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Judge to Lindsay:

'You're in the Home Stretch!'

2/22/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
just got yet another rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this AM -- as Sautner proudly announced, "You're in the home stretch!"

Sautner was impressed -- that for the 3rd time in a row, Lindsay completed her required community service and therapy sessions.

Sautner gushed, "You seem to be getting your life back on track."

Lindsay has ONE MORE progress hearing set for March 29th -- by which date she must complete her final 14 days of community service at the L.A. County morgue, and 5 more therapy sessions.

If she stays on track, Lindsay will be placed on informal probation, meaning all she has to do is obey all laws.

Then again, that's been a tall order in the past.

TMZ obtained a copy of Lindsay's latest probation progress report ...and according to the document she still owes $3500 in community service fees related to the jewelry theft case. The original debt was $3900.

As for how Lindsay's been able to turn her life around -- her lawyer Shawn Holley shared an interesting theory with us on her way out of court today (below) ... and she might just be on to something ...



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she is adorable. i love lindsey! so beautiful!

938 days ago

Chun LI    

Looks like the judge's got a girl crush.She looks ridiculous in that wig.

938 days ago


Hey, Andy's on there twice. Do we get to vote twice too?

938 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

We are still waiting for RW's, Smith's and RC's votes. Oh yea and Nikki's. Anybody you want guys.

938 days ago


Geez, here we go again...

938 days ago


Vin, Andy, Skept = Red Cloud
LA Native, Ketjo, Vorlon = RW
BRW, Mad, Ellie, GC = Julia
FU = maybe Nicole, if they don't tongue FCK (and if FU jumps ship I change mine to him)
Andy = Ira
Luvlindsay = Super AL
CPS = Hell(p)

938 days ago


I'm very happy for Ms. Lohan, it's good to see her getting her life back on track. While she was originally off to a rocky start with her sentencing, I believe that she's taken rehabilitation to heart and has done an outstanding job. Also, I think that law enforcement took a pretty harsh stance against her at the onset of her many legal challenges, so it's good to see everybody working together. And I'm not making excuses for her, she broke the law, but many of the " Hollyweirds " do far worse and get break after break. I.e. Paris Hilton. Wonderful to see that rehabilitation can work!!! My hope for her is that she parlays her efforts into a stunning career, proving once and for all that she is far more than the accusations leveled at her by her detractors. Good luck Lindsay, may your star shine bright!!!

938 days ago


"rave review"? "proudly announced"? "impressed"? "gushed"?
Who writes these things? Obviously someone who doesn't bother watching the video. No wonder some posters assume Judge Sautner is a fangirl, they've been reading too much TMZ. Honestly, Sautner came no where near "gushing". She was happy to see that for the third time in a row the lass has managed to follow the schedule (and even looked reasonably alert and dressed herself today without major mishap) and gave some words of encouragement to keep her on track for the final segment (in sincere hopes that she won't ever have to look at Linds again ...). Real judges do that, you know. They don't like repeat offenders. Has Linds gone through every judge in the system by now? I still suspect they all draw straws for her. I'm sure Sautner is counting the days.
On another note - why does she still owe the court $3500? She couldn't pry that much off of the roll Hef gave her? If they're smart, she won't go on summary unsupervised probation until that's paid. In cash, please.

938 days ago

AGENT smith    

What's the vote?

938 days ago


DAMN IT JANET!! I didnt know people would take that game to hart...I figured we could put the cards on the table..
have a laugh at it..and not look into it to far..
some people get to vindective and serious..
maybe knowing what people feel about each other will open the question Why?..and who Knows what you learn from the despised

938 days ago

Red Cloud    

Ok, I don't hate anyone here. Do some people annoy me? Yes.

938 days ago

AGENT smith    

I like everyone, I'm supposed to say who I dislike? This may sound crazy, but I'm not a fan of Lindsay's, I have rented a few films and turned a couple off, Herbie I liked.....I just wanted to make sure she didn't get screwed over by the courts or the jewelry store.....glad she's better......I guess sometimes I dislike Vinsetta, Vorlon and Mad....Ketjo I think is a total fake character....

938 days ago

Good riddance!    

All this ridiculous pat on the back really serves is to make her feel even more bulletproof from her own stupidity and graft. She now obviously feels that there are no real consequences for anything she does and will only be rewarded and noticed more for being an utterly worthless and morally bankrupt a-hole. All the judge served to do was encourage more of the same and hand her a loaded gun to play commie roulette with. Besides, not committing a crime for two years? HA! That's asking for the impossible from this duck billed, sticky handed, lying grifter from hell.

938 days ago



938 days ago


Now we kissed each others peepees lets get back to bashing each other

938 days ago
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