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Gladys Knight Calls In

Harvey & Charles SING BACK-UP

2/21/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What's the greatest Motown song of all time -- tough question ... but we got one of the greatest experts ever to weigh-in ... Gladys Knight.

She's also got two new Pips -- Harvey and Charles sing back-up ... or at least they try. And if that wasn't enough -- Stevie Wonder also calls in and gives us his picks.

Also, are Rihanna and Chris Brown pulling the most irresponsible publicity stunt ever?


(2:00) Harvey is BEYOND excited! One of his all-time favorite singers -- Motown legend Gladys Knight -- is on the phone!
(3:15) Gladys explains the magic of Hitsville USA -- and how music wasn't the same after Motown moved to L.A.
(4:30) Gladys tells a story about Hitsville that she's NEVER told before.
(8:10) Gladys reveals her favorite songs to sing ... and her favorite hits by the other Motown greats.
(14:45) Gladys sings "Midnight Train" ... and Harvey and Charles sing backup!!! Classic.
(17:30) Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborate on two songs together -- most people in the newsroom are disgusted by it.
(34:50) Stevie Wonder is on the phone! Harvey and Charles can't believe it ... and think we're screwing with them.
(37:01) Stevie's turn to reveal his favorite Motown hits.
(40:00) Stevie talks about being a kid at Hitsville -- and how Marvin Gaye showed him how to hold drum sticks.

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What becomes of the brokenhearted? Jimmie Ruffin

946 days ago


Misty Blue ~ Dorothy Moore

946 days ago


maybe they both have some S &M type relationship?

946 days ago


Why the hell are these legends calling into tmz live?

946 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This bitch is looking for another ass beating. She is a talentless slut who knows that the only reason she has name recognition is because of the ass beating she received.

And you know what? This bitch deserves another ass beating - maybe this time she'll learn.

Keep in mind - this bitch is doing this to make herself out like a battered woman who can't leave her abusive husband.

Stinky disgusting whore. And stop with the blonde hair - bitch you ain't white and stop trying to act like you are.

By the way - this bitch does have a beautiful body! I don't blame this cat Chris for wanting to tap that ass again.

946 days ago


awkward lol

946 days ago


I'm sick and tired of people talking about this then saying it hurts women who have been abused BULL**** I WAS ABUSED AND TO DEAL WITH THE ABUSE WE WERE TAUGHT TO DEAL WITH IT COME TO GRIP WITH IT AND MOVE ON not sit here and cry every ****ing 15min about it it's called forgiving him so she can move on not HOLDING A GRUDGE LETTING IT BUILD UP AND BECOMING A BITTER WOMAN. The more you stay mad the bitter you will become and miss out on your blessing I forgave my ex husband and now i'm happy and on to hubby #2 damn If I hold on to getting beat then I should be mad at all whites for beating my ancestors how about that........

946 days ago


Stevie is rambling!!

946 days ago


Its rihanna going to be in Jerry Springer next week?

946 days ago

Savvy Beotch    

Chris and Rihanna are adults. They can do what they want to do. it is NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS. Rihanna doesn't have to take any kind of stnad she doesn't want to. Also, the confederate fla is not a symbol of racism. If your ignorant ass wishes to believe that, your bad.

946 days ago


This is EXACTLY what men mean when they say, WOMEN MAKE NO SENSE and have absolutely zero common sense....Any person with a rational mind would stay away from someone who has hurt you. Women? Absolutely not!...This is seriously why women have trouble finding a good guy. Good guys treat women with respect and care and, women can't get enough of being treated like dirt. She does deserve what ever comes her way. I would love to see her high school G.P.A. 0.2 probably!

946 days ago


To be honest, everyone needs to leave her and him the eff alone. If they weren't famous it wouldn't be a big deal... So many people in the "real world" have been through these exact same situations and are not being scrutinized for their bad choices. Hell, the only people who should be judging are those who have NEVER made a bad decision in their life, which is none of you. Promise. Obviously she has forgiven him and wants to move on... So let her be.

946 days ago


Common folks... the court of public opinion is getting old. Let's see...did his time and did everything the court required... CHECK! The person who was abused has forgiven and moved on...CHECK! What more needs to happen? I feel like there is no moving forward unless we say so? There's no living and learning anymore any young person. it's just, make a mistake and that's all you'll ever be? Like holy one has never made a mistake!! Let's all move forward...THEY HAVE!!!!

946 days ago


Its call redbone not yellow dude or girl just get it right on TMZ and mybe Charles Would not look so bad from not understanding...I know I'm older than Charles...Ok I to don't like yellow dude come on people..some time you need to turn the MIC off on some people on TMZ...

946 days ago


Y'all be hatin' beyatcheetos and oreo flakin' gangster lovin mo fo ho yo ho's. My record slammin' and be grammy'n. Bitch be quiet (he states as he gestures toward Rhianna to finish her doggy meal),daddy is doing the talkin'. "Rhiannai missin' my junk". "She takes a beating for my meating". "I bust a gut so she be gettin' off".

946 days ago
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