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Terrence Howard

You Must Pay $50k

to Your Sworn ENEMY!!!

2/21/2012 10:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0221_terrence_EX_01Terrence Howard is having a bad day ... 'cause the actor has just been ordered to write a big, fat check to a woman he accused of being an evil racist ... his wife.

Howard was in L.A. County Superior Court today to deal with his exceptionally nasty divorce from Michelle Ghent Howard ... and was ordered to shell out more than $50,000 to hold her over until they hammer out a long-term arrangement. 

Here's the breakdown ... the judge ruled that Michelle needs:
-- $10k in temporary support for rent, food, etc. 
-- $20k so she can pay her lawyers
-- $20k so she can pay her accountants
-- and $1,800 per month for her Range Rover car payments

Terrence has to fork over the dough within 30 days.

As TMZ previously reported, Terrence HATES Michelle with a passion ... claiming she often called him a "n**ger" ... tried to extort him ... and even threatened to have him killed by "The Russians."

Michelle also HATES Terrence ... and claims he violently assaulted her on numerous occasions since they tied the knot back in 2010.

Both sides are due back in court in 60 days. Bet they can't wait.


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Well, unless he made millions during their two year marriage, whatever was his before they got married will remain his and the standard length of alimony for a marriage in CA of less than 10 years is half the length of the marriage, so she'll get alimony for a year. Now, it's just a matter of how much per month she'll be awarded for that year.

941 days ago


Sell that Range Rover, bitch. You wanna drive a fancy car, YOU pay for it. No one owes you an $1800 a month car.

941 days ago


why would he stay married to a racist that long & a money grubber no less ? Makes no sense. He should thank his lucky stars they dont have kids

941 days ago


Why would she need accountants if she needs $ from him to pay for everything?!?! I understand that they get used to a "life style", but come on after less than 2 years of marriage, I say go get a job B*&^H!

941 days ago


so when she was trying to get you (i mean your bankaccount) you were thinking how much better she was than a black woman and while she was screwing your brains out you thought you struck gold. you get exactly what you deserve and i hope she cleans your clock and the roles quit coming. she called you exactly what she probably always thought you were and a stupid one at that.

941 days ago


Good for his azz...I don't feel sorry for him if he was married to a black woman this would have never happen but his thing was black woman have too much attitude...hahahaha am laughing at his black behind now...take all his money honey

941 days ago


Terrence Howard is a d-bag and I hope his ex rakes him over the coals... twice.

941 days ago


This will be his third divorce. First marriage lasted about 6 years, the 2nd right about 3 and now this one just over a year. I don't understand people who repeatedly marry and divorce when you look at how costly both options are...I think it's time he considered going solo for a while and just spend time raising his kids from his first wife. Berate us singles all you want but I just don't understand why in this day and age people still believe that being married is an insurance policy for happily ever after...

941 days ago


Ahhh, the perfect California marriage arrangement. She'll make out OK and he, well, Mr. Sucker will pay.

941 days ago


They really need to change the divorce laws in this country.That's just messed up.

941 days ago


What a gold-digging whore, she doesn't deserve a penny!

941 days ago


I never liked Terrance Howard. There is something about him that seems insincere, untrustworthy and sneaky. I get the impression he likes to play psychological mind games with people. I Think there is a real dark side to him that those close to him know all to well but not so apparent to the casual observer.

941 days ago


So much for the pay your own freight legal system. It must be hard to shell out cash to your ex so she can pay her law dogs to come after you.

941 days ago


yessssss.. somewhere in the world a black women is ROTLHAO.! ~_~

941 days ago


Good grief! Do these men ever learn that a pre-nup is first and foremost? I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone with money getting married without one, why take the risk. Probably better not to marry in the first place. Sad, but it seems to be true these days. The way of the world.

As the O’ Jays sang: “For the love of money, a woman will sell her precious body. For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight….”

941 days ago
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