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Rapper Fabolous

Drops $45,000 on 120 BOTTLES

Inside Atlanta Nightclub

2/22/2012 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Fabolous got a record number of people wasted last weekend in Atlanta -- dropping $45,000 on 120 BOTTLES of champagne at a nightclub ... and it was all a favor for his good friend.

Sources tell TMZ, Fab bought the bottles of Rosé Moët as a present for his buddy -- who was celebrating his birthday at Club Compound in Atlanta last Saturday.

The bottles were delivered in a golden bath-shaped litter by club personnel -- you know, that wheelless carriage thing royalty travels in ... usually carried on the shoulders of their half-naked royal subjects.

According to sources, Fab was hosting the event -- and decided to show everyone in the club a good time by comping the endless flow of booze.

He be killin' em.


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"He be killin' em."

No, he be a fool wastin' em. People who have never had money don't know how to manage money. To them money is perishable and you have to spend it before it runs out. And guess what? That makes it run out. Well, that and he's showing off.

973 days ago


first question.....who the hell is this guy, and the second question.....did he leave a tip?

973 days ago

Fat Mike    

Wow, you can see the people at TMZ never pay for their own drinks. Do you wear your TMZ neck tags after work?
Buying a round of drinks for friends is not called comping.

973 days ago


No common sense at all. His money, but come on.

973 days ago


They all are just going to pee it out.

973 days ago


When you are a major drug dealer like Fabolous you can afford to do things like this.

973 days ago


And the haters commence. This guy spending or not spending 45k on champagne is not indicative of his character no more than a rich Russian mogul or Hollywood A Lister doing it. Yet it is for some its the continuing paradigm of who should be allowed to and who shouldn't . This is a greater derivative of the value of wealth we place in this society as a whole .Now whether it is prudent to be that lavish is in perspective of how we place all this folks in such high regard to begin with. In a way we act
as a society are self enablers of what we so called despise

973 days ago

Mav Da Pilot    

Another fine example of AA representing their race in such a fine manner....Awesome!

973 days ago


I am sick to death of these morons, who most people have never heard of, but 'need' to travel with a ten-person posse, and do over the top stuff like this champagne thing to impress their mouth-breathing fans and hangers-on.

Two to five years from now, this "Fabolous" guy will have no money left, lose his house, not be able to support the 7 children he will pick up along the way, and owe the US Treasury a million or two. Then he will say, "It's racism, man; they took it from me."

973 days ago

Melissa lee    

Lol tmz really at " he be killing them"

973 days ago


Another no talent cRapper who has no money management skills, and will be broke, arrested, dead or all three in a couple of years.

973 days ago


There is a term for this, its racist but it usually fits for these rappers, its called being "N-gger Rich".

973 days ago


...and in a couple months we'll hear about how he's getting evicted, owes Uncle Sam, trying to weasel out of bill and dodging his babies mamas. That POS could have donated that money to positive causes... DISGUSTING!!!

973 days ago


What's kind of sick is after an hour or so, most of that $45,000.00 is flushed down the toilet.

973 days ago


who cares...

973 days ago
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