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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Sautner's Tough Love

Saved My Career!

2/22/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner
's zero-tolerance, no-BS attitude saved Lindsay Lohan's career -- at least that's what the actress is telling friends.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, LiLo wasn't a big fan of Sautner in the beginning -- but she now realizes that without Sautner laying out a blueprint for success ... she never would've gotten her act together.

We know ... the judge met with the prosecutor and Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, before LiLo was sentenced and decided it was unwise to do what the other judges had ordered -- requiring Lindsay to perform hundreds of hours of community service within a year. 

The judge and Holley realized Lindsay needed more rigid structure -- each month she'd be required to come to court and show she's completed the latest installment of community service, and if she didn't she was going directly to jail.

It worked. 

What's more ... Lindsay actually gets it and realizes the only reason new opportunities have surfaced -- including "Saturday Night Live" and a new Liz Taylor movie -- is because producers are watching and think she's turned it around.

Lindsay is in court today at 10 AM PT. We're told she performed her latest installment of community service at the morgue and she'll get another glowing review from Judge Sautner.



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Catching up on the last thread (and this one) but God Damn Danielle, Vorlon, FU, and Good riddance were on FIRE last night and per usual I missed it. Son of a gun!

942 days ago


If you're going to show poll results, please at least make them from sites that people have heard of and visit. Using poll results from site's no on has heard of just makes you look desperate...

942 days ago

LA Native    

I think it is all too little too late, no paps this morning at the courthouse, people are seriously tired of this farce.

942 days ago


The only reason Lohan is complying is because she needs to be able to use her passport that never got lost or stolen twice to go overseas. No other reason. She had no problem burning Hefner who cut her the best break shes had in years for 1 lousy promo on the Ellen show. Oh thats right, she was too busy partying in Hawaii to make the taping. She pulls the "travel conflict" and lost passport. Lohan hasn't changed one bit. That was just a few short months ago.

942 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Well, kids need boundaries and rules and Lohan is emotionally still a pre-teen or a teenager. The judge was spot on to treat her like a child. Too bad her dumbazz "parents" never set the proper boundaries and rules and now the L.A. County courts are in the position of parenting a grown adult.

942 days ago


About the Elizabeth Taylor movie - I actually don't believe it. I think it's just Dina and Blowhard thinking if they shout loud enough that she's already got a part she'll get it. Remember how they tried to attach her name to Lovelace way back when - before the movie was even written, before any official casting had even taken place? I don't believe she was ever officially associated with Lovelace, I think she just hung around like a bad smell begging for the part and this Elizabeth thing is probably more of the same hooey. Goodness knows Lifetime has gone downhill but surely they still have some respect for their brand left.

942 days ago

Jay W.     

With some it takes 25 years to grow up. Others 30 to 40 years... and some folks never grow up. Lilo, please pull your head out of your A$$ and get it together. Obviously many in Hollywood keep giving you chances.

942 days ago


Lohan has done so much damage to her reputation lawyers consider her like Kardashian 'lible proof'. She is still a Z lister.

942 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Whoo Hoo! Court Day! It will probably be quick and fast but still......................anyone gonna be there with duck lips on?

942 days ago


WHOA! Lets back it UP here, real fast. FU, you 'Kissy, kissy Baby' me with that same mouth you just 'Kissy, kissy Red Cloud' with on the previous page? Damn you, I thought you liked me? LOL

942 days ago


Anybody who thinks TMZ is PRo-Lindsay is out of their ever loving minds !!!!
TMZ is pro-Money...period !!! and they will jump on any story or person they think will bring in the money....and Lindsay Lohan is So Infamous and hated by the public that they can print a story about her farted and get 300 hundred hits(money in the bank) from people who hate her....and every once in a while they will accept a payment from Lohan Inc to push her so called career just to keep the money(hits coming in...they are smart enough to stay away from her screw ups and bad press cause it would mess up their working arrangement with Lohan Inc.....and another thing once the story is sold to TMZ its a one time payment they do not get anymore money off the story like its been suggested..all that money goes into TMZ pocket...
The biggest winner in this whole story is Harvey Levin and TMZ they are the ones who are makiing the real money on this...and then the regular posters who are paying him to pay in this playground he provides like paying to skate at a skating rink...we have fun and they get paid....

942 days ago


Look close at the photo! Ask, which nostril? Just saying.

942 days ago


BRW- I'm on my way to to the Poconos in PA and I'm cranking out the Pitbull songs thinking of you :)

942 days ago


A true case of bad horrible terrible parents-Girl was used and abused long before Her life went into the gutter. Money money money-look to the source--her so called parents-

942 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


942 days ago
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