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Barack Obama Sings Again!

I've Got a Bad Case


2/22/2012 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama once again proved he's the most qualified candidate in the field ... TO SING ... 'cause El Presidente once again flexed his voice during an impromptu blues session with B.B. King -- and it was AWESOME!

It all went down at an event at the White House last night ... when Obama went to thank King and Mick Jagger for performing ... and Buddy Guy talked Obama into joining the gang on stage.

Then -- the guy who impressed with Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" -- began singing along to "Sweet Home Chicago" ... and KILLED IT.

And as the band played him off, Barack and Michelle made their exit ... like frickin' rockstars.

The last time Obama sang​, Mitt Romney attempted to counter​ with a rendition of "America the Beautiful" ... and sucked.

So, we gotta ask ...


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TMZ is a bunch of liberal losers.

974 days ago


Wow, "Dan," you have nothing to say about the truth that ppl have posted. The price of gas when this moron took office and the price now. The unemployment when he took office and the unemployment now. The price of food when he was tragically elected and the price of food now. You pathetic, poor soul. All you can do is accuse racism when anyone who actually talks about his policies and record speaks up. Well, if wanting Obama out of office, an office which he was never, ever qualified for makes me a racist...I'll take that handle. Gladly. So should every clear-thinking non-black/racist person in the country.

974 days ago


i sure want him to go! go back to chicago or take a long walk off a short pier. i dont care just go

974 days ago


Well, if wanting Obama out of office, an office which he was never, ever qualified for >>>>


Barack Obama was elected to the ILLINOIS State Senate in 1996 and has served 8 years from January 1996 to January 2005 when he began serving in the US Senate. 2005 US SENATE
He was appointed by the US Senate to various committees, including the Foreign Relations, Homeland Security, and Veteran Affairs committees.Barack Obama has sponsored 121 bills in the US Senate since Jan 24, 2005.
Obama has co-sponsored 490 bills in the US Senate during the same time period.

974 days ago


anne I am so happy no trees died for that pile you just compiled. I will give you one straight lie right off that I am living poof of. I went to Cuba, as I was born in Cuban, before he was even a senator so he gain no permission for the Cuban born to go visit their family. That was a crock. I went in 1979 and do you know how many went before and after me?? I know a lot of them. Add'l the world was shocked when he received the Nobel Peace Prize as he had done nothing for it. It was the beginning of his presidency. The rest of your list please read it closely I didn't see what he did for the oil spill in the Gulf by BP. He was late. Read the list and realize all those trips to do nice with the middle east russia etc only gained us nothing as they no longer fear us or respect us. He din't provide money to anyone of us so much as borrow trillions from China. The military already had plans set by the generals that he had to learn and accept. Read the list. Clearly. Some things are redundant. You want him on a pedestal go right ahead.

974 days ago


what he did for the oil spill in the Gulf by BP>>>>

The President was working by phone on the oil spill ON THE 1ST NIGHT that it happened. Check the White House logs for that day, if you are capable. BTW, The President has no control over the price of oil. GOOGLE IT

974 days ago

Landon D    

He out performs the GOP in everything. Including singing. He's no Bill Clinton, but he is the best choice we have.

974 days ago


anne in case you don;t follow pesky world politics I'd like to give a small quick current one. Iranian gentleman decides to change his religion from Islam to Christianity. Court's decision. Death. Not all countries are as nice as we are. And Iran doesnt let the UN inspect their Nuke facilities and they get away with it. And Iran is a big world problem. Cant make nice with that type.

974 days ago


anne google and pasting is not the answer. I'ts being educated on the subject another words knowing wtf you're talking about. READ THE FNG LIST AND PROVE EACH ONE. Do you know about the cuban missile crisis and who was involved? and that it could happen again. google isnt an education

974 days ago


Iran is a big world problem.>>>>>

When was the last time Iran started a war w a country???

Are you one of those 'Bomb bomb bomb Iran' idiots like McCain??

974 days ago


He could walk on water and I still wouldnt vote for him.

974 days ago


anne so glad you said the pres has no control over the price of oil and on the night of the Gulf spill he was on The phone and it's on the WH logs. I encourage you in the continuance of your education.

974 days ago


And guess who's paying for this little soiree??? THE TAXPAYER, while we struggle to pay for $4.00 gallon gas and grocery prices thru the roof. The quality of life is getting worse by the day. This guy could walk on water, shoot diamonds out of his arse, and I still wouldnt vote for him.

974 days ago


Perhaps the President will give up his present job and become a full time singer. We can only hope!!!!!

974 days ago


please note anne is not concerned with Iran because "when was the last time Iran started a war with another country" close enough quote. I must seem overly concerned with countries that have nuke capabilities.

974 days ago
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