia this weekend ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

19-year-old Leah is telling friends and family ... she had just left the theater with her fiance Sunday night when an older woman began following her and calling her names.

We're told Leah insists she tried to tell the woman to leave her alone ... when 2 other girls appeared out of nowhere and the three chicks opened a can of whoopass all over Leah's face.

Sources say Leah's fiance, and a security guard, managed to pull the three women off the MTV star ... and got out of the area.

TMZ obtained a photo of Leah's face following the brawl ... which shows a swollen cheek and redness on her neck and chest.

We're told Leah did not recognize any of her attackers ... but Leah's mother has since gone to Twitter in an effort to try and identify the assailants.

Sources say Leah plans to follow up with police later today to file a report.

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Im sure they were fans of the show. This girl ruined herself and her poor babies lives. She does not know how to keep her legs closed. She was cute in the beg. but soon her true sluttiness came out. I felt bad for Corey cause he tried so hard to please her but it was not enough.

938 days ago


@ WILL ALWAYS LOVE U RJ - you would really poke fun of how a special needs daughter walks? Maybe someone should carve a V in RJ's face . . .you stupid, no good . . .may all bad things fall on your family.

937 days ago


If she needs a body guard at 19 she should stay home and rent netflix

937 days ago


Karma's a bitch. She cheated on her husband and she got what's coming to her I guess.

937 days ago


This a post from one of her friends "Leah & Jeremy made it back to the truck and were getting ready to pull out of their parking spot when one of the girls charged the vehicle, yelling “F*ck you Leah” among other things. And shouted at her to get out of the truck.

Pissed and red with rage, Leah swung the truck door open and went after the girl. They fought for a minute before one of the girl’s friends joined in and started punching Leah. As if 2 on 1 wasn’t enough, the 3rd girl joined in and attacked Leah. At that point, Jeremy & a security guard went in and broke up the fight.

No one knows who the 3 girls were, but Leah’s mom is offering a monetary reward to anyone who has any information about who they were or why they were targeting Leah, last night.

Leah says that she knows that getting physical was not the answer, but that in the heat of the moment, she got carried away.

She received no major injuries and is feeling fine today, aside from some left over anger from last nights happenings."

Looks like she was the attacker and not the attacked...hope she looks as attractive in prison garb as Jenelle and Amber.

937 days ago


hAHa thats what the slut desveres

937 days ago


I think these young v stars need to understand that once you are starring in a reality tv show you are gonna have haters and you cannot just go out in public and assume everything is gonna be fine you have to be alot more safer and you really need to think about the girls. What if they had been there when this happened?

937 days ago


UHM Where are the red marks/bruises? I see a bad makeup job.

937 days ago


Yea, she needed that for what she did to Corey....

937 days ago


To all those commenting on "garbage" tv and to ban watching these trashy reality shows . . .what are YOU doing on a celebrity gossip site? You must be a teensy weensy interested and you're also posting which means you're a little more into the reality shows than what you would care to admit. LOL

937 days ago


Sorry to say this, but these girls put themselves out there for public ridicule so I am not shocked she got jumped

937 days ago


I can only hope Corey takes custody of the girls. Leah's life is full of nothing but drama, and they deserve better. Leah is no better than Kate (plus 8) at selling her children for the all mighty dollar. She should be ashamed!

937 days ago


WOW, its funny how pathetic girls are more often than not. HOW POWERLESS ARE YOU? Ganging up on 1 girl when you are 3 girls????? I would love some bitc&hes to come gang up on me, I would rip them apart in the worst possible ways. The thing is that most women have no clue how to fight and hwo to use their fist to knock someone out. Leah obviously needs to go learn self defense and hit the gym, get that body a little bigger. Leah is so tiny and brital, it takes weak women to want to fight her. I hope she finds these cowards! Women who gang up on others are what I call bullys and bullys are pathetic human beings.

937 days ago


I honestly feel really bad for her. Im pretty sure there's more to this story on Corey part. Tv on shows certain things for tv ratings. Don't criticize people. Are you jealous? She didn't sign up for this for people too Freakn bash her all the damn time. I REALLY hope whoever did this to her gets what they deserve. I don't know her personally but I wish her and her girls all the best. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES INCLUDING YOU!!

937 days ago


I live in the same area of WV she does and there hasn't been anything in the local news about this.

937 days ago
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