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Judge to Lindsay:

'You're in the Home Stretch!'

2/22/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
just got yet another rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this AM -- as Sautner proudly announced, "You're in the home stretch!"

Sautner was impressed -- that for the 3rd time in a row, Lindsay completed her required community service and therapy sessions.

Sautner gushed, "You seem to be getting your life back on track."

Lindsay has ONE MORE progress hearing set for March 29th -- by which date she must complete her final 14 days of community service at the L.A. County morgue, and 5 more therapy sessions.

If she stays on track, Lindsay will be placed on informal probation, meaning all she has to do is obey all laws.

Then again, that's been a tall order in the past.

TMZ obtained a copy of Lindsay's latest probation progress report ...and according to the document she still owes $3500 in community service fees related to the jewelry theft case. The original debt was $3900.

As for how Lindsay's been able to turn her life around -- her lawyer Shawn Holley shared an interesting theory with us on her way out of court today (below) ... and she might just be on to something ...



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Blood Red Witch    


What are you doing BAKING at 1am? lol For the big question, do cupcakes ship well? drooool

952 days ago


BRW,where oh where have you planted your feet?

952 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I think we should all pack up and move in with RW.

952 days ago


Morning gals and gentlemen.
Red and Agua my favorite colors morning to you....
Have to show you something......
Posted by Smithy yesterday
(Ketjo I think is a total fake character....)
I am so proud .....I have not lost my touch !!!!!
Keeping guessing thats the best ...keeping guessing !!!
Really don't know why everyone got bent out of shape with that little poll...I thought everybody particularly Red Cloud like polls...
and you all knew what my answer would was a fore gone conclusion.....and he loves me back too....LOL

Interesting question what would she look like without the 2 pounds of makeup she had on yesterday.. I can tell you right now ...It won't be pretty ! If she looked as used up as she does IN makeup she would really look bad without....not structure wise ..she has basically lovely bone facial structure (or did) for she started messing with the lips ,cheeks and now nose.....but her skin has been ravaged by the drinking and drugs and her poor teeth ..whoever recommended the beaver size teeth needs to be shot...the changed the whole anatomy of her mouth...and distorted the inflated lips more then ever...
Any anybody who says they can't see the changes in her face are completely blind or liars....

952 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey look! She actually had her own hair back in 2007. It was pretty too. How sad or funny, depending.......

952 days ago


Ran across this one a moment ago
from Gossip site advertized over on CB and its tipical of what real sites not brought and payed for ones like TMZ and ROL are saying about her....

Lindsay Lohan went to court today and it’s been, oh, 4 months or so since she last f-cked up. The Judge was pleased that she’d completed the community service that was expected of her.

Why are we being asked to stand up and applaud the fact that she FOLLOWED ORDERS???

Someone posted a question yesterday during the liveblog about Whitney Houston and Lohan, whether or not she could be next. Lindsay Lohan loves herself too much. Truly. Remember a year ago when Charlie Sheen was raging and people were like, oh my God, something’s wrong with him, it’s going to end badly...? And Sarah from Cinesnark wrote that, um, actually...he’s just a ****, ok? It’s hard to accept that the root cause of someone being an ******* is simply that they’re an *******. There’s really no cure for being an *******. Our society has to cure everything. Lindsay Lohan is an *******. Uncurable. And most of her drama can be attributed to the fact that she is an *******.

I didn't write it just passing it on...but it tells you what most people feel about her..and it ain't good....

952 days ago


Lohan is still too well known for being unprofessional, not showing up or wasted or hungover when she does. People don't want to work with her still that simple.

Look what she pulled on Playboy just a few short months ago. Hefner gave her the best break she's had in years and she blew off 1 lousy promo for the shoot on the Ellen show.
She was too busy partying in Hawaii. "Travel Conflict" yeah, right. DeGeneres told her to get lost. Lohan hasn't changed one bit.

Only reason she's complying is so she can use her passport (that never gets lost) to be able to go overseas. The SNL show so she can be made a fool of and she can say she was a good sport doesn't mean a thing. She's pushing 26 and hasn't grown up one bit.

Lohan simply is not liked at all. Definetly can't be trusted at all, still can't get insured. She's not worth the risk. Lohan has prooven that over and over again. Lohan has burned herself so badly lawyers consider her, like Kardashian to be 'libel proof'. Can't sue people for damages they did to themselves.

Lohan will always be a lier, thief and a giant pain in the ass. She did that to herself. Professionals don't want to work with that.

952 days ago


Standing in Lilo’s way (yes kids, this hawt mess reads like an action thriller that includes a villain- Lilo, a double agent, Lilo’s attorney, Shawn ‘I’m just happy that my lectures are paying off’ Chapman Holley and the matriarchal figure head Judge Stephanie) is 14 days at the morgue. 14 days of sweeping away the parts of dead people. 14 days of recognizing death in the face. 14 days off dry blowing dead people’s air specs out of her hair. 14 days of wondering to herself how each dead person she walked over came to meet their maker. 14 days from finally understanding what makes her soul tick....

952 days ago


Oh goody, new sandbox!

952 days ago


any man would be lucky to have a daughter like that,a true role model.

951 days ago

Alan Carver    

Well, when you are about to find yourself in JAIL for a lengthy time (for failure to complete probation) you get your ACT and you ASS in gear and get things done. I do know that from my own personal experience this JUDGE had HAD IT with Lohan, and that is why she gave Lohan this opportunity in these small chunks of time to do what she needs to be doing to get it all behind her. She's incapable of doing it any other way and Judge Sautner knows it so that is why they had to come up with this option for her. Clearly, Lohan does not know discipline in her life, so here was the alternative.

Does this impress me? Not really. Has she been given more than enough & AMPLE time to complete her probation from her un-law-abiding ways? YES!

Do I wish her well in trying to put back the rest of what is now really a dismantled career and a joke of/in the hollywood community? I am not sure, at this point not impressed with her failure to do what she could have done three years ago if she hadn't been such a spoiled brat and thinking she was so privileged. And honestly that is how Judge Sautner sees her, too many opportunities and you blow it each time ... here is the only way I can help you from doing the rest of your time behind bars, if you want it!

She clearly wanted it. The career portion of this is really a train-wreck and no Judge in the world is going to be able to repair that part of this whole fiasco called Lohan!

949 days ago
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