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Judge to Lindsay:

'You're in the Home Stretch!'

2/22/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
just got yet another rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this AM -- as Sautner proudly announced, "You're in the home stretch!"

Sautner was impressed -- that for the 3rd time in a row, Lindsay completed her required community service and therapy sessions.

Sautner gushed, "You seem to be getting your life back on track."

Lindsay has ONE MORE progress hearing set for March 29th -- by which date she must complete her final 14 days of community service at the L.A. County morgue, and 5 more therapy sessions.

If she stays on track, Lindsay will be placed on informal probation, meaning all she has to do is obey all laws.

Then again, that's been a tall order in the past.

TMZ obtained a copy of Lindsay's latest probation progress report ...and according to the document she still owes $3500 in community service fees related to the jewelry theft case. The original debt was $3900.

As for how Lindsay's been able to turn her life around -- her lawyer Shawn Holley shared an interesting theory with us on her way out of court today (below) ... and she might just be on to something ...



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Leave the girl alone.....she's finally getting it

941 days ago


Good for her, sounds like someone has done a lot of growing up. It's a shame it had to be the courts instead of her own parents.

941 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Who cares? She's not even relevant and hasn't been for years. She's just another Disney star who couldn't hack it as an adult

941 days ago


Doesn't Lindsay still owe more money in back taxes than I make in several years? I bet Uncle Sam breathing down her neck is a pretty decent incentive to focus on getting some work...much more likely a reason for her flying right than her suddenly developing maturity out of thin air.

941 days ago

Joan K    

Holy Sh&^%T she did what she was told to do, gets nice pat on the back, now give her around 6 months and she will be right back in court about something else she screwed up.

941 days ago


I can not believe they have fallen back on the she's finely growing up crap !!!!! like she was Milie Cryus's age or something and not a well used soon to be 27 year old whore.... Hell at 27 I was well on the way up the ladder of my teaching career, and birthed 4 children while going to graduate school and working , married and healthy as a horse..... most of the folks on here was doing the same...and they are bragging like she has accomplished something that should have happened ten years ago instead of whoring and partying around burning her brains with drugs...
Come on Lohan Inc get real here....Nobody's buying it None of it .....
This bought and payed for court day...the payed for SNL job she hasn't even done yet and the small role in the Elizabeth Taylor movie that she has yet to be signed for contary to your bragging...and snow job...Its all a lie and big fat Lohan Inc Con Job ....

Nicole ....I have to say this are one of the dumbest, single minded people ...If Lindsay Lohan you living demi-goddress said it would make her happy if you would go outside and start shooting people who don't like her .....You would stand in the middle of the street with a assault rifle and kill and many people as you can just to please her... You are that stupid and blind to the true reality of the world...

941 days ago


No need to be alarmed people, that SCREAM you heard was just little ole me when she saw her first BEE (not Beezid either) of the year. Not to be confused with the SCREAMS you'll here on Sunday when Oscar parties deny her immediate family entry into the most exclusive soirees.

941 days ago


Why would you say that about me when you know how strongly i am against the death penalty ?

941 days ago


I'm starting to think that Judge "Stephanie" has a little bit of a crush on Lindsay. Perhaps, Lindsay's been working toward "extra credit", so to speak, during some private meetings with the dear judge. Who knows . . .

941 days ago


I'm glad to hear it, but if she gets the role of playing Elizabeth Taylor, I ban Lifetime for a lifetime. This loser and ex-druggie should never play Elizabeth. FOR ONE THING SHE'S A REDHEAD AND LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HER!! ELIZABETH TAYLOR WITH FRECKLES? ARRRGHHHHHH!

941 days ago


I say good for her, now will she keep it up?

941 days ago


I say that Nicole because by your own words and postings on this board has show the world just how delusional and single minded devoted to this woman to the expend that you will find excuses and reasons for every thing she has ever done...blame others, black others names whom you think may have done something against your idol...made every excuse in the world and I would say that if she personally ask you to do kill someone that has offended her would do it just to please her...and think that is justified ...At least that is the impression you leave with the picture you paint every time you post something...'
that kind of person is a dangerous and demented person...I hope to God you are just playing behind the blinds of the net and are really like like this......thats why I said it..

941 days ago


bull sh...t she should be in jail and not out running around. It is time you worthless judges give her or the Hollywood type the preferential treatment

941 days ago


Too bad Lindsay's biggest issue IS obeying the law. And, as Nicole oh so beautifully pointed out in the last post, Lindsay doesn't have to go to therapy anymore after this. My guess is, she won't.

What Nicole (and Lindsay) doesn't seem to realize is, Lindsay is a DUAL DIAGNOSIS patient. She struggles with multiple mental issues (and here Nicole, I don't think this can be denied--even by you). Not to mention her overwhelming substance abuse issues. And, whether an argument can be made for her still abusing drugs, she is DEFINITELY still drinking. question to many of her supporters is, how well do you think Lindsay will do if she just drops that therapy? AND, she isn't under the watchful eyes of the probation department? It's my theory that both of these things have helped her turn her life around.

If she continues in therapy (which Nicole seems to think is a BAD thing for some reason), and keeps structure in her life, she may just pull it off. But, from her track record, I have a feeling she will drop both of these things come March 29. Not to mention, going back to work right away--where she always finds a way to party--doesn't seem like the best move.

What she needs is a sober coach and continued therapy. It's the only way she will maintain this success.

941 days ago


Poor Lindsay. She still thinks Linsanity is about her.

941 days ago
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