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Obama's Singing ...

Cool Factor Might Swing Votes

2/22/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama's not just singing for fun ... his pipes could actually win over swing voters in the election. Hey, he's got at least one Republican -- in our news room -- thinking twice.

Plus, CM Punk insists his challenge to fight Chris Brown is no joke. The WWE champ calls in to explain why he's not ready to forget what CB did to Rihanna.

Also, Bam Margera phones in to talk about almost getting TASED in a pool! Ahh, Mardi Gras.


(1:50) Obama sings again -- Harvey thinks it's a totally calculated move ... not everyone agrees.
(5:10) A die hard TMZ Republican admits Obama's singing has a positive effect on him.
(11:01) Lindsay -- great day in court ... horrible hair.
(17:30) Kevin Mackie won a Grammy this year -- then went back to his supermarket job ... and he wouldn't change a thing.
(23:35) The remaining "Biggest Loser" contestants go on strike -- we talk to a dude who was already voted off ... and he targets two people as the root of the problem.
(34:00) CM Punk calls in -- and reinforces his claim that he wants to personally punish Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna.
(39:05) A true "Jackass" on the line -- Bam Margera explains why he got arrested for swimming in pool with all his clothes on ... too bad he doesn't know why he got arrested.
(45:00) The most messed up 911 call of all time ... this is not for the squeamish.

No Avatar


I don't want to live in this world anymore...****ing sad!!

939 days ago


It might be nice if this a-hole paid attention to his job instead of partying all the time.

939 days ago


Maybe if C.M. was a woman Chrissy Brown would win. I would love to see Punk kick that jerks ass!

939 days ago


Does Barry Ever work? 17 vacations, $6 Dollar a gallon gas, housing in the toilet, half the nation paying no tax what so ever, and 42 million on food stamps. 2011, the most shoplifted Christmas on the books (look it up.) The real unemployment is 15% but his slobbering lap dog press never reports how he fudged the numbers. I will say he does have talent on the mic - he could easily host Wheel of Fortune or Jokers Wild any cheesy game show could use this clown. GET TO WORK you lazy, good for nothing S.O.B!

939 days ago


Mike Walters- You just had a child. If you aren't thinking about health care, then you have it and it's affordable. Not every one who wants/even desperately needs that has access to it.

939 days ago


It's great that Obama has a nice singing voice but if that is what will swing votes, then that is very sad...I know he doesn't have tons of qualifications but he must have something more that that...can't do much for the country with his voice.

939 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

CM Punk is nothing but a biotch! Trust and believe he has been on the roids a few times being in the WWE. Why wait until now CM punk....because ur career sucks?? Anyway, people need to quit whining over something that happened 3 yrs ago. He paid his dues, he doesnt have to answer to any of us...including you Harvey & Charles. Give it a rest already!
As for the twit who keeps posting BS about Obama...please do everyone a favor, shut off your computer and never log back on again!

939 days ago


Unemployment is 8.6%, real unemployment ( millions that left the jobs market and are not calculated 16%, home foreclosures still higher the they were a year ago, this is the longest America has gone with unemployment above 8% since the Great Depression..... and democrats are calling this a recovery, poor pathetic losers... How soon the corrupt Obama national media forgets, when he told the public in 2009 , pass my trillion dollar stimulus and unemployment won't go over 8%.... 3 and half years later it hasn't even gone UNDER 8% but a lot of democrat friends are richer by billions... but ah let's talk about how he parties it up at the White House every other day, while under his watch more Americans are on food stamps and collecting welfare in American history.

4 more years so Americans can make Venezuela feel good, they aren't the only country that can reelect a corrupt, incompetent show boat that on every level has left his country and people worse off, USA! USA! can too.

939 days ago

R Smith    

Glad to hear his singing career is taking off. That way when we kick his ass out in November he will have something to do.

939 days ago


Why is everything so much more dramatic when a black person does it. Why doesn't he fight all the men/celebrities in Hollywood who have punched their wives/girlfriends or Family. Not that I don't respect his wishes - but why does hitting a woman have to be so much more dramatic because it was Chris Brown (a 20 year old youngster AT THAT). Beat some of these grown men beating their wives. O yeah - we have heard of any other men hitting, punching or beating their women. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

939 days ago



939 days ago


I think he is the most fun president ever! I love to hear him sing!

939 days ago


I think he is the most fun president ever!

939 days ago
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