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Bam Margera

I Spent a Night in Jail


2/22/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera
still has no idea why he was arrested Monday in New Orleans -- telling TMZ Live, he was hauled to jail ... spent the night behind bars ... but was NEVER booked for a crime.

TMZ broke the story ... Bam was cuffed in the French Quarter after a Mardi Gras party -- when he jumped in to a pool, fully clothed.

But Bam insists, he didn't break the law -- and when he asked why he was brought in to the station in handcuffs, the cops couldn't give him an answer.

When he was released the next morning, Bam says he never received a ticket OR an explanation -- nothing. He's still stumped.

For the record -- we called police in New Orleans, and they didn't have any record of Bam in their system ... meaning he really wasn't booked for anything.


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Evan Meadow    

He was arrested for not acknowledging Ryan Dunn was an idiot who died behind the wheel and no one either bothered to stop him or act like they should have blamed him for his own death and really think better in the future about drinking and driving.

971 days ago


I live in New Orleans. The Cops here throw people in jail way to often with no real cause. He was not a danger to himself or others. If he can do anything to expose this practice and have it stopped he would be a hero.

971 days ago


If a tree falls in the forest and doesn't make a sound should we take it's mugshot anyway? What do TMZ's endless sources have to say?

971 days ago


Oh, I girlfriend's grenade friend has been unemployed for 2 months and last week she got a check for $57.33. All for just sitting in front of her computer for a few hours a day with her clothes off. Don't judge. Now she feels like a queen and her self esteem has greatly improved. Of course she's started drinking to help her get through the 2 hours. What fun!!!!

971 days ago

who cares    

Bam should have waited until he was sober to tell his story on TMZ. Seriously though I give bam 5 years to live, within that time her will do something to kill himself or pull a whitney and drink to much alcohol with his dope be it the illegal kind or xanan.

971 days ago


It's called Detox. It's not a crime, it's for people who are so intoxicated they're considered a danger to themselves or others. It'll never show on his record and there will be no official public record of his presence in the jail. He seriously pretends he doesn't get that or appreciate it? (rolling eyes). Love Hollywooders.

971 days ago


I wonder if he is going to sue. Isn't that false imprisonment?

971 days ago


This is not uncommon during Mardi Gras. Usually the folks are inebriated and the cops let the folks sober up and let them go.

971 days ago

Matt Scott    

I am sure it is against Hotel policy to jump in the pool with shoes, dirty painted clothes, and on top of that being saucy when they tell you to get out. I like Bam but this would happen to anyone.

971 days ago


He should get a month in jail just for being such a douche bag!

971 days ago


being from New Orleans you just don't F with New Orleans cops during Mardi Gras. if they tell you to do something and you don't do it your gonna take a ride to central lockup. but, it didnt look like he was at central lockup in the picture, he was just at a police station in the quarter. that wasnt the jail.

971 days ago


The police are allowed to detain anyone that they feel are a threat to themselves or others. This moron was drunk and risked his life jumping off a building into a pool. A call was placed to 911 and cops responded. This same puke's family would have sued the police for millions if they did nothing and he would have died. Many don't realize that it's NOT just the cops that are getting sued now. Medics are being sued too. You are damned if you do... And you are damned if you DON'T!!!!

971 days ago


it's not like he was naked.

971 days ago


If he was arrested he would have been brought to opp instead of the police station. He was probably drunk and they held him at the station to sober up.

971 days ago


People keep making fun of Bam and calling him an obnoxious douche. He may be stupid and act stupid. But he is just having a good time. And he tries to make people laugh with his stupidity. I personally like the guy. I mean he doesn't pick on anybody(as far as I know) except maybe his dad. lol.

971 days ago
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